Full Project – Design and implementation of an online booking system – a case study of Peace Mass Transit

Full Project – Design and implementation of an online booking system – a case study of Peace Mass Transit

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The reservation system of transportation is a management system which keeps records of available seats and tickets in a business reservation provides the passengers with an assurance that they can travel on a certain time and data between two cities; it provides the management with the data they require to plan their operation and cater for the customers. These booking of tickets and seat reservation result in many transactions between the offices where passengers make their reservation and the reservation control offices which receive and store the data.

Peace Mass transport being the case study is one of the numerous transport operations that conduct these reservation processes.

Associated bus company PLC, operators of Peace Mass transport, Nigeria’s premium road transport and logistics firm, has upgraded its pioneer online ticketing module as a means of booking for travels. In order to serve its loyal customers better, the company has to upgrade most of its entire IT system manage the e-ticketing platform.

The upgraded Peace Mass transport e-ticketing now offers Peace Mass transport customers and prospects the opportunity of availing themselves of a 24 hour service, for booking or reservations, verification of e-ticket, cancellation, re-scheduling and even payment, all at a click of a computer mouse. Customers no longer have to join long queues or drive miles to book or pay for a Peace Mass transport ticket. During peak provide, customers are saved the tedium and hassle of trying to get a Peace Mass transport ticket.

A prospective traveler could adjust travel schedules, quite effortlessly over the internet. As such, there would no longer be restrictions for reasons of operating hours” in that e-ticketing is a 24-hour available facility.



Peace Mass Transit (PMT) ltd was founded in the year 1995 to give commuter services to the general public mostly within Nsukka, Enugu and Onitsha areas.  Today we are proud to state that we have presence in twenty six states of the Federation and The FCT.
Currently, we move over twenty four (24) million Nigerians around the six geopolitical zones of the Federation annually. We started operations with two buses at inception.  Today, PMT has about two thousand customized UGAMA Hiace buses in its fleet.  When PMT acquires new buses, the buses are first put on distant routes such as Lagos to Abuja, Lagos to Nsukka or Lagos to Enugu.  After twelve months of operation on these long distant routes, they are withdrawn to apply local routes such as Nsukka to Enugu, Enugu to Abakiliki, Enugu to Onitsha, Nsukka to Enugu-Ezike, etc.  Twenty four months later, the buses are finally taken off the road.
PMT has regular staff strength of over 800 and contract staff of 2000.


There are many problems militating against the smooth running of the reservation procedures, these problems are the reaction for this study, the problems encountered at the manual ticket system used by the company ranges from time constraints, accounts, record and customer care. The major difficulties encountered as reviewed by the study include:

  1. Problem of turning out passengers for lack of space in available business
  2. Problem of poor financial record keeping of daily transactions.
  3. Inadequate customer care relation
  4. Absence of power supply

Managerial problem-manual handling of data or manual reservation system, which is all about manual documentations of every booking or reservation process or activities in a ledger book, is quite tiresome. As such, it affects the living standard and relation of the reservation clerks and the economy of industry in general. Being the fact that, it may warrant the industry to employ more hands or workers so as to cope with the reservation activities.

However, the efficiency of Peace Mass transport as well as other line of transport can only be achieved when the afore- mentioned problems are taken into consideration. If an online method of handling data is introduced and an uninterrupted power supply is provided as well as computer literate staff, then an effective telecommunication system sector would be achieved.


The purpose of this study include the following

  1. to design a system that will save time by giving an immediate reply to any request made on re-conformation of reservation
  2. To invert an on-line system facility which can update, cancel and confirm a request for reservation.
  3. To enable passengers book their business from anywhere and
  4. To provide facilities that will ensure easy updating and maintenance of the system.
  5. To prevent over booking of passengers by the new system being able to detect and report when a bus is fully booked.
  6. To ensure effectiveness and efficiency in accounting sector through computerized facilities.

Besides, to develop a computer program to be used in the booking system and to serve as reference materials for other researches/developers.



Other Names19
Contact Address30
Phone numder14
Next of kin phone12



Departure Terminal13
Departure Datedate
Service Schedule12
Actual Amount8



  • To provide a module where access can be denied if the user tries not to use the software right pin to gain access. Providing an error message like “access denied”.
  • To display a message when the right pin is entered. A message like “ access given”.



Through this study the manual system of buying ticket and booking will be eliminated, and a more efficient way of using the internet will be created, thereby exposing people to the internet, know the value and how to use it, this will help the company to save time and resources used in employing staff that would have handle it manually, and thus to channel its resources towards other ventures.

Moreover, there will be better customer care service, because complaints will be given prompt attention through the internet, above all, their interest will be protected and e-ticketing and booking will be adopted by other sectors of transportation in the country and the world at large.




By scope, we mean the range of subjects to be covered. Therefore, this research work is restricted to business ticketing/seat reservation system in transportation (road), on line, it include computerizing the manual system of the company, analyzing the existing system and thus designing a new system that will eliminate or at least reduce the problems of the company ranging from inadequate record keeping of passengers data to inaccurate financial records of all the transactions.


By limitation, we mean the process by which something is being restricted some of the limitations encountered during cause of the study include:

  1. Inadequate fund to carry out extensive research.
  2. It was a very hectic moment to some personal problems
  3. Limited time to carryout more research, as this work was coupled with other academic activities.

This project work will contribute to ICT in the sense that it will help to make life easy for customers booking and making seat reservation online.



BOOKING/RESERVATION: Giving or receiving an order for tickets for a trip.

PASSENGER: – A person on board in a bus, ship, etc for a journey.

ROUTE: – A particular way or direction between places through which bus, airplanes, ship, etc operates.

TICKET: – A written or printed pieces of card or paper that gives the holder certain right.

DATA: – Are facts, suitable for communication interpretation or processing by human or automated means (computer).

INTERNET: – Is a collection of interconnected networked computers in order to share resources and vital information together.

SYSTEM FLOWCHART: – It is a diagrammatic representation of the sequence of steps involved in carrying out a basic program. It consists of s good number of symbols.

PROGRAM: – A program is a set of instruction given to the computer to execute a task.


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Full Project – Design and implementation of an online booking system – a case study of Peace Mass Transit