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This section focuses on preliminaries, background of study. It also includes statement and purpose of the study, the significance of the study which includes the beneficiary of this research. The limitation and delimitation, research procedure and definition of terms were all included in this section.

1.1       Background of the Study

The importance of teaching the undiluted Word of God in the right perspective in the Church today, can never be over-emphasized. This is the basic tool that is required to enhancing the general well-being and individual growth of Christians, which would ultimately culminate into the overall growth of the Church.

The Church growth in this context is not primarily numerical rather, spiritual and self-development in the Word of God. Meaningful growth is achieved through a carefully worked out scheme of learning processes for a reasonable period of time. It is expedient for Christians to be spiritually educated about some basic facts in their relationship with God, not just basking in the euphoria of being an important members of a church. They must not attach or equate their spiritual growth to church activities, instead, it should be measures on the basis of their obedience to the truth and practice of God’s commands.

Therefore, spiritual growth which is meant to bring about genuine transformation in the life of a Christian is not a crisis event; it takes place over time. That is, it takes more than a lesson to accomplish all that God desires in a Christian’s life. It is therefore, imperative for Church leaders or Christian educators to always bear in mind that Christian maturity is a life-long process which requires their patience and faithfulness in ministry, as they are engaged week-after-week to see lives forming and conforming into the image of Christ.

1.2       Statement of the Problem

The doctrine of Christ Apostolic Church is recognized to be a strong ‘building force’ that establishes believers in Salvation, Faith and Spiritual Warfare and Service of God. Its impacts and effects enhance dedication and commitment of all members towards evangelism and spiritual growth of the Church.

The spiritual growth of the Church could largely be attributed to her doctrine and mode of service, among others. Therefore, in order to achieve a desirable spiritual growth in the contemporary Church, it is imperative that she separates herself from the adulteration of messages that centered on prophecies, miracles, breakthrough, hyper grace sermons as against dutiful Christian living, deceitfulness of the preaching of a life without problems but experience of good side of life, once one becomes a Christian, and the like. As good as those messages and their attending results may seem to sound, they however, lack the biblical rudimentary truths needed to be build the ideals of serious minded Christians, whose hearts is desirous to God and His services. The opinion of this study is to re-emphasize the importance of teaching ministry in the Church as a veritable tool for the total development of her members, which guarantees enduring growth.

1.3       Purpose of the Study

This research targets at the following:

  1. To determine how teaching ministry could be used to develop members of the Church.
  2. To make known the relationship between teaching ministry and church growth.
  3. To demonstrate the importance and effects of the qualities and qualifications of Christian teachers.
  4. To authenticate that church growth should be measured and primarily emphasized on the qualitative, then the numerical.
  5. To demonstrate that the believer’s life and conducts towards God and then the worlds are true and primary tests for church growth.
  6. To also show that unwholesome living among some Christians could be as a result of lack of thorough Christian doctrines and teachings.

1.4       Significance of the Study

  1. It will help in making known that church growth is largely dependent on teaching ministry.
  2. It will make the readers know that church growth is primarily about the quality of Christian life and living.
  3. It will serve as a source material and benefitting to Bible students, church members and leaders and for future research in related areas to the subject matter.
  4. The work will uphold the truth, thereby resulting into dismissing dishonesties about the subject matter.
  5. During the course of the research work, the wealth of knowledge and experience of the researcher would be enhanced.

1.5       Delimitation of the Study

This work is basically to examine the influence Christian teaching ministry has on the growth of an individual or group of persons, who are commonly known and called as Church. CAC Oke-Igbala, Ketu Headquarters is used as a case study.

This research is not aimed at discussing the whole concept of Church Growth and Teaching Ministry. Its concern is basically to establish the essence of teaching to Church growth.

1.6       Limitation of the Study

The case study (CAC Oke-Igbala, Ketu) of the work may not be large enough to provide sufficient sample coupled with the fact that people’s bias could not be taken away from them while providing answers to survey questions may limit the accuracy of the outcome to the research.

1.7       Research Procedures

The historical approach, being the fitting procedure is thereby chosen by the researcher. For the purpose of the research, journals, books, and internet were consulted. The questionnaire was administered to the members of the church taken as case study.

The major libraries consulted were:

  1. LIFE Theological Library, Ikorodu Lagos State.
  2. E-libraries
  3. Personal Library

1.8       Definition of Terms

For the purpose of this study, the following terms are deemed fit to be distinctively defined as follows:


On the basis of the Greek word “ekkaleo,” a composition of two words: ek and kaleo meaning out of and call respectively, the Church may therefore be defined as an individual or a group of persons who answered to the call of God’s love demonstrated in the salvific work perpetuated by Christ and so believe on Him as Saviour and Lord.


Growth in a simple definition is an inside-out increase. It is also the increase or development in size, weight or importance of something or somebody.

Church Growth:

            The balanced increase in number and quality of lives and conducts of individuals and group of assembly towards the Word and purpose of God.


The name given by the Greeks or Romans, probably in reproach, to the followers of Jesus. It was first used at Antioch. The names by which the disciples were known among themselves were “brethren,” “the faithful,” “elect,” “saints,” “believers.” But as distinguishing them from the multitude without, the name “Christian” came into use, and was universally accepted. This name occurs but three times in the New Testament (Acts 11:26; 26:28; 1 Peter 4:16).


This involves processes and activities geared towards achieving a meaning impartation of knowledge on an individual or group.


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