Full Project – Design and implementation of passenger manifest information system

Full Project – Design and implementation of passenger manifest information system

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                             CHAPTER ONE


  • Preliminaries

In recent years there has been a dramatic growth in passenger numbers on scheduled and charter transport in all regions of the world. In spite of recent events there is every indication that this strong growth in passenger traffic will be sustained for the foreseeable future thus a computerised manifest information system needs to be developed to carter for the ever increasing numbers of passengers.

  • Theoretical background

The passenger Manifest is an important part of the transportation chain, containing a list of the passengers on a means of transport. Apart from this commercial aspect, the passengers Manifest is also an important document for road safety control purpose and effectively acts as the first notification to the transporters of the arrival of passengers  or the final confirmation that passengers declared for travelling have actually travelled. All manifest information are provided by passengers on board in a paper format. This manual method poses a serious challenge, the approach gives rise to additional costs for the transport company, limits the possible use of the data by the road agencies and puts an additional requirement on the transporters to subsequently ensure that all the passengers listed on the manifest have been properly cleared and screened by  the transport company.

It is believed that the introduction of the electronic manifest will be of immense benefits to both the passengers and the transporters.

Transporters and other road Control Agencies (Immigration, Police, Quarantine, Health and Safety, Agriculture, etc.) are therefore being faced with a greatly increased workload. In normal conditions shouldering this increased burden would not pose insurmountable problems. However two additional factors have combined with the increase in passenger numbers to make the task of the road Control Agencies very difficult indeed. These factors are the increased compliance risk posed by the growth in, for example, trans-national organized crime and the manpower situation within the Road Control Agencies themselves. While the demands on the Road Control Agencies continue to grow and the manpower resources within which they must operate tighten, a number of very valuable opportunities have arisen which, if taken advantage of, could allow these Agencies to maintain or even enhance their effectiveness. The deployment of such a system, incorporating passenger selection criteria developed on the basis of high quality intelligence, can and do have a very positive effect on enforcement activities. Information

Technology can be further harnessed to ensure that details of arriving passengers are received in advance of the arrival of the bus, thus allowing the road Control Agencies adequate time to determine their response.

Computerised information of a passenger’s biographic data is useful; the added value of advance passenger information in its broadest context comes from the ability to access carrier’s information for analysis and research on arriving passengers.


  • Statement of problem

The purpose of this research is to computerise the passengers manifest information system, access the risk face by transporters, estimating their performance based on series of assumption, with whatsoever the future occurrence will be, to alleviates the poor practices and explore the good ones.


  • Objective of the study

The objectives of the proposed system are:

  1. To develop passengers manifest information in an electronic format.
  2. To carry out more effective risk analysis on incoming and outgoing passengers.
  3. To allow for flexibility in that it can be updated in a real time format.
  4. To automatically extract or query passengers information from the database.


  • Significance of the study

This research work will be of an immense significance to organization embodied with the movement of passengers from one location to another in that, it is aim at developing a model, an effective, reliable computerized method of obtaining passengers manifest information, expected to help in cases of emergency.

It intends to advance the transport sector technology on how to computerize the manifest process. This study will also help provide transporters the first hand information on the how to reach passengers relative immediate once a case is reported.

To other professional bodies and students this research work will serve as a reference material, people in related field, who might conduct research into related field, will find this research work useful.

The recommendation and some suggested solutions to the problems stated would enhance the management of transportation sectors to review some aspect of the systems that may affect them.


  • Organization of research

This research work is organized into five chapters with each chapter having it own distinct function; each chapter is sub divided into sections.

Chapter one deals with the general frame work of the study giving insight into the main motivation, statement of problem as relate to this study, the research objectives, the study expectations, organisation of the study and definition of terms.

Chapter two contains the outline of the study and the literature review of some of the related studies carried out on passenger manifest Nigeria and other countries. This chapter intends to fully investigate what passengers are, effect of the passenger manifest in the transportation industry. It also recommends ways of improving manifest practices.

Chapter three mainly focuses on the design of the study with the purpose of the study being analysed.

Chapter four deals mainly with the system implementation, it contains the system flowchart, analysis of the modules and the choice of programming language.

Chapter five provides the limitation of the study, the summary, recommendation and the conclusion of the study.


The limitation of the findings of this study could be hinged on the area covered, the instrument used, sample and sampling technique as well as time frame. For instance, the instrument of the passenger manifest forms covered only the State Capitals.


  • Scope of the Study

Passenger manifest information system is an embracing topic in the determinant of how transportation industry document their information, provide services and responses to emergency based on the number and the nature of passengers on board.  For the purpose of this research work, the researcher shall be limited to passengers manifest in the context of mass transit company. Reference shall be made to selected documents in the establishment.

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Full Project – Design and implementation of passenger manifest information system