Full Project – Design and implementation of bulletin services

Full Project – Design and implementation of bulletin services

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Bulletin is a short report, especially one released through official channels to be broadcast or publicized. It is a brief statement of facts respecting some passing event some distinguished personage, issued by authority for the information of the public. One of the most important needs of this age is concise, good, valid and timely information. In most tertiary institutions in Nigeria, for instance, the information unit, is most times, responsible for disseminating information such as announcements, events, lecture and examination schedules, and other reminders from the school management to the academic community.

Bulletin services also called bulletin service services are services used basically for the posting of messages that require public attention. These messages can be tailored towards providing information, announcing events and/or advertising products. Bulletin boards are effective in multiple ways and help teachers and office managers save time by displaying information to large groups of people simultaneously. When used correctly, bulletin boards help promote communication between members, foster community awareness and development, and enhance learning.

One of the oldest methods used in delivering latest information to students or to make announcements in universities is by using the conventional bulletin service board. The conventional or the traditional bulletin service board is normally made of wooden framed soft board where we can stick or pin paper bulletin services. In order to read the latest updates or announcements from the bulletin service board, students would have to go to their faculties or departments where the bulletin service board is located. But, as the world changes and new technologies have been discovered, the information delivery has also become more efficient and user friendly.

The growth and advancement in information technology has changed the way we live, communicate, learn and do business. And as the new generation of students embraced technology and some of them became attached to it, it has raised a question whether it is still efficient and relevant to use the conventional bulletin service board. It is often observed that whenever there is a change in seminar or class schedule, there would be some students missing the seminar or class because of not reading the bulletin service board from time to time. This indicates that the announcement system which is commonly used in many universities is somewhat ineffective when the message did not spread around and reach the students.

With the development of information communication technology, especially Web technologies, many schools now have their own Web sites. The main purpose of the sites was to provide site visitors with brief information on schools. However, the simple Web sites have evolved in terms of their contents as well as the functions of the Web sites, and became a communication space among relevant parties such as students, their parents, teachers and others. Communication can be conducted via diverse tools such as bulletin boards, e-mail, chatting, and other electrical media. Among diverse communication tools, bulletin boards have become a major role of sharing materials and communication in school Web sites.

According to Osamor et al. (2007), the wooden bulletin service board is a flat solid object placed at strategic positions, makes it an object with bulletin services and posters on it. They stated that when bulletin services are being placed on the board, some of the old bulletin services need to be removed and if not, with time, the bulletin service boards will get filled up with the relevant and irrelevant bulletin service messages. As a result of this, students might not take caution or overlook some of the new bulletin services being displayed as it is time consuming to go through the whole bulletin service board searching for relevant information.




Over the past twenty years, the internet has dramatically transformed the way society exchanges information and communicates with one another. Before the World Wide Web became popular in the mid-1990s, millions of people used bulletin board systems as their primary method of getting online. Accessible through dial-up modems, bulletin board systems were the first method that the general public widely used to communicate with other people through their computers. In 1979 most individuals who own computers and modems or have access to and knowledge of computing hardware are computer hobbyists and scientists. So at first, most topics on computer bulletin board system hover within the realm of computers and electronic communication, but eventually the talk broadens.

Computer bulletin board system kindles a revolution in electronic communication. Virtual bulletin boards begin popping up around the country; they are given the generic name bulletin board system, for bulletin board system. Some cover a range of topics, and others are intended for highly specific discussions. By the early 1990s most bulletin board system are connected to the Internet, and a whole new virtual world is introduced to bulletin board system members, who had previously roamed within the limited parameters of one system (or in some cases several interconnected systems).


Information dissemination is a key concern for most tertiary institutions. While information is relevant for the day-to-day running of a tertiary institution, the rightful information, sometimes, is not available for the appropriate decisions to be taken. The practice, in some institutions, is the use of wooden bulletin service boards for making information available to the academic community. In many cases, such means of information broadcasting has been found to be inefficient, and largely a component of physical presence. However, electronic presence is becoming more and more acceptable for spreading information. To this effect, this study will proposes a solution to this problem with the design and implementation of a simplified online bulletin board system


The study aims at designing a computerized bulletin board service for the Delta State Polytechnic, Otefe. The specific objectives of this study include:

  • To design an online information dissemination system
  • To reduce the stress of obtaining information about the academic activities among students.
  • To provide a more reliable and efficient means of disseminating information in a tertiary institution


The importance of his study is that the designed system will enhance rapid and swift dissemination of information among students and staff of the polytechnic without having to go to the wooden bulletin board to check for update.


The study only covers the design of an online notice board/bulletin for the Delta State Polytechnic, Otefe using Javascript and MySQL programming languages.


This design was limited by finance, times and resources to include a wider scope such as creating a stand-alone software of the system, thus the system was proposed to be embedded on the existing institution website.


Bulletin services: Bulletin board services are surfaces used basically for the posting of messages that require public attention. These messages can be tailored towards providing information, announcing events and/or advertising products.

Bulletin board system: A bulletin board system is a computer server running software that allows users to connect to the system using a terminal program.

Communication: Communication is simply the act of transferring information from one place, person or group to another.

Information dissemination: To disseminate, in the field of communication, means to broadcast a message to the public without direct feedback from the audience.

Computerization: computerization involves the process of taking activities or tasks not previously done on the computer and shifting them to being

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Full Project – Design and implementation of bulletin services