Impact of Parental Wealth on Student Academic Success

Impact of Parental Wealth on Student Academic Success

A student’s academic achievement may be significantly influenced by their parents’ financial status. Many things have contributed to this result.

First, children of higher-income families can benefit from a wider range of private schooling options, tutoring services, and supplementary learning materials. They are also able to afford housing in areas that are served by excellent public schools.
Second, affluent families are more likely to prioritise their children’s education. Such support may take the form of tutoring, parent-teacher conferences, or extracurricular activities.

Thirdly, the stability that comes with financial privilege generally benefits the academic performance of children. They are less likely to deal with tangible hardships like hunger and homelessness, all of which can have a negative impact on a student’s ability to focus in class.

Finally, studies have shown that a child’s academic achievement may be predicted in large part by their parents’ level of education, and wealthy parents tend to have better educational attainment themselves.

Of all, these are only the broad strokes; every rule has its exceptions. Many children from low-income families achieve academic success because of their own intrinsic desire, the high calibre of their teachers, and the encouragement of their social networks, among other things.



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Impact of Parental Wealth on Student Academic Success