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This study examined the challenges facing Christian Education Ministry and its implication for church growth with four selected churches of Foursquare Gospel Church, Idi-Aba Zone, Abeokuta as a case study. The study was embarked upon due to the facts that people and the church are no longer demonstrating the right attitudes towards Christian education ministry. This nonchalant attitude affects the positive effect of Christian education ministry in the society and simple ethics seemed gradually fading away. There are five chapters in this research work: Chapter one discussed the background of the problem and other introductory guidelines that give appropriate direction on the focus of the study. In chapter two, the review of related literature was done to identify challenges facing the Christian education ministry in various churches. Chapter three examines the biblical perspective from the New and Old Testament and how and why the Christian education should be priority while planning the church’s programmes, because of its impact in the life of an individual, families, church and the society at large. Chapter four was devoted to both library and field work as methods used to solve the problem. The library work involved gathering information from the researchers personal and public library, including the internet, while the field work involved the preparation and administration of questionnaires. The outcome of this study could help to resolve the challenges facing Christian Education ministry in our churches. Chapter five highlighted summary, conclusions and some recommendations were made.




1.1    Background of the Study

A desire for an effective moral order has become an issue of both serious and urgent concern to all rational minds in recent times. The concern for a sound moral status is occasioned by the alarming rate of decline in the morality among youths and adults in the Nigerian society. This decline has become a disease eating systematically into the very vein of the entire nation. In the last few years, the Nigerian nation began to experience more than before a serious collapse of discipline, not only in the educational institutes but also in other sectors of the nation. Morality as it has been argued is the life wire of any successful society. Therefore, a society that is faced with the problem, of immorality is not only being inactive but indeed sick. This is why the political, economic and even religious lives are in danger. The nation of today is characterized by all forms of unchristlike virtues and values ranging from robbery, cheating, forgery, fraud, disrespect for constituted authority, lawlessness, pride etc. It is against this background that the church system is expected to renew its effort in handling issue of regeneration in the schools with all sense of dedication.

E vine, Merill Unger and William White posited,

Morality has often been narrowly understood in relation to matters of sex. In this discussion, it includes the whole spectrum of human conduct. Such matters as refusal to lie, to cheat, to refusal to steal, to murder; not being guilty of nepotism, ethnic prejudice; working honestly for an honest pay; fulfilling one’s duties as father, mother, parent husband and wife; being a law abiding citizen; setting good examples to other and always standing for what is right.


Christian education is that education that is used to help obtain the goals and life set on God. It is the development of the whole individual in relationship to his God, fellow men, and environment. Life is not in this world by accident but by God’s design to glorify Him. In some secondary schools, student now know what secret society is all about. But, ask some who are Christian among them to quote a verse from the Holy Bible, they will be moping at you. Ignorance of our sacred books is ignorance of God.

There is no sound moral education or development without religion or spiritual undertone, because morality and religion are inseparable. If religion goes, then morality also goes leaving confusion and decay in that society. No nation can ever be stronger than its morals and good virtues and it is recognized that the moral foundation of every culture should originate from Christian religion. In this wise, no nation can survive too long, who opposes or ignores religion, because religion provides the moral foundation to the society.

“Moral education and religion are the two essential factors by any nation in quest of meaningful development.” God’s consciousness and moral character are the indispensable tools for human development; because the strength of a nation depends on the moral qualities of its citizenry and not on its material or technological gains. The above inspired the researcher to embark on the study

1.2     Statement of the Problem

The educational function of the Church is carried out largely through the Sunday School MinistryWhen Christ gave the command to His disciples to go into the entire world and preach the Gospel to every Creature, He added, ‘Teaching them”. There can be no true preaching without an element of teaching, but all teaching cannot be included in preaching. Teaching carries with it two distinct ideas: the direct and personal character of the message and the catechetical form of instruction. It should also be noted that no other commandment was laid more frequently on the hearts of the leaders in Israel than that of teaching (the law).

Some of the statements of the problem could be enumerated:

  1. Criticism: Inappropriate criticism of leaders by laity
  2. Generational challenges: Divergence in attitudes, values and ethics between the older generation and the present generation
  3. Disobeying rules and regulation: Lack of discipline in obeying rules and regulations
  4. Forgiveness: Lack of forgiving spirit amongst brethren.

1.3    Purpose of the Study

Sunday school is important in the spiritual development of Christians because it provides a forum for learning. It encourages spiritual interaction between the students and the teachers.

Through the teachings in the Sunday school, a Christian is expected to learn and exhibit Christ like attitude and God’s love to humanity.

The purpose of this study therefore is to:

  1. Examine the position of teaching in the fivefold ministry of the church (Ephesians 4:11).
  2. Shed more light on how the early Christians win more souls through their teachings
  3. Examine some of the challenges facing teaching ministry in contemporary churches.
  4. Proffer solutions, which, if applied could go a long way to check the increased negative attitudes of today’s church towards Sunday School ministry.

1.4    Significance of the Study 

The outcome of this study is to benefit Foursquare Gospel church in Idi-Aba Zone and by extension, the body of the Christ at large in this regard

  1. Identify and proffer solutions to specific attitudes towards Sunday school ministry which are not Christ like in nature
  2. The result of this study could be useful in calling the attention of the leadership and congregation to the way Sunday school ministry should be regarded
  3. The outcome of the study would help the Christians to be more determined to change their negative attitude towards Sunday school ministry.
  4. The solution to be proffered, if applied could challenge and motivate the church leadership of Foursquare Gospel Church Idi-Aba zone to be more committed to Christian ministry in all ramifications.

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