Full Project – Design and Implementation of Production Control System

Full Project – Design and Implementation of Production Control System

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In his definition K.O. Hockyer, defined production in 1990 as an act of putting together human being, materials, plant and money in order to provide goods and services. The success of production comes about as a result of effective planning execution and control of activities within the frame work of the cooperate objective within the frame work of the cooperative objective.

This a place where people are employed for the purpose of making, uttering, repairing and or lamenting, finishing clearing, washing, breaking and adopting for sale of any articles.

The factory is regarded as a continued staff; self sufficient body and it depend upon integration only when other parts of the organization change. Although this view is fast changing, the dangers of these visions are great, for example government registration may face a marketing change which requires a design modification in turn, can alter processes in such a way that operations may be displayed with consequent redundancy and retaining problems.

This problem would have seen and their effect integrated to look, outside the four walls of their machine production unit. Similarly a board decision to change from a selling policy where orders are accepted to marketing policy. Where orders are sought will inevitably demand major changes. In the white system of factory management. Again, this can be fore seen it the factory managers look in wards and out wards.

Furthermore, the factory itself provide the environment for it own constituent department and again the interaction of parts within themselves and with host environment. The interdependency between the two products important consequences.


  1. Changes within the firm affect the environment to survive therefore, organizations must be prepared to respond to change and managers must not think as if any decision to affect a change is only internal
  2. Change in the environment, which imposes change in the organization.

Today one of the most potentially powerful change agents is the computer, which can permit the consideration problems that are more complex than any which can be death with. For decision of the managers to be right, the information normally must be timely accurate etc good information therefore help to reduce uncertainly. A system that generates good information normally is seen, addressed or sensed as a group of components that interact to achieve a purpose such as the production of goods.



Seven up bottle company development in Nigeria is one of the largest independent manufacturer and distribution of the well-known and widely consumed brands of soft drinks in Nigeria. Their brands are pepsi. 7 up Miranda teen and mountain dew, which we produce and markets will dur present 9 manufacturing plants. They also market over 200 distribution centers that we also call depots spread over the nooks and crane of Nigeria. Our workforce is currently the in the neighborhood of 35 employees. The cost associated with a unit of sale increased in Q2 2009 over the corresponding period in Q2 2008. This is reflected in the PB1 margin which decreased to 5. 62% in Q2 2009 6.44% as at Q2 2008, and down from 6.38% as at the end of the financial year in March, 2009. This shows that the company’s total cost as a percentage of to stands at 94.38% up marginally from 93.36% recorded in the corresponding period of 2003. PAT margin currently stands at 4 78%, down from 5.26% in the corresponding period of 2008, but from 4.78%, down 5.26% in th corresponding that the percentage of 90, PBT and PAT in the Q2 2009 result to the fully year audited TO, PBY and PAT for the period ended March to the 2009 show that it performs better both in log line and bottom line in HYI. This can be attributed to the Christian and new year sales and other ceremonies usually associated with year end.







This system has the following aims and objectives

  1. To develop a centralized database management system that integrated the various independent accessible over a net work.
  2. To provide an aid to line manager for processing and reporting productivity.
  3. To provide a monitoring control that will enable schedule / targets to be met ad marketing decision to be more precise.
  4. To provide and efficient system of distributing reporting and accounting for used materials.



The system is a tool for controlling production function that go on daily in the 7up Company. For this reason aspects of production control such as scheduling and manufacturing authorization is not covered, including some aspect of dispatch processes. This system handles the material (stock) control but does not go into the purchasing and costing. It provides the necessary report that help in determine when to make purchase it generate the bills of various models or vehicles produced in seven up.

It monitors and controls the activity of various parties to provide timely information that bears on meeting schedule.




It is tested and proved, fact that the road to success is not smooth therefore the researcher encounter some hindrances.



  1. Time constant
  2. Financial constant



This research work will help to access and document report from various departments within the company, which will affect immediate decision-making. It will also solve the problem of misplacing important document and accurate recording the system will help to meet up with customer order and eliminate the problem of broken promises.



For a clear understanding of the terminology and the following terms are hereby operationally defined.



It can be defined as a device that accepts data in one form (input and process to produce data in another form output as information.



This is a set of instruction written in a language of computer. A program is used to make the computer perform a specific task calculating interest period to saving account holder.



These are set of instructions that are to be carried out by computer in order to accomplish a given task.



These are those parts of the computer that we touch and see (physical parts) e.g. keyboard, monitor, mouse etc.



These are sets of instructions that are to be carried out by computer in order to accomplish a given task.


This is regarded as an unprocessed fact of figure etc information


INFORMATION – This is processed data.


Outsourcing is not without its downside, however.

Many companies discover that their cost saving average closer to 10 percent that the 20 to 40 percent that vendors promise. Also, companies may sign multiyear contract that no longer compare will with market conditions after a year of two another problem with outsourcing production of proprietary technology concern internal security.


Suppliers who fail to deliver goods promptly or provide required services can adversely affect a company’s reputation with its customers. General electric had to delay the introduction of a new washing machine because of contractor’s production problem.

Southern pacific rail had problems with an out sourced computer net work.


Out sourcing is a controversial tropic with unions, especially in the auto industry, as the percentage of component parts made in house has steadily dropped. Outsourcing can create conflict between nonunion outsides worker and in house union employees who fear job loss from outsourcing. Management initiation to outsource jobs can lead to strikes and plants shut down.

A major danger of outsourcing is the risk of losing touch with customers, outsourcing can reduce a company’s ability to response quickly to the market place or a slow effort in bring new product to market.


Taken together the objective and policies from a plan for the operation of the organization planning as a management function, and for it to be successful or load to the expected goal, such plan should have the following characteristics.

  1. Explanation
  2. Understanding
  3. Acceptance
  4. Capable of accepting changes
  5. Capable of esparto action.


A/E WORD CONTROL is here used in the sense of ensuring that all that takes places is in accordance with the rules established and the instruction issued.

For control activity to play a role expected of it effectively, it must have the following factors:

  • Planning
  • Publishing
  • Measuring
  • Comparing
  • Reporting
  • Correcting


In carrying out its functions, the production control department (PCD) answers the following questions.

  1. Can a particular task be undertakes and if yes when?
  2. How for have the tasks in hand preceded? The weakness of many industrial units for examples excessive material, stack, broken delivery promise, Ielle time can be attributed to inefficient to inefficient or non-existent production control. In a view for improving efficiency or reducing loss throughout a factory, the organization of a really, efficient production control department or unit must become very high in priority


It is in recognition of the importance role played in production as in other to endeavors that we decided to aid the production managers in carrying on their duties by developing this system which is computer based to address some crucial, areas of production control.


This system supports the day – today production activities of SEVEN UP and may be adapted for use in similar organization. It facilitates the day – day operations by providing summarized and standard reports, which the manager needs for his decision making.


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Full Project – Design and Implementation of Production Control System