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This research study is to carefully examine The Role of the Contemporary Church in ensuring Peace and Harmony in the Society using three selected Foursquare Gospel Churches Olomore Zone as a case study. The study was carried out to examine the factors that could disrupt peace and harmony in the society and what the contemporary church is expected to do in order to ensure there is peace and harmony in every aspect of our society. The research method and information was gathered from textbooks, Journals and Articles, Encyclopedias, Bible Dictionaries and internet. Also questionnaires were administered and oral interviews were conducted. The researcher fpund out that disintegration, division and serious unrest are threatening the peace and harmony in the society which require urgent attention. The researcher concluded that the contemporary church needed to do more in the area of advocating for peaceful coexistence among different cultural and ethnic groups emphasizing God’s word on love, forgiveness and peace. Based on this findings, the researcher recommended that the contemporary church should keep preaching love of God to the people and ensure that this is evident first among the believers because whatever the church preached but do not do will affect the society. The Bible points out that Jesus preach what he was doing. The church must be peaceful before it can preach peace.




1.1    Background to the Study

Peace and harmony are global phenomena that everyone desires and longs to enjoy without bounds. The Christian tradition had recorded great success as that promote peace in so many areas.

Among these are public declarations by church leaders, Christian organizations dedicated to bringing about peace have frequently made statements in support of peace.

The teachings of Christianity which is directed by the dictates of the Bible had constantly motivated the members to ensure peace and harmony in the society. Jesus Christ, the Prince of Peace (Isaiah 9:6) emphasized in His teachings that the peace that he came to bring is that which surpass all human understanding. Peace and harmony seem complimentary.

In Abeokuta, a Christian brother of a contemporary church was awarded a contract to supply planks for the building of three classrooms in one of the Public Schools. The man supplied only a part of the planks after he had collected all the money. All efforts to see that the rest part of the planks were supplied proved abortive. He was traced to his Church by the police and the records kept by the pastor portrayed this man to be dubious and untrustworthy. He was arrested and charged to court. The man became the subject of discussion within and around the Church.

Another contemporary Christian brother went around in his community parading himself as the officer in charge of recruitment of workers in Larfarge Cement Factory at Ewekoro.  Although he was an employee of this company he was not responsible for recruiting people. He successfully organized an oral interview for some prospective employees in collaboration with some others. Thereafter, it was announced to them that all of them passed the oral interview and they should come back later for their letters of appointment. However these prospective employees later learnt that the man had disappeared. He was traced to his house by the police, arrested and later charged to court for impersonation. These and many more of this type of lifestyle are rampant among some contemporary Christian brethren. Cases of this nature had inspired this student to choose this topic for this project.

Christians have roles to play in ensuring peace and harmony in our society.

1.2     Statement of the problem

The statement of the problems could be summarized:

  1. Several supposedly Christians do not behave like Christ. They are not salt of the earth and light of rhe world.
  2. Core values and virtues of many believers had been replaced by worldliness, materialism, dishonesty and immorality. This result in disharmony and disunity in the society.
  3. Rather than the church impacting the world positively, the world was getting more into the church. This result in disunity and lack of peaceful coexistence between the true church and the society. 1.3    Purpose of the Study:

The Church of God is expected to reflect, impact the society and community surrounding her (Hebrews 12:14). The following are the objectives of this study.

  1. To examine the roles of contemporary church in ensuring peace and harmony in the society.
  2. To examine the aspects of peace and harmony expected of members of the church of God.
  3. To identify the factors that could disrupt peace and harmony of the society.
  4. To shed more light on how the early Christians brought about peace and harmony to the community.
  5. To proffer biblical ways or counsel on how the contemporary church could ensure peace and harmony in the society.

1.4    The Significance of the Study    

The significance of the study could be itemized thus:

  1. The outcome of this study if applied could benefit the three churches under study in Foursquare Gospel Church, Olomore Zone, Abeokuta, Ogun State.
  2. The findings of the study if applied, could be useful for Ita-Oshin as well as Foursquare District churches and other living Churches, Church leaders and the general public on the role of the church in ensuring sustainable peace and harmony in the society.
  3. This project work could also serve as a resource base to other researchers interested in carrying out further research in this field in the future.
  4. The outcome of the study could also help the contemporary Christians to be more determined in following peace with all men.

1.5    Delimitation of the Study 

The scope of the field work would only cover three local assemblies out of sixty Foursquare Gospel Churches in Ita-Oshin District Abeokuta. The churches are: Foursquare Gospel Church Mercyland Assembly, Foursquare Gospel Church, Ayetoro Road and Foursquare Gospel Church Olomore, all in Olomore Zone.  However, the outcome of the study could be applicable to other Foursquare churches in Olomore Zone.

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