The Impact of Big Brother Nigeria(BBNaija) television show on Youth Moral Lifestyle

The Impact of Big Brother Nigeria(BBNaija) television show on Youth Moral Lifestyle

In Nigeria, the BBNaija TV programme has reached unprecedented levels of popularity and has become something of a cultural phenomenon. It’s a show where a bunch of strangers move into a house together and film their daily lives to show the world.

The BBNaija programme has been criticised for the negative effects it has on young people’s moral beliefs and behaviour. It’s possible that the show’s young viewers will regard the show’s depiction of contentious and ethically dubious activities and behaviours as normal or acceptable. This might cause them to lose sight of what is good and wrong and alter their sense of morality.

The BBNaija programme also glorifies monetary success and quick stardom. Oftentimes, contestants on the show indulge in flashy displays of money and luxury, which might set a dangerous precedent for young viewers. This can result in a lack of patience, a failure to put in the necessary effort, and a lack of concern for moral principles.

The BBNaija programme also has an effect on young people’s moral lifestyle by objectifying them. The show fosters a society in which people are evaluated mostly on the basis of their outward appearance. This might result in a superficial grasp of interpersonal dynamics and a neglect of personal growth and development.

Finally, young people’s mental health may suffer as a result of their exposure to the BBNaija show. Constant exposure to conflict, drama, and strong feelings can make viewers anxious and stressed. Because of this, their general health and mental state may suffer.

The BBNaija TV programme significantly affects the moral lifestyle of young people. It can have a detrimental effect on their mental health and wellbeing, as well as on their behaviour, values, and promotion of materialism and immediate celebrity. A critical examination of the impact of these programmes is warranted, and alternative forms of entertainment that highlight moral principles and exemplary figures should be actively promoted.








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The Impact of Big Brother Nigeria(BBNaija) television show on Youth Moral Lifestyle