The modern approach and the traditional approach to conflicts resolution

The modern approach and the traditional approach to conflicts resolution

There are two main schools of thought when it comes to resolving conflicts: the contemporary and the traditional. Rather of relying on hierarchical structures and power dynamics, the contemporary approach prioritises cooperation and developing win-win solutions.

In the present day perspective, battles are viewed as educational experiences. The emphasis is on candid conversation, attentive listening, and a shared comprehension of needs and goals. This method promotes collaborative problem-solving and the generation of novel ideas that may benefit all parties involved. Creating and sustaining pleasant and welcoming connections in the workplace is also highlighted.

However, the conventional method of settling disputes typically involves resorting to preexisting hierarchies or established authorities. In this method, keeping the peace may be given more weight than finding a solution that works for everyone. Decisions are generally decided by individuals in higher positions of authority, who are subject to power dynamics and positional authority. Dissatisfaction and unsolved disputes may result if the underlying needs and interests of all parties are not considered.

Both methods have advantages and disadvantages that must be considered. The new method encourages people to work together and be imaginative, which may result in better solutions and closer bonds. However, as it requires involvement and engagement from all parties, it may take more time and effort to find a conclusion. While the conventional method may bring about a speedier conclusion and keep the peace, it may not provide everyone a voice or give them a feeling of ownership in the process.

There are several methods for resolving conflicts, some based on established authority and power dynamics, while others emphasise teamwork and win-win solutions. Both methods can be useful in resolving conflicts, and picking one over the other may depend on the circumstances and objectives at hand.







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The modern approach and the traditional approach to conflicts resolution