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The study was carried out to assess the “Role of Christian Religious Education in Promoting Human rights in Colleges of Education in Kaduna State”. The study specifically sought to examine the possible ways that lecturers and students of Christian Religious Education can help in promoting Human rights in Colleges of Education in Kaduna state. The study involved 50 lecturers, and 568 students from the two colleges of Education we have in Kaduna state. The reason for choosing colleges of Education is because it produces teachers who are expected to serve as good models for the students and the society at large. This study is premised on the fact that there are cases of human rights abuses in our colleges that need the intervention of lecturers especially in the field of religion who are highly respected by the society because of their emphasis on morality. The two colleges; Federal College of Education Zaria, and College of Education, Gidan waya, Kafanchan in Kaduna state. Data generated were analyzed using descriptive statistics such as frequency counts, mean scores, percentages and t-test. The three hypotheses were tested at 0.05 level of significance to determine the acceptance or rejection of the hypothesis. The findings of the study include among others: lectures and students of Christian Religious Education has important roles to play in promoting human rights sin Colleges of Education in Kaduna state. The study therefore recommends; workshops, seminars and conferences on human rights to be organized periodically and should be part of academic curriculum.




1.1 Background to the study

Human rights are those rights which are inherent in our nature and without which we can not live as human beings and without which no society is viable and able to survive. Since the United Nations made a declaration of human rights, on 10th December 1948, it has been receiving global attention. Almost every nation of the world, including Nigeria have it in their constitution. Human rights and fundamental freedom allow as to fully develop our human qualities, intelligence, talents and conscience and to satisfy our spiritual and social needs. They are based on mankind‟s increasing demand for a life in which the inherent dignity and worth of each human being receives equal respect and protection. Parajuli (2010), Deprivation of human rights and human rights abuses are the major causes of conflict in our society. When people discover that their fundamental human rights are violated, they either engage in violence or crime to pursue their rights at any cost. Inorder to respect people‟s right, Christian Religious Education has the potential to provide opportunities for both males and females to develop the skills, knowledge, values and attitudes necessary for survival in society. Religious education in the Christian sense includes all efforts and processes which help to bring children and adults into a vital and saving experience of God revealed in Christ Jesus. Christian religious education as a problem solving discipline is always interested in finding out the causes of violations and infringements on people‟s right (Quaarcoopome 2008). The social, moral and spiritual qualities could be learnt in Christian Religious Education. Man is a physical, mental, social, emotional and spiritual being. Any educational system which neglects the spiritual part is unbalance. (Musongole,, 2010). The contents of Christian Religious Education is based on the teachings contained in the Holy Bible which included the importing of knowledge about the existence of God, the creation stories, the salvation of God‟s people, imminent condemnation of the disobedient to the commandments of God, and his love and concern for the oppressed, the poor, orphans and widows. Through Christian education, education, young and adult have the potential to learn skills such as exploration of religious, human experience, and one‟s personal search through observing, investigating, questioning, researching,, enquiring, listening and synthesizing. This makes Christian religious education unique and able to address issues on human rights.

Education is the most important component of human resources development, and is accorded, a pride of place in many countries‟ development activities. There is no doubt that the importance of education cannot be underscored because there is no country that has succeeded without educating its people in the right way (Osokoya, (2007) colleges off education are expected to serve as training ground on morality for our greater leaders of tomorrow. Teaching as a profession demands that the teacher does not possess adequate mastery of subject – matter only, he must also serve as a good model to his student.

Abdulkareem (2005) states the goals of colleges of Education include among others:

  1. To produce teachers and instill in them the spirit of inquiry and creativity.
  2. Production of highly motivated conscientious and efficient classroom teachers for the primary and junior secondary levels of education system.
  3. Production of knowledge, progressive and effective teachers who can inspire children to learn.

Lecturers and students should be good role models. Their life styles should discourage all forms of human rights abuses and violation by helping the helpless and the weak in the society.

At creation, man was given a number of duties, to rule over all the earth, and over all creatures that move along the ground (Gen. 1:26).This can be seen in the Garden of Eden where man was given freewill. They were endowed with the ability to choose to obey or disobey God. (Ajibola, 2008). Every individual is endowed with certain rights – right to life, right to liberty, right to move from one place to another. The ten commandments known as the Decalogue lay more emphasis on man to man relationship which has to do with the promotion of human rights. God warns his people against human right violation, as revealed in the ten commandments by saying „you shall not kill, you shall not commit adultery, you shall not steal, you shall not bear false witness against your neighbor, you shall not follow the multitude to do evil; nor shall you bear false witness in a suit, so as to prevent justice; nor shall you be partial to a poor man and do not slay innocent and the righteous. And you shall take no bribe, for a bribe blinds the officials, and subverts the cause of those who are in the right. (Ex. 20:13 – 16, 23:2, 3, 6 – 8).


In view of Biblical emphasis on human rights, Amaechi (2003), observes that human rights given to protect the individual, are derived from Christian thought. The declaration of human rights by the united nations on December 10, 1948, clearly demonstrate their Christian roots. The ban on slavery and torture, the principle of equality before the law, the right to rest and recreation- as seen in the Sabbath or Sunday rest-come from Christian traditions and not by chance the governments which confirm these rights and anchor them in their constitution because of its numerous benefits to their citizens.

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