Full Project – Design and implementation of a computerized career guidance information management system

Full Project – Design and implementation of a computerized career guidance information management system

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general introduction


Careers education and guidance within secondary schools has historically been given low priority and funding when compared to other curriculum areas. Often there is only one Careers Advisor in a secondary school who is tasked with delivering school-wide and timely careers education and guidance to all year levels. Traditionally the Careers Advisor has moved from a classroom teaching role into careers education with no specific training or background. The Ministry of Education mandated compulsory careers education and guidance for all students from Year 7 to 13 from 2000. However a handbook outlining curriculum guidelines was not published until 2003 and then revised in 2008.

The handbook was written by „experts‟ in the field and students were not consulted even though they were the main stakeholder. Given that careers decision making is individual, and linked to personal circumstances and frames of reference owned by teenagers, it would be useful to consult with them directly. This would ensure the careers education they are receiving is relevant and current and that it can be applied to their lives and futures to create lifelong learners and competent career managers within a globalised world. It would also be helpful to examine the knowledge, qualifications and delivery techniques of Careers Advisors to see if students are receiving the best careers education and guidance possible with the limited resourcing made available to careers staff.








This study was motivated by my work as a Careers Advisor in secondary schools over eight years and realising how poorly regulated the profession was and what little priority many school boards who govern the school and principals who run the day to day operation of the school place on this important curriculum area, resulting in huge variances in what is being delivered to students across secondary schools in New Nigeria. I have also been a strong advocate of student voice and social justice linked to democracy. This interest developed through my work with „at risk‟ youth who were disengaged and failing at school, labelled accordingly, and who generally felt they had no voice or power at school. In my experience, once a personalised career plan was developed and some genuine interest shown, these students turned their attitudes and lives around, started achieving at school and mostly went on to become successful workers and citizens of their communities.

The new developed system for computerized career guidance information management system is simple without complexities. The Existing system problems includes:

  1. An Existing system was manual.
  2. Time consuming as data entry which include calculations took lot of time.
  3. Searching was very complex as there could be 100’s of entry every year.
  4. The proposed system is expected to be faster than the existing system.


The aim of this project is to develop a system that can handle and manage the activities involved in a career in an efficient and reliable way.

The objectives are:

  1. Designing a computerized career guidance information management system which would help evacuate the problem faced in manual career guidance.
  2. Implementing the system.
  3. Evaluating and testing the performance of the system.


The main significance of this project is to develop a computerized system that will manage the activities in career guidance information management system thereby providing easy access of the advice usage for students and users of this application; it will also help students keep track of career information etc. This system will also provide electronic means of storage and help student keep track of career guidance information.


This research examined what the students themselves thought about the careers education and guidance they received at secondary school as they prepared to transition from school in their final year. The students were also consulted on any areas where they thought there could be improvement to make the education they received more relevant and to better assist them with their future career decision making. This was achieved by hosting a focus group of Year 13 students from one secondary school and then running a series of semi-structured interviews with Year 13 students from two different schools.

The study also consulted students who had left secondary school two years prior using semi- structured interviews to examine what they gained from the careers advice they received at school, whether it had been relevant and resulting in good decisions and whether it would equip them for lifelong learning and robust future career management. The students also had the opportunity to identify opportunities for future improvement within careers education and any areas they felt were missing when they were making their decisions.


The following are some of the terminologies used in the project work

  1. Computerization: Introduction of the use of computer in an application area by writing a program that will suite the work.
  2. Licensing officer: is a person who register in the licensing office


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Full Project – Design and implementation of a computerized career guidance information management system