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The study examined effective leadership in the Church using the Pentecostal Church. The study was sub-divided into four chief parts. Chapter one focused on the introduction of the focus study on effective leadership in the Pentecostal Church. The significant of the study and research problem was duly considered. Chapter two was tailored to address the control variable of leadership beaming it search light on the Pentecostal Church in which three leadership style was discussed namely: Democratic Leadership, Autocratic Leadership and Laissez-Faire Leadership with respect to the Pentecostal Church. The study revealed that church leadership is the decisive factor in determining the effectiveness of a church and the single most contributing factor that allows a church to develop its full potentials. The Chapter three was based on the summary and conclusion of the study. The study conclude that effective leadership in the church have significant effect on the growth of Pentecostal Church. The Fourth Chapter discussed lessons for contemporary Christian leadership which indicated that contemporary Christian leaders will work to develop personal attributes of humility and integrity. The study recommended that the general overseers, church treasurer and the financial secretary should continue to work as a team for an efficient finical management. Quarterly, external auditors should be invited to help audit the church accounts in order to discourage misappropriation of church funds.




In a global sense and with respect to leadership, every organization has its system of operation. Nigeria for example, runs a participative leadership. An effective leadership is patterned by its goals and vision which help in achieving positive results. This is because any given organization with a faulty leadership the foundation is prone to collapse. Therefore, leadership remains a fundamental process in every organization in which such an organization builds a style of operation. On this basis, Adam (2003), notes that leadership is a common phenomenon in every facet of life. This implies that leadership is a thing that has captured the attention of many in order bring all pending matters to orderliness. In the same vein, Hybels (2002) states that leader often has impact not only because they are highly gifted but because their leadership styles mesh perfectly with specific ministry needs.

Leadership in the pentecostal churches goes along with high level of responsibility and for any pentecostal church to achieve its primary objective, which is the growth of the gospel, a determinant force (co-operation) from the subordinates must be encouraged. Akpami (2002) asserts that church leadership to some extent is based on what is known as ―divine calling.‖ In a right sense, one may be chosen by God to serve either as a teacher, evangelist, pastor, apostle or prophet. The researcher observed that church leadership is very different with the leadership appointment in professional settings such as medicine, education, governances and finance.

Munroe (1993), asserts that leaders are those who accept or are placed on extraordinary circumstances which bring forth their latent spiritual potentials, such as producing character that implies confidence and trust of their followers or members of God. Nmadu (2010), says that leadership has a great challenge both positive and negative, which depends on the style of its operations. Thus, it is of interest to point out that this study is expository having stated that leadership in the pentecostal churches faces great challenges. In view of the above, this study was designed to examine the impact of leadership styles in the Pentecostal Churches on the Growth of the Gospel in Lagos State.

Statement of the Problem

The various leadership styles emanating from the ever increasing pentecostal churches and their consequences on the growth of the gospel calls for concern. Eckman (2010), asserts that Jesus Christ is the originator of godly leadership. He added that, this was as a result of the sacrifice on the cross and his leading ability in our hearts.

Another central phenomenon in the pentecostal churches is the way in which church funds are handled. Quite a number of church funds in most cases are handled by the general overseers in conjunction with the central working committees, board of auditors and church treasurers. This scenario has in most cases caused disaffection among church members who resort to opening their own pentecostal churches in order to solely handle the church funds. This is the reason the preaching for donations, sowing of seeds, tithes and offerings are the central preaching in the place of true salvation.

Another factor is the rate at which members of pentecostal churches go for discipleship training. In view of this, this study assessed the impact of leadership styles in pentecostal churches on the growth of the gospel. Whether the impact of leadership styles on the growth of the gospel are more of positive or negative.

Significance of the Study

The study is significant for the following reasons. It is hoped that the findings of this study will help shape the minds of pastors, church members and leaders on how to lead, deriving their leadership example from the Bible. The study should create awareness and discourage greed, power tussle and disaffection among church members. It will also serve as an insight to Christians of today, that the church is not a place to make money rather, a centre of worship of Yahweh. Also, the study will form a basis for further research for academicians and scholars. The study will expose the Pentecostal church leaders to the problems in their leadership styles and proffer solutions to such problems.

Scope of the Study

This study is on the effective leadership in the church using the pentecostal church. The research was carried out only in Lagos State. The research covered some selected Pentecostal churches in Lagos-Island local government areas in Lagos State. Lagos was selected because of time, constraints, proximity and inadequate funds.

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