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The ministry to teenagers is so important in the contemporary church and it is expedient for the church to make all effort to reach out to the needs of the teenagers. In this study, the researcher laid serious emphasis on the impact of camping to develop teenagers in all aspects of their lives.  The study is on historical research. The research work adopts library and field based approach; this includes the study of related materials which includes books, journals, thesis and the use of internet and the distribution of questionnaires to concerned respondents. This is to gain insight on the impact of the relevance of camping to the overall experience of teenagers. The researcher concludes that Christ Apostolic Church, Badagry has been making great effort on making the  camping ministry to her teenagers her top priority and has been  ready to make immense sacrifices to ensure that the teenagers are adequately trained and entertained during this period by inviting personnel of high quality to train the teenagers at least once a year.  The researcher therefore recommended that these camping periods should be extended from once a year to at least thrice a year by the local church.



1.1       Background of the Study

In this 21st century, teenagers are delicate being to be left alone without been carefully monitored by their parents especially in their late teens. Their social appearance depends wholly on the influence the immediate environment has on them. In this present day society, children deserve serious attention, so that they will not fall a prey to corruption, in a corrupt environment. Hence, the need to help parents especially the ones faced with these challenges to overcome it.

Gbile Akanni observes that:

There is a battle going in this world concerning young people and it is all about influencing their greatness and glory are made when you are young. These young people are like nurturing of the seed that will determine the product not the hand it is being sowed.

Moreover, as a result of the increased activities of corruption around the world, Christian homes are presently struggling to impact Christian values into the lives of their children, and they find themselves searching for ways and strategies to be more effective in raising their children in the way of the lord. This environment and ethical problem is highly influencing the children lifestyle.

Raising godly teenagers in the way of the lord, for a better tomorrow to be useful to the family, church and society is a great priority of mountain of Christ Apostolic Church, Mount of the Lord District, Badagry, Lagos State. Therefore the researcher is deeply interested in the impact of church camping in the development of teenagers.

The researcher will examine the subject matter and put forward her suggestions and recommendations to encourage Christ Apostolic Church, Mount of the Lord District, Badagry, Lagos State and the Body of Christ generally to be involved in right camping methods and activities

1.2       Statement of the Problem

The prevailing corrupt activities among teenagers in the present day society cannot be overemphasized. The society is struggling with many behavioral problems of the children, which include disobedience, drug abuse and addiction, truancy, smoking, flirting, stealing, lying, armed robbery, violent behavior and demonstration, examination malpractices, cultism, vandalism and so on.

However, the church has neglected an aspect of the church activities which is establishment of camp meetings which is able to provide certain solution to these behavioral problems in the local church. Therefore the researcher propose the following question for the research:

  1. What are the strategies of the church in raising Godly teenagers?
  2. What are the strategies of Effective Camping in raising Godly teenagers?
  • What are challenges confronting the church in raising Godly teenagers?
  1. What are the effects of camping activities in raising Godly children in the church and society?
  2. What are the solutions to the challenges of Camping in raising Godly teenagers in the church?

1.3       Purpose of the Study

  1. To create awareness and educate parents on the subject matters.
  2. To examine the relevance of church camping in raising Godly teenagers in the society.
  • To emphasize the effects of raising Godly teenagers in the church.
  1. To provide solution to the challenges of raising Godly teenagers in the church and Christian homes.

1.4       Significance of the Study

  1. Churches will be better educated and nurture on how to train their teenagers in the way of the lord.
  2. The church will have a better understanding on benefit of camping in raising Godly teenagers in the society.
  • It will help Ministers and leaders to focus on young generation.
  1. This study work will enhance further research work relating to the subject matter.
  2. The study will be beneficial to Christian- educators, and leaders alike to focus on the young.
  3. The study will also be useful for seminars, conference.

1.5       Scope of the Study

This research work focuses on the challenges and implications of raising Godly children for the contemporary church. It is restricted to Christ Apostolic Church, Mount of the Lord District, Badagry. However, the result of the study is applicable to the church and society in general.

1.6       Research Procedure

This section of study deals with the method and procedure used in carrying out the research work. The populations of this research work are mainly pastors, leaders, parents and teenagers. These categories of people are chosen because of the nature of this study.

The major instruments used in carrying out this research are questionnaires and oral interview. Also, the researcher conducted a survey of related literatures such as textbooks, dictionaries, concordances, and Christian journals.

The survey was done in the following libraries, LIFE Theological Seminary library Ikorodu, the researcher’s personal library and personal libraries of friends. The researcher also made use of the internet facilities in which the appropriate references were made where needed.

1.7       Limitation of the Study

Every research work has some shortcomings which arise as a result of problems encountered by the researcher in the course of the work. The researcher encountered some difficulties in getting the questionnaires to those concerned, some leaders and members given questionnaire were hoarding relevant information. A good number of others did not return their questionnaire. Hence, these limitations, however does not affect this work hazard.

1.8       Definition of Terms


This is a person aged between 13 and 19 years.


This is a place with temporary accommodation used by soldiers, refugees, or travelling people. A complex of buildings for holiday accommodation.

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