Full Project – Design and implementation of a hostel management system for a secondary school

Full Project – Design and implementation of a hostel management system for a secondary school

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In Nigeria today and other countries, hostel management has become sophisticated that it used to be years age. The hostel however has been developed to solve the problem of accommodation for students, visitors and for reservation purposes.

Hundreds of student travels from their school to other schools during any reputable sports competition and visitation and for schooling purposes. They always become anxious of where to lodge or sleep within the period. Hence man’s quest for solving this problem resulted in development of hostel in order to eradicate or control the problem of student’s accommodation.

Therefore within a building where people stay usually within a pre-defined period of time paying for their rooms and meals can be of the following:

  1. Motel
  2. Resorts
  • Lodging house
  1. Restaurant

Hostels allocation system has far rear, been done manually such that one may wonder how to cope with recent development and increase in student population. Hence, there is need for hostel perspective to change from manual system, which is time consuming and labour intensive to computerized method, not just computerized but online system.

Thus, this research is aimed at finding system approach to computerize the hostel allocation system such that students can fill their hostel accommodation form online and check their allocation result online so that it can be processed at a high speed.


The use of manual method in hostel allocation is tedious and time consuming, the manual method of allocation is prove to errors therefore a computerized method should be adopted in hostel allocation because it involves not much more effort, save time, reliable data and data processed at a very high speed etc.

The problem of file maintenance, which is an act of amending deleting of standing records on the reference or master file. These records include;

  1. Name of student
  2. No/Matric No
  • Programme of study
  1. State of origin
  2. Next of kin to be contacted in case of emergency
  3. Name/contact address of parent/guardian etc.

The clerk at the student’s affairs unit/department keeps record of unoccupied or allocated rooms on a source document so as to know where to allocate a student. Thus the information gathered from the respective students are time consuming. They may in some cases be inaccurate and untimely therefore to avoid this method a better method can be adopted which involves computerizing the allocation system where each student can through the internet, provider the required information or data. This computerized version will consume less time it is easier to operate more efficient and reliable.


The main objective of this research is to provide an online system, which will help to speed preview hostel to students. In this research work, it is aimed for designing and implementing an internet base hostel accommodation and allocation system. Therefore the presence of these computerized systems will help to update file accurately.


After the data or information of a student has been collected, this data includes Name, Department, Programme of study, state of origin etc. It is updated and then used for report making or accounting these reports obtained from updated files can be used for auditing by the board andOnigege Ara management teams.


The significance of this study is to bring to focus the need and importance of this internet base hostel accommodation form and allocation system and the study also highlight the basic roles played by computerized hostel system which include;

  • Effective method of completing or filling of hostels forms
  • Effective method of getting allocation result
  • Effective method of balloting and allocations
  • Effective method of getting students information

The extent to be covered in this research work is to design and implementation of an internet base hostel accommodation form and allocation system in Onigege Ara Private Schools, where student can send or fill their hostel accommodation form, from any computer system that is connected to the internet and the information will be sent to the school database and the allocation will be done on the click of the mass. The result will be either be print or student can still login again to view the result.


Some of the constraints encountered during this project design include the following:

  1. Financial Constraints: The design was achieved but not without some financial involvements. One had to pay for the computer time. Also the typing and planning of the work has its own financial involvements.
  2. High programming Technique: The programming aspect of this project posed a lot of problematic bugs that took me some days to solve. Problems such database connections using visual basic and access database posed a lot of challenges.
  • Few Literature Sources: The topic though seems to be a common term; it is not a popular topic to surf from the Internet. It had fewer literature sources.

This research works if online with many terminologies which are mainly in the web database development. Most of the terms will be confusing for novice and some users of information system many of these terms are defined here for clarity.

They include;

DATA: These are new facts and figures sent into the computer for processing

INFORMATION: Processed data or results (output)

PROCESS: This is the job done by the computer on the input to produce output.

FILE: A collection of related records.

DATABASE: A collection of persistent data that can be shared and interrupted.

DBMS: A collection of compounds that support data acquisition, dissemination, maintenance, retrieval and formatting.

RECORDS: A collection of related fields

WEB BROWSER: The tool (program) that allows you to surf the web. It is used to located web pages (e.g.) Microsoft internet explorer, mozilla firefox, netscape etc.

CLIENT: A program that submits request to a server

HTML: Hypertext markup language use in creating web page or written

XML: Extensible markup language, this is use in defining data and their format and transmitted the data over the web page.

XSL: Extensible style language for defining the format of document on a world wide web.

HTTP: Hyper transfer protocols the protocol used to send and receive web pages over the internet using standardized request and response messages.

SYSTEM: The collection of interrelated components, which interact regularly to perform a task.

ALLOCATION SYSTEM: This is a set methodology of assigning hostel rooms to students.

RELATION: This is the linking trend that exists between two or more subject.

IMPLEMENTATION: This is the process of adopting a system

SOFTWARE: A set of instructions given to the computer in order to perform a specific task.

WEB PAGES: The page you are seeing when on the internet.


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Full Project – Design and implementation of a hostel management system for a secondary school