Full Project – The role of motivation in improving organizational effectiveness

Full Project – The role of motivation in improving organizational effectiveness

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The relationship between man and his works has attracted the attention of human behavior, the question of the role work and motivation play in human life is a concern not only of management but is psychological and physiological rooted.

Traditionally, work is merely perceived as basic to economic and physical survival. Nevertheless, the meaning of work and the motives which induces people to perform has undergone considerable change over the years. Apart from economically less developed societies which still remain complex.

Motivation is the process of inducing people to give up their best (Okwa 1999) motivation is an energizing factor that causes office workers to believe in certain (expected) way.

In recent time, man sought way to encourage their subordinate to perform well. Before, it was reward punishment system. Originally the accent was on punished, but in more recent time, the reward system has been adopted. This may come in form of bonus scheme and merit rating.

During the past two decade, the quest for better ways of motivating people has cause  some researchers to concentrate on the psychological factor, that stimulate workers rather than developing the incentive.

In simplest form, the process of motivation is to purse those cause of action which promise the greatest degree of need satisfaction mismanagement in these cause has been affected to the factors relation to poor or inadequate motivation, it also becomes obvious to note tat the more adequately worker in an organization are motivated the more efficiency they will perform many form failed because motivation of workers were ignored.

Afri-bank Aba on which this research is being carried out is facing with the problem of motivation so their employees have to be motivated in order to improve performance and productivity.

Closing like with the issue is the area of job satisfaction. This relationship is obvious since an employee with high level of satisfaction will be given motivated, more to perform well is clear that motivates workers.

The position of this research is aimed at identifying the role of motivation of Afri-bank plc (Aba branch) how best the company can motivates its employees as well as maintaining efficient performance and job satisfaction


The role of motivation in an organizational effectiveness is the dream of every organization. But not many have achieved this dream. The subject of human motivation, human relations and styles of management adopted to achieve efficiency and effectiveness becomes imperative. Wherever there is goal oriented activity for Afri-bank on would expect such attainment.

Through it has come a long way. The fact still remains tat the organization is yet to attain organization efficiency. This would have been different with motivated workers (staff). At their present level of organizational efficiency therefore, it is important to investigate it workers are adequately motivate to put on their best.

In the case of Afri-bank for years, there has been bottle-neck source of  their activities poor performance and poor activities to work has given a significant proportion in the organization perhaps, it workers are motivated things may assume a different posture.


Generally, the objective of this study is to access the influence of motivation on organization effectiveness.

The objective will be specifically narrowed down to the following:

  • To evaluate the motivational techniques adopted by Afri-bank Nigeria Plc (Aba branch) to achieve a higher productivity.
  • To identify the factors which motivates employees and how best they can be applied?
  • To make appropriate recommendation for improving the performance of the organization.
  • To also suggest how best workers efficiency can be improved to enhance performance.


This research will seek to provide answers to the following:

  • What are the motivational methods/techniques carried out by organization for higher organization efficiency?
  • To what extent has motivation enhance, diminished or stabilized the efficiency of his organization?
  • Do the organizations recognize that motivating employees is the key to enhance efficiency?
  • Why should employees what to co-operate and contribute towards accomplishing organizational goal?
  • What is the influence of motivation or job satisfaction on workers?


In view of the prior attention give to motivation in every organization for the purpose of attaining optimum organization goals. The finding of this study will enable Afri-bank PlC and of course other organization in knowing how best to motivate their staff with a view to achieve high organization goals.

It will examine analysis and being to high those major obstacles toward the realization of organization goals.

Above all besides bothering the knowledge of the researcher on motivates it will serve as secondary source of data to the researcher and help many organizations in policy formulation.


The study focuses on the role of motivation as tool for organization effectiveness of a case study of Afri-bank Plc, Aba. Information obtained is limited to those areas relating to staff motivation and motivational techniques adopted by the organization.


The following were some problems encountered during the research process (through of this research) time was a serious constraint on that the researcher to intermittently had to stop work on the research to attend lecture and to write examinations.

  • Further more, some of the officials were constantly to busy to listen to the researcher and the process of distributing questionnaires among the workers was very difficult as mot of them were reluctant to collect them.
  • Some collected and refused to answer them especially among the, lower cadre.
  • Finally, inadequate fund constitutes some limitation on this study as a research like this requires large finance for effective result.


  1. MOTIVATION: The deriving force that makes an employee to give best on a work situation. Or it refers to the way in which urges, drives, desires, aspirations, and strivings or needs influence the choice of alternative in the behaviors of human beings.
  2. EMPLOYEE: a worker who contributes to the attainment of the goal of the organization. The aim of most managers is to ensure employee satisfaction at all times the contention being that a satisfied employee has a better attitude to work than a dissatisfied one.
  3. ORGANIZATION: Any social unit that co-ordinates the activities of its members in which duties and rule are officially prescribed and enforced. Stavarte (1997) or a group of people who form a business, club etc together in order to achieve a particular aim.
  4. PERFORMANCE: The act of achieving the desired result by employee’s staff. It is an accomplishment. Or it is process of performing a play concert or some other form of entertainment.
  5. GOAL-ORIENTED: People with purpose in organization. It is effect provide the basic sense of direction for the organization and its activities.
  6. EFFICIENCY: Ability to perform well and producing a desired or satisfactory result. It is also the relationship between output and cost (input) of achieving that output.
  7. OUTPUT: The visible result of the activities under take by any private or public organization. It also the amount of something that a person a machine or an organization produces.
  8. MANAGEMENT: The act of science of working in an organization through being directed by any coordinating the activities of people to achieve one’s goal into the organization (Ejiofor, 1984). It also the organization and control of human activities directed towards specific ends and objectives (Onah, 1981)

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Full Project – The role of motivation in improving organizational effectiveness