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This research work looked at an appraisal of Church planting activities in Foursquare Gospel Church using Ifako 2 Zonal Headquarters as a case study. The research methodology employed was historical method. The researcher discovered that some churches  were planted with the wrong approach to church planting strategies. It was also discovered that prayers was the foundation that triggered motivation for church planting with the power of the Holy Spirit and vivid reliance and confidence on Christ Jesus, the planter and builder of His Church . Similarly, the researcher discovered that crusades, house fellowships, evangelism, strong visitations and follow-up and commitment of man power coupled with proper finances and strategic locations were some trade marks for church planting and church growth. The researcher therefore recommended that communication and cordial relationship between the pastor, his wife, church council and the church members should be well channeled and structured for synergy of visions and purposes towards church planting and church growth.




  • Background to the study
  • Statement of the problem
  • Purpose of the study
  • Significance of the study
  • Delimitation of the study
  • Research procedure
  • Limitation of the study
  • Definition of terms


  • The Origin of Church
  • Concept of Church Planting
  • The Phenomenon of Church Growth
  • Strategies for Church Planting
  • The Issue of Contextualization in Cross Cultural Church Planting


3.1       In the Old Testament

3.2       In the New Testament


4.1       Brief History of Foursquare Gospel Church in Nigeria

4.2       History of Foursquare Gospel Church, Ifako 2 Zonal Headquarters.

4.3       The Practice of Church Planting in Foursquare Gospel Church, Ifako 2 Zonal Headquarters.

4.4       Challenges Facing Church Planting Practice and Strategy of Foursquare Gospel Church, Ifako 2 Zonal Headquarters

4.5       The Appraisal of Church Planting Efforts of Ifako 2 Zonal Headquarters.


5.1       Summary

5.2       Conclusion

5.3       Recommendations






This section focuses on background to the study. It also includes statement of problem, purpose of the study, the significance of the study, research methodology, scope of the study and definition of terms.

1.1          Background to the Study

Church planting is an area of practical and pastoral theology. Practised in various ways since New Testament times there have been periods of increased activity especially at times of population growth, social upheaval, increased missionary activity, or spiritual revival. Present renewed interest in church planting may be attributable to the influence of the Church Growth Movement, and also to what Christine describes as the recent experience of the Holy Spirit. Missiologically, and sociologically, there is a concern to relate the gospel into western secularised society, and reverse the trend of church decline by establishing culturally relevant mission-minded churches.

Church planting is the sending out of people, by a church, churches, or mission agency, in order to establish a new congregation, revive a struggling one, or even replace a closed one.  The result may be separate independent churches, congregations responsible to a “mother church”, or congregations which are part of a network with sister congregations.

Ethically, if a new church undermines the work of existing ones it may be regarded as unloving and a hindrance to the unity of the Church. Wagner, for example, responds polemically to this emphasising that unity which aids evangelism, rather than hinders, is in accord with the Jesus’ prayer in John 17.

Wagner gives five reasons for church planting: it (i) is biblical, (ii) facilitates denominational survival, (iii) develops new leadership, (iv) stimulates existing churches, and (v) is efficient. He identifies three imperatives for church planting: the biblical imperative, the demographic imperative of reaching people without a “viable, evangelizing church in their culture,” and the practical imperative inherent in the evangelistic effectiveness of church planting. A number of “secondary reasons” include making a new start, relieving pressure on a full building, catering for those who commute to worship, reaching a new estate, and responding to a sense of call and a commitment to growth. However, these “reasons” may also result in forms of mission other than church planting.

Both the reasons for and the objections to church planting beg the question of what theological foundations underlie such considerations. Therefore it is intention of the researcher to give an appraisal of Church planting activities in Foursquare Gospel Church using Ifako 2 Zonal Headquarters as a case study.

1.2          Statement of the Problem                        

Since the task of Church Planting is so enormous, Church planting advocates recognize and respond to supposed objections arising from theological, ethical, and pragmatic concerns, and thereby supply an apologetic to assumed, unnamed, detractors. Theologically, some consider evangelism and church planting to be inappropriate, others have ecumenical concerns and reservations about denominational or independent initiatives, whilst others fear that church planting can become an end in itself.

Pragmatically, some assume that there are too many churches and energy should be expended on improving existing ones. A planting church may face objections from its own members arising from a “maintenance mentality”, a focus on cosy fellowship rather than on mission, fears of the risks and costs involved, and accusations of dissipated resources.Years of decline and the closure of churches has also created negative expectations.

1.3       Purpose of the Study

This research targets at the following:

  1. To clearly show all aspect to be taken care of in Church planting activities by the Local Church through a thorough research.
  2. To educate the Pastor, church administrator, leaders, church workers, and members on the need to plant more churches.
  3. To elucidate on the Biblical basis of Church Planting
  1. To ignite passion in local churches to participate directly or indirectly in the work of mission.
  1. To emphasize the relationship between Church Planting and Church Growth.
  2. To provide researchable material for the Pastor, church administrator, leaders, church workers, theologians and members on the Subject of Church Planting.
  3. To help identify challenges of Church planting activities and  determine a strategy for planting new churches in Foursquare Gospel Church.
  4. To show how well trained, well-structured and well functioning leaders determine the level of success of a church–planting activities.

1.4       Significance of the Study

  1. The research work will be an immense blessing to Foursquare Gospel Church and other Christian denomination on strategic involvement in Church planting activities.
  2. Pastors, leaders, worker, and Church planters will appreciate the significance of planting more churches and need to adequately develop them.
  3. This research work will be a reference material for future researcher. It will provide insight on the church planting activities.
  4. The research will also contribute to knowledge. Scholars have made several researches in different field of study which contributed knowledge on the field study, on the same vein this research is a contribution to knowledge.

1.5       Delimitation of the Study

This research is not aimed at discussing the whole concept of Mission and Church Growth. Its concern is basically on the church planting activities in Foursquare Gospel Church, with particular reference to Ifako 2 Zonal Headquarters

1.6       Limitation of the Study

Despite the end product of this research work, this project faced some constraints such as time, fund, gathering of’ materials and co-operation from question respondents at the collection of data.

There was also problem of getting the documentation of church in case study, which posed a delay in the compilation of the work. There was also problem of misplaced laptop of the typist which led to the delay of the project work due to retype of the entire project work.  However, the researcher did this possible best to present a valid report.

1.7       Research Methodology

The historical approach, being the fitting procedure is thereby chosen by the researcher with the Turabian style (8th Edition) as the format of documentation. For the purpose of the research, journals, books, internet, interviews were consulted.

The major libraries consulted were:

  1. LIFE Theological Library, Ikorodu Lagos State.
  2. E-libraries
  3. Personal Library
  4. Libronix Digital Library

1.8       Definition of Terms

For the purpose of this study, the following terms are deemed fit to be distinctively defined as follows:


On the basis of the Greek word “ekkaleo,” a composition of two words: ek and kaleo meaning “out of” and “call” respectively, the Church may therefore be defined as an individual or a group of persons who answered to the call of God’s love demonstrated in the salvific work perpetuated by Christ and so believe on Him as Saviour and Lord.


This  is a process that an organism carries on or participates in by virtue of being alive.In relation to the Church planting, it means all undertakings of the Church in order to remain alive, relevant, active and growing.

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