Full Project – Design and implementation of a computerized gate system

Full Project – Design and implementation of a computerized gate system

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The question of insecurity has become a continually worrying one for Nigeria. Most citizens and residents of the country are of the opinion that in Nigeria, no place is evidently secured. Security gate automation is a process designed to extend the capacity of machines to perform certain tasks formerly done by humans, and to control sequences of operations with minimal human intervention. Various technologies used in this way range from the more obvious closed circuit television cameras (CCTV), tape recorders, listening (audio) devices, and devices designed to record computer key strokes. In Nigeria particularly, the prevalence of armed robbers and other groups that constitute trouble to the society has led to the loss of lives and properties worth millions of dollars. Many of the attacks that led to the loss properties have occurred in the homes or in guarded compounds and the attacks took place in spite of the existence of outwardly unconquerable security gates that were designed to protect against invaders (Elias, 2017).

Fedius (2011) stated that a digital computer system has the ability to combine the existing human device (security officer) and a Closed-Circuit Television Camera system known as CCTV into sequence of coded instructions called program for it to execute. These coded instructions can help to provide a real time video/audio services, electronic generation of reports about the entry and exit of automobiles and the reduction of unnecessary workforce/labour. Based on the numerous testimonies of the ease and benefits computer based devices have brought to mankind, a computer based gate security gate system which can also be termed as an automated security gate system, can be used to achieve a Sophisticated Security System.

In fact, insecurity has assumed a pervading form in the country. The cause of this insecurity, now sophisticated and seemingly intractable, has been attributed to the government’s nonchalant attitude. To put in a security gate yourself, all you need is to get a set that could to be installed on an already present gate. When you yourself have number gate fitted, you then could have more possibilities regarding what sort of safety gate you wish to install. There are many safety gates on the market. Everything you pick depends on the specifications of your previously current gate or future functionality of the safety gate. The size, length, fat, and product may have a showing on what type of computerized electric gate package you may use (Adejumo, 2011).


The term, security as used here can be understood as national security. As national security, Oriakhi and Osemwingie (2012) viewed it as referring to “a state where the unity, well-being, values, and beliefs, democratic process, mechanism of governance and welfare of the nation and her people are perpetually improved and secured through military, political and economic resources. Akpor-Robaro et al. (2013) defined the term insecurity as “the antithesis of security.” They further acknowledged that due to the many ways insecurity affects human life and existence, the concept of insecurity has been variously interpreted. There are some common descriptors used to define insecurity, they include: “want of safety; danger; hazard; uncertainty; want of confidence; doubtful; inadequately guarded or protected; lacking stability; troubled; lack of protection; and unsafe, to mention but a few”. Beland (2005) would describe insecurity as “the state of fear and anxiety stemming from a concrete or alleged lack of protection.”

Bankong-Obi (2012) attributed Nigeria’s intractable security challenges to government’s apathy and inefficiency of the security agencies. Nonetheless, it is instructive to note that insecurity, which has been sophisticated for the Nigerian government to handle, is not peculiar to Nigeria alone. Safety gates are the easy solution to guarantee the protection of your house or business. However well suited for large areas, protection wall and electrical protection gates are also useful for moderate and little sized properties. The usage of protection gates, has found their market in the market today. For people who discover the safety of these premises to be crucial (be it residential or commercial), electrical protection gates are the way to go.

Automatic/electric safety gates make protection easier and more convenient. These systems allow you to open and shut your safety gate without actually having to leave the comfort of your car. At the press of a switch, your safety gate can open or close behind you. Irrespective of what sort of protection gate you mount, there is an automatic protection gate for you. Gates might possibly be movable gates or slip gates. Move gates start external or inward – swinging. They can be one-sided or double-sided. One-sided swing safety gates are made from just one section. Some intelligent electrical safety gates have extra security features such as for example locks, deadbolt locks. You can open or close these locks physically as well as automatically. This is to prevent loosening by the end of the security gate in order not to allow little creatures or animals to enter or keep the premises easily.

According to Gaius and Lucas (2013), traffic blocks are a significant issue to overcome in all over the world. The productivity of the traffic blocks are pressure, exorbitant stress to human heads, loss in time etc. Computerized Path Barrier balances your traffic with computerized indicate generators. IT businesses and other company options have been in requirement of automatic gate and barriers. Protection gates have different stages of function via rural controls. Wireless get a grip on may possibly function from everywhere about 50 legs to 100 feet. Sometimes, weather problems can an impact the event of the handy remote control of the protection gate. If you should be worried about such dilemmas and your property is far away from your own safety gate , you may prefer to difficult cord the controls to your house in order to have additional security and get a grip on on the protection gate. This way, you can guarantee you have use of the security gate from within your property in addition to from your car.

Bamil (2016) believed that nowadays, safety and comfort go hand in hand, and securing the premises of your house is now affordable, handy and practical. If prior to now driveway gates or any type of electric gates have been only for the rich and famous, now they are within attain for all budgets. There are numerous options available on the market, all types of automated gate systems to meet all preferences, types and requirements. Whether they are for residential or commercial use, automation provides great advantages and increases the comfort stage significantly. Either wooden, metal, wrought iron or from different materials, automatic doors provide increased security and convenience. They come with all kinds of gadgets and accessories, akin to control kits, gate openers, remote controls, sensors etc., they usually look nice too. There’s a wide choice available on the market, from basic fence gates to gigantic commercial gates using sophisticated mechanisms. Typically, the decision is predicated on the estimated frequency of use of the automatic gate, but also on the budget. However although gates may require a considerable funding, when it comes security and comfort it is worth it.


Despite the advancement in technology and specifically security inventions in most developing countries are yet to enjoy the benefits of sophisticated security of the twentieth century let alone the twenty-first. In most organizations in the developing countries, security tools are still far below sophistication since almost simple tools are being used to safeguard lives and properties. Not just being primitive, but too time consuming and unnecessarily high number of labour force is being utilized to achieve it. In the relatively few organizations such as the banking systems which have reached the twentieth century technological height are yet to fully optimize their security tools. This is the essence of this study, to design a computerized gate system in banks.


The aim of this study is to design and implement a computerized gate system for banks

The objective(s) of this study are stated as follows

  • To improve the speed of opening the gate
  • To reduce the labour force of opening the gate
  • To safeguard lives and properties.


The design and implementation of an automated security gate system is intended to serve as a model aimed at enlightening students and established organizations on how sophisticated technology can be introduced in security gate system and thus enjoying a great deal of cost benefits from reduced labour force. The security system will serve as a solution provider to quite a number of established organizations who wants to reduce robbery, thefts and the likes within their premises. The benefits of its implementation can also be seen in the reduction of labour force, thereby reducing the budgeted capital for the security unit. This can also reduce to a very great extent, annoyance from the involvement of too many staff at a security post.




The security system is required to have a physical implementation on a large scale. The implementation of the study is focused at optimizing the security at banks using the Guarantee Trust Bank.


Some of the constraints that they have in one-way or another affected the outcome of this work include:

  1. Resources: Due to the complex and insecurity associated with human factors during this research work, personnel who are used to the manual system perhaps for fear of losing their jobs have been reserved in giving all necessary information to make this project an extensive one.
  2. Time: Due to time allowed for this project work, as a student was limited to come up with a reasonable work within the stipulated time.
  3. Power: Availability of stable, efficient and reliable power supply was also a major limitation of this project as it had to be suspended several times during design and testing stages.


  • AUTOMATION: Automation is the automatic operation or control of a process, device or system.
  • AUTOMATIC PROCESS: Automatic process control is concerned with maintaining process variables, temperatures, pressure, flows, composition and the likes at some desired operating values
  • AUTOMATIC SECURITY GATE: Security Gate Automation is a process designed to extend the capacity of machines to perform certain tasks formerly done by humans, and to control sequences of operations without human intervention.
  • SYSTEM SECURITY: refers to the technical innovations and procedures applied to the hardware and operation systems to protect against deliberate or accidental damage from a defined threat.
  • SYSTEM INTEGRITY: refers to the power functioning of hardware and programs, appropriate physical security and safety against external threats such as eavesdropping and wiretapping.
  • PRIVACY: defines the rights of the user or organizations to determine what information they are willing to share with or accept from others and how the organization can be protected against unwelcome, unfair or excessive dissemination of information about it.
  • CONFIDENTIALITY: is a special status given to sensitive information in a database to minimize the possible invasion of privacy. It is an attribute of information that characterizes its need for protection.
  • SOFTWARE: is a collection of data that tells the system how to perform a particular task or operation. Or a sequential step by step process of carrying out a task instruction.
  • SYSTEM: is a set of computer components (that is, the assembling of hardware, software and peripherals to function together)
  • DATABASE: a database is a systematically arranged collection of computer data so that it can automatically retrieved of manipulated. It is also called a data bank.

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Full Project – Design and implementation of a computerized gate system