Full Project – Design and implementation of a computer testing system with admin features

Full Project – Design and implementation of a computer testing system with admin features

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A computer may be simply be defined as an electronic machine which is used to process data or better still, to solve problems (simple and complex). But there is a simple way of defining what a computer is: it is nay device that can be used to make a job easier.

According to Dempster and Deepwell, (2002 Taylor, 1998); in their book defined computer as an electronic device that is capable of accepting data, analyzing them and bringing out result in form of information.

In this modern age, where information technology is changing the lives of people constantly across the globe, the computer system has become something of great importance to even the commonest of man. The number of applications which computers have been put can be said to be virtually unlimited. This is no surprise, as there are no limits to the number of problems that can be could arise from all fields of human endeavour. Infact, any problem can be solved with a computer as long as its solution can be expressed as a logical sequence of executable steps.

According to Mazzco and Henry [10]: 1997 in their book “Information Technology” said that “with the growth and popularity computer technology has received in the past few years, the only important filed that computers have failed to change dramatically is education.” computers have taken a major position in the world because they can execute many tasks more effectively than human. It  has formed a coalition with virtually every other technology, including- industrial, communication, medical office etc. computers are also applied in accounting, education, finance, health, administration, military etc. the use of computers is so expensive that it would be almost impossible to form an exhaustive list.

Computer system users, administrators and designer usually have a goal of highest performance at the lowest cost. Modeling and Simulation of system design trade off is a good preparation for design and engineering decisions in real world jobs. The scenario described above is but on situation where computer simulation can be effectively used.

Wise plake (2005) : the use of computers in developing and Administering Tests, Pg 48 defined Computer Simulation as an attempt to model a real-life or hypothetical situation on a computer sot that it can be studies to see how the system works.

In addition its use as a tool to better understand and optimized performance and or reliability of systems, simulation is also extensively used to verify the correctness of designs. Most, if not all digital integrated circuits manufacture today are first extensively simulated before they are manufactured identity and correct design errors.

The most common testing application is the use of computers to store objective test that students have answered on sheets which they mark with a special pencil. Computer measures such as arithmetic mean, standard deviation, rank correlation can be used by teachers to compare class performance against normal standards.

Also interactive computer assisted testing, student progress can be quickly determined, students can get immediate feedback of their successes or mistakes, instructors can be relieved of having to grade the test, and control information can be supplied to teachers indicating activities where students performance is not up to expectations.



Federal Polytechnic Nekede was established in 1978 by Edict N0 16 of the then Imo State Government, enacted by the Col. Sunday Adenihu government. It was then known as College of Technology, Owerri and had its humble beginning at Government Technical College, Owerri as temporary site. Following agitation for a name that will reflect the status of the institution, the Imo State Government amended the Edict in 1987 and renamed it “The Polytechnic Nekede”. The nomenclature of the head of the Institution changed from ‘Principal’ to ‘rector’

The ownership and management of the institution was taken over from the Imo State government on the 7th of April, 1993 by the Federal government of Nigeria after which it became Federal Polytechnic Owerri.

The Institution had ealier moved to its permanent site at Nekede in 1980 during the Chief Sam Onunaka Mbakwe administration.in 1980, when the institution moved to its permanent site, the infrastrure on ground was inadequate. This resulted in the use of nekede secondary School for lectures. As there problems kept creeping in. virtually all the past Principals/rRectors were ased to step aside, from Prof.A.Ogan, Prof. O.J.. Eze Uzoamaka, Mr. Herber I. Onyewuchi, Dr.S. Agbobuo and Dr C.I. Osuji.

Today, the picture has changed. The Polytechnic not only has a governing council but all positions are now substantive. By providence, Engr. Onyekwere I.Nwankwo who is the first academic staff is now the rector. In 7 years of his administration, the polytechnic has become a center of academic and could not achieve in 23 years. In Oct 2005, the school wrote its first aptitude test for the ND’s due to the problem encountered during the Jamb examination such as fraud and examination mal-practice. In September 2007, the school also started writing HND aptitude test. This was to make sure that students are prepared very well for their HND programme.



It is a common practice for every establishment organization to try as much as possible in meeting the demands and needs of the people for which it was established.

Every individual who partakes in the examination complained about inadequate time, difficulty in the questions. This could lead to apathy on the side of the individual for not being fully prepared. Another problem is the area of speed, if the individual is able to answer the entire question of time and accurately.




  1. To eliminate the problem of using paper-and-pencil system of testing.
  2. To eliminate the stress and laziness in the preparation of the examination.
  3. To enable some individuals to be computer literate.
  4. To develop software that can handle the problems.
  5. To enable examiners to stop the issue of setting exam questions every time.



The significance of the study is listed below.

  1. With the aid of computers preparations for the exam will be faster and enjoyable.
  2. Funds spent by the individuals in the preparation of the exam will reduce.
  • At every point in time during preparation, the total number of questions answered, the total number of questions failed will be shown.
  1. With the use of computers preparations for the exams will be more efficient.



As is expected, some constraints were experienced during the course of this study that militated against finding sufficient materials and required data.

  1. The reaction of the school admission board to release some material that deemed sensitive.
  2. Lack of appropriate research materials on the topic: A Simulated Computer Assisted Testing System as regards the Nigerian context.
  3. Time constraint in carrying out the study.
  4. Financial constraint.



Though the federal Polytechnic aptitude test board performs so many jobs, their major and primary aim is to provide examination materials, set the exams and release results of the exams.

Although the admission board could be seen as a very important one, this study will be restricted to part of the things done in the board because the computers in knowing some of the things done in the board.


  1. COMPUTER: this is an electronic device that is capable of accepting data, processing it and bringing out result in form of information.
  2. SIMULATION: a situation in which a particular set of conditions is created artificially in order to study or experience something that could exist in reality.
  3. COMPUTER SIMULATION: a computer simulation is an attempt to model a real-life or hypothetical situation on a computer so that it can be studied to see how the system works.
  4. EDUCATION: a process of teaching, training and learning, especially in schools or colleges, to improve knowledge and develop skills.
  5. COMPUTER ASSISTED TESTING SYSTEM (CAT):this is the use of computer to score objective tests that students have answered on sheet, which they mark with a special pencil.
  6. COMPUTER ASISTED INSTRUCTION (CAT): this is used to refer to situations where students and computer interact and instruction taken.
  7. COMPUTER MANAGED INSTRUTION (CMI): computer managed instruction is a name given to the use of computer behaviour which provide for exchange of information between teachers and computers.
  8. SOFTWARE: this is the programs, routines or instructions that allow the computer to perform a specific task.
  9. HARDWARE: this is the equipment and devices that make up a complete computer system, which is required in this case for the aptitude testing.


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Full Project – Design and implementation of a computer testing system with admin features