Full Project – Design and implementation of a simple scientific calculator

Full Project – Design and implementation of a simple scientific calculator

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Ever since tedious mathematical problems in the organization is not a simple one, that is to say, the process can be said to involve a lot of procedures or protocols which ranges from the insertion of figures for tedious calculation, processing of numbers and retrieval of errors. However, because of this, there is the need to accomplish an extensive research to discover the intricacies involved in the entire process. So the researcher decided to embark on this work design and implementation of a simple scientific calculator.

The computer has gone from being fantasies of science, the fiction of realities of everyday life, especially in the offices, school (educational organization). This work is a research aimed at solving the above problem. When this system actualizes, it would be received by solving tedious calculations and sophisticated mathematical problems.





In the computation of numbers, there tie several kinds of problems in solving tedious arithmetic operation with a simple calculator. Having been facing a lot of general problems, the problem identified below relate to the computation of numbers:-

I      low and slow speed of the calculator

ii      Inappropriate representation of data

iii     Loss of figure in the computation of higher numbers

iv     Inability of handling complex arithmetic operation

v      The processing of numbers are in binary coded decimal(BCD)

To check these problems in the computation of numbers solution such as a.        Introducing standard scientific modules into the entire system to perform the tedious arithmetic operation.

  1. Apply logic and algorithms simulation to the system
  2. Introducing scientific calculator that will operate in the correct order rather than four function calculators
  3. Checking to overhaul of the system that is deemed incompetent



Since it is time saying that there is no smoke without fire, the effort to carry out the research was not first conceived. To particularize the matter and concept ‘ what a calculator can do in solving tedious problems and how it is done? There is a serious need for this study.

In view of the aforementioned problems inherent in the design of the simple scientific calculator, the purpose of the study is to provide an overview of the simple design calculator.

Another purpose is to change the processing number from binary coded decimal (BCD) to ASCLL coded which is better and familiar with today computer processing. The format 12H2- cannot be used in the design again, this means that it will not be controlled by a hardware state machine.

Finally, the purpose of this work is to improve the speed of the simple calculator in such a way that it will maximize the hardware needed and reduce the cost and complexity of the machine. This will help us to enjoy the anticipated high speed of our calculator.



This product will be tested based on the following objectives:-

  1. To examine the current procedures employed in a computer with regard to the calculator.
  2. To improve the speed of than simple calculator in such a way that it will reduce complexity in solving with a simple
  • To design a simple calculator that ensure timely processing
  1. To design a calculator that will change the processing number to ASCLL code.
  2. And finally, to reduce the problems immensely and provides a release working environment.



The process covers only of two approaches used in producing the simple calculator which are a logic simulation and algorithm simulation due to the fact that it is difficult to develop a scientific simple calculator that will calculate every existing calculation in all field of study, this research has been limited to arithmetic operation calculation.

The study also involves the visual basic programming language for the writing and running of the source code or program. The brief description on processed data in equally included.



Considering the determined boundaries of work, there is various hindrance met in the process of this research work. The most important are:-

Time:- it is a very important fact in accomplishing any task.

Shortage of time cause expensive of our work. iIt is also due to the fact coming to National Diploma  (ND)  exams, the limited time is also shared.

Finance:-limited fund also possessed a serious threat to the actualization of the research target.

Study:-The research focuses on two approaches on logic and algorithmic in which research is done.

Despite all hindrance, the researchers are able to reach and present the report “Road to success is always not as smooth as they said.



The project will be designed and implemented based on the following assumption.

  1. That the use of visual basic programming language will make the program to run on any computer.
  2. That the project will ensure timely and accurate processing on a computer.
  3. That the speed of the computer will improve after the implementation of the anticipated simple scientific calculator.

Finally, having done this that the facts and figures manipulated are reliable, the designed software to run primarily.



BCD-Binary Code Decimal

Calculator:- A small electronic device or machine for calculating numbers.

ASCII: -American Standard Code for Information Interchange computer. An electronic device that works under the control of the stored program, automatically accepting, storing and processing data to produce information that is the result of the processing.

Arithmetic Shifts:- Moving bits in registers either left or right in order to multiply or divide.

Hardware: -The physical elements of the computer together with the attachment of those device used with the computer.

Machine:- A device used in performing tasking

Processing:- An execution of the program in a computer machine.

Software:- Sets of related instruction to perform a specific task.


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Full Project – Design and implementation of a simple scientific calculator