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1.1      Background to the Study

In Christ message it was shown, the principles, doctrine, manner, character of what is expected of his church, then, now and future (i.e end time). His teaching in the mountain, and plain, during his earthly ministries was directly invitees, expectation of of him, from his church, them, now and future, (End time) and what and how he wanted to relate with the father.

On the teaching or messages on the mountain, Mathew 5:1ff. vs 1-2 A traditional idea was sited on his sermon at the mountain tabor and Tiberius, He sat down, it was traditional during these times that the teacher sit while teaching and the audience would stand.

Vs 3 Blessed are the poor in spirit, for there is the kingdom of heaven. Blessed: This could also be translated “happy” Happiness in heart results from the application is life of the following characteristics. Poor in spirit: Happy are those who are not proud, conceited or arrogant concerting their spiritual relationship with God. One must recognize his humanity, his spiritual poverty and destitution (Rom 7:24-25) one must empty himself of self reliance and learn to humble himself before God. The humble person recognizes his spiritual poverty and this mourns over his in adequacy before God1.

Vs 17 Jesus came and he did not come to destroy the law or “dissolve” or “uncle” Jesus did not come to show disrespect to the Old Testament law He came to fulfill its purpose, not violate its principles. The fulfillment of the law meant the end of the law. Jesus here shows the stability of the Old Testament law. He teach that the law would end when its purpose was fulfilled.


Unity of believers

The teachers about unity, He wanted uniformity among the believer circle.  God’s  law doesn’t cause division. It is the wrong interpretations of men that cause the division. He broke the teaching of law into two

Love the Lord your God

Love your neighbor as you love yourself.

Jesus teaches that all such sin of attitude are punishable by three stages of inflicted punishment, Christ pass messages of forgiveness.

Christ messages on marital un-faithfulness

Vs 27-28 in you have heard that it was said you will not commit adultery vs 28. “But I say to you that whoever looks at a woman to lust for her has already committed adultery with her in his heart. His messages in this context, was related to Jews. Both He and the Jews were living under the Old Testament law; He was addressing an interpretation of the law by the religious leaders. Deut 5:18 the Old Testament penalty for adultery was death by stoning.


Making of oaths was an Old Testament law to guarantee against dishonesty in the Jewish society. Make No Oath Ay All: Jesus prohibits all swearing by oath as the Jews did, for they casually made oaths and then quickly broke them.

Love of enemies

Reference to the Mosaic Law, Jesus teaches against the concept retaliation. The teaching of the preceding passages was in the context of the theocratic law of Israel. The “eye for an eye” was a civil law of the Old Testament where the people had the authority to punish offenders.

Children of the Father

Jesus taught about the character of those who are of the spirit of the father, they are not partial, they shows the kind of love they enjoy from the father. The children of the father, in Jesus Christ messages taught that there is no reward in a love that acts out of selfish motives i.e. doing something for others in expectation of return or reward2.

Deeds of Righteousness: (Sharing) 6:1-4

This is doing good to others. If one does good in order to received his reward. Christians let their light shine (5:16) but not for the purpose of drawing attention to themselves.


Jesus taught on prayer, talks about the prayer of hypocrites i.e. those who love to pray in public places in order to be seen of men to pray. He teaches us that such prayers were good, but their mind hearts were actually far from God.


His message on fasting was to guide, direct Christian or religious behavior. It is only natural that he would explain the nature of nature in reference to the disciple response to His lordship in their lives3.

Treasures in Heaven

Jesus Christ in his messages on mountain, express displeasure on the treasures of earth, because is a short pleasure, but treasures of heaven are so precious and, these are when one concentrating on things above earth, one places earthly things in the right perspective. The crown of righteousness in heaven awaits those who have forsaken the treasures of the world 2Tim.4:8, here Jesus in his teaching taught about differentiates physical and temporary things of this world with eternal, spiritual things that will endure the destruction of the physical; because id one have much of worldly pleasures, his thought worry and usually desires will be focused on this world.

Judging others vs. 7: 1-5, Luke 6:37-42

Jesus here teaches against the legalistic judging that was exercised by the Pharisees, about their self righteous, legal system of doctrine moved them to be critical of others who didn’t agree with them on every point of their systematic theology.

Identifying the source of fruit

Jesus Christ in his teaching guide against false and self righteousness in the midst of which he was born. Mark 7:6-7 His self righteousness system of religion justifies his ungodly behavior while at the same time he preaches and teaches doctrine to others, behavior and character was the main & sign to identify false prophet not their teaching.

1.2 Statement of Problems

The study actually based on Christ messages in appraising it, there are issues that need to be resolved, in order for this study to achieve its purpose, arms and objectives the view of problem are:

The question of John the baptism questioning Jesus as messiah

While he fails to fulfill all messiah role as at that time

Relevance of Christ messages to the churches

Impact of Christ messages on mosaic law

1.3 Purpose of the Study

Christ messages is a basis of all message to churches, tells us the purpose of his ministry on earth. He shows us how his church should be and Christian possession a gift and is called to use, It in service within the body to build up the body of Christ to strengthen the body (churches) and carry out its purpose within the world. Each member of the body of Christ is also called to serve the church through his or her natural gifts and abilities. This service is offered out of devotion to Christ for the sacrifice. He made on the cross, providing them with eternal life in heaven. The diversity of gifts, each supporting the others, makes the body strong! ICort.12:12-14, Eph.1:22-23.

1.4 Significance of the Study

The significance of the study is based on the Christ message on his earthly ministry, his birth and his ministry and fulfillment, his cruxification his dead, and resurrection and his assertion to heaven, and hope of his coming. The sermon on the mountain, and sermon on the plain, the former talks about, series of the relationship without neighbor and teaches us about what God wanted us to behave and act as truly child of God, the importance of this. Study is to show us, the importance of which Christ come to save mankind, and gave the church structure of which they need to build. This message of Jesus Christ show importance of what he actually come to do as a monument of fulfillment of stages of eternal planning programmes and measures for whoever ready to walk in line with that eternal programme. Both sermons on the mountain and plain justified Jesus Christ aim, purpose and objective for mankind. Multitudes followed him and he teaches them, he had actually shows pictures of what he wanted his church to be.

Christ’s body is the church, as the part of Christ’s body what expected of the church to enhance his church is to make the body holy entity and is to be respected and treated with complete honour and care for his church. Our calling as his church 1Cort.12:4-11 is to outlines the importance of using your God given spiritual gift. Your gift is unique and equally important. It is essential to the body that you use your special gifts in service to God4.

You Are Called To Share Jesus   

In as much that we agreed that we are the body of Christ, Rom.1:16. We must be ready to share the news. This study is directing us to show ourself as an approve, bonifide child, shows his faithfulness to others.

Why is Jesus Christ Important In My Life

Jesus Christ was chosen to be our savior. His atonement makes it possible for us to be resurrected and repent and be forgiven so we can return to our heavenly father’s presence. In addition to saving us from our sins, the savior also offers us peace and strength in times of trials.

Gospel of John A Biblical History to Christ Messages:

The gospel of John is one of four gospels in the Holy Bible and is the fourth book in chronological order presented in the New Testament. The Gospel of John is a unique perspective of the life of Jesus Christ. It varies from the other three gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke (also known as the synoptic gospels)5.

The Message of Bible on Presentation of Salvation

The good news of salvation in Jesus Christ is the fundamental message of the scripture under this head there are many basic truths:

God created Adam and Eve

Man was deceived by Satan and fell

God made provision for saving mankind

God sent his own son Jesus Christ to bear the awesome consequence of sin..

In the resurrection of Jesus, God demonstrates his victory over sin and calls people everywhere to identify with his victory by faith in Jesus Christ.

1.5 The Importance of Christ Message

Jesus Christ is his message with Nicodemus told him what his church is expected to be, his replied on question of Nicodemus was very clear, He talks on what will be necessary for inclusion of the kingdom reign of Jesus in the heart of men and thus, one’s participation in the community of God6.

1.6 The Research Methodology

This section deals with how the studies have been carried out precisely, researchers employed the secondary method of Data collection for this research work. The secondary method will involve an extensive library research during various works related directly to the subjects we have been studied.

By research we are able to understand that all the churches of all time are comprehended in the message of Christ, this message are meant and addressed to the all ages church the advent of Christ, his earthly ministry, his dead and resurrection and ascension are typical examples of Christ messages. Through this research work or study we had gathered messages of Christ through seven period of invent as a basis to all ages churches:

The Apostolic period

The period of trouble and persecution of the church

The period of compromise and the union of the church and state

The medieval period

The period of reformation

The period of the protestant orthodoxy, when doctrine became more important than practice

The period of the infidelity and world-wide mission7

1.6 Limitation of the Study

The use of primary data collectives would contribute to the quality of this work, in order to provide useful information about the research work also to provide necessary understanding concern research work and supply significant ideas on the Christ messages relevance to age’s churches in order to give deep meaning on the future event in relation with Christ messages.

However, time constraint, coupled with in-adequate funds will not allow the use of that method, the researcher envisages that most invaluable books on this subject have western background and as such they do not describe or illustrate the situation peculiar to our society.


Definition of Terms:


This is labour work trouble, strife of the church performance during that time and expected performance of today’s church, in his messages, he show himself as what he wanted his church to be:


This is continuing course of action without regards to discouragement and opposition or previous failure, the church as at that time were so determine in their duties and they were committed to the assignment of the living God which will be paramount in the standard set by our Lord Jesus Christ in his message to the churches and the vision of the end time church and the activities of the return of Christ in this study.

Early Church

The early church in this study shows the picture of the type of church succeeded Jesus Christ ministries (the church administered by the Apostles of Jesus Christ) is the church borne on the cross and grew up after the outpouring of the Holy Ghost on the day of Pentecost.

These are obviously people who have accepted Christ in full and who have been very zealous in following him. They borne these listed characteristics:

True conversion

Very focus

Good works

Rule of faith


This is motivational language applied in the course of this research i.e. some important positive attribute, Christ commends them for their strengths, and His commendations should be both motivating and instructive for God’s people today. The strength can be analyzed as follows:

Vigilance or watchfulness


Improvement and performance



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