Full Project – The use of multimedia in teaching and learning of computer science

Full Project – The use of multimedia in teaching and learning of computer science

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Nowadays, in the educational field we use Audio,Video,slide,overhead transparencies etc. to assist in the teaching process inside the class room the word “multimedia describes a combination of different media when computer become prevent in society,  stated using them to deform various task to make their life easier. Computers a powerful Resources that we can use for many things. Interactive, multimedia is a reliable technology innovations, and it has the potential to modernize the way we read and explore educational things.

Multimedia is an interactive as well as educational tool these types of interactional tool are likely to make education subject more interesting .the object of using multimedia as an interactive as well educational tool is not to eliminate the teacher from the classroom , rather it is just a tool which makes it easier for both students and teachers to learn as well teach particular subjects. multimedia tool include well designed programs that simulate the teachers role adding various educational element to the cognitive process. The leaning process involved in multimedia programs facilitates active leaning and ensures that user are practicing a subject rather than widely reading about it actual communication between multimedia programs and students constitutes a proper leaning process interactive multimedia is a new technology that is introduction new method in the leaning process to the new generation

Teachers should be able to easily  access these multimedia to monitor their students process and modify the media contents according to students characteristics.

Pack and Hannafi  stated that most of the aspects of interactive multimedia system which are use for teaching, questionable. Here we can see the difference between computer based instructional method as well as sequential media.

In modern society as there are numerous media choice available to choose from it is important that developers use appropriate element for their application interactive multimedia are crucial as they are only reason for further investment and research in this field. Through this paper we will discuss the key element and implication of building an educational multimedia system.

Multimedia provides students with an alternate means of acquiring knowledge designed to enhance teaching and learning through various mediums and platforms

This teaching allow student to lean at their own pace and gives teaches the ability to observe the individual needs of each student. The capacity for multimedia to be use in multi-disciplinary  setting is structured around the idea of creating a hand on leaning environment through the use of technology.

Leaning can be tailored to the subject matters as well as be personalize to the students varying levels of knowledge an the topic leaning content can be manage through activities that utilize and take advantage of multimedia platform this kind of leaning encourages interacting communication between students and teachers and open feedback channels, introducing and active leaning process especially with the provenience of new media and social media.

Technology has impacted multimedia as it is largely associated with the use of computer  or other electronic devices and digital media due to its capabilities concerning research communication problem solving through simulation and feedback opportunities.

The concept of number and counting is said to have been initiated or developed by herdsman who after their animals, returned in the evening they could be accounted for later other simple methods such as sticks and stones were also used to count. The first real computations said, abacus, was developed in china as early as 2600 B,C Abacus is still commonly used in the world today.

In 1614 John Napier, andScottish Mathematician invented the Napier logarithm, in 1768, Galvanic become the first man to identify electro-mechanical machine which is used to add stored data. In this age of information and communication technology (ICT) where the world seems to be reduced to a global village, no country desire to be mapped out for the relevant village.

Information and communication technology is therefore are indispensable tool for global village. In the context of this research, ICT focused on the enhancement of students performance of school subject through the use of computer aided instruction in computer science in this case, knowledge and skills acquisition are necessary as a fundamental of ICT. Science education in general and computer science in particular today, demand for teachers capable for teaching the new technology and help students interpret and repackage information and provide information. Rich environment, for  communication to use ICT in the learning environment.

There is need for students to have access to multimedia like computer, fax machine telephone and electronic mail etc. experts however believe that the educational sector is suffering neglect toward effectives access of information (Ofulure2005) the new communication technology has no distance and boundary and time so that the remotest village in Nigeria has the possibility of trapping a  global store of knowledge this development makes it possible to receive vast amount of information from anywhere in the seeds.

Through cultural compatibility and the high rate of purchase and maintenances multimedia like computer in developing countries may make the demand for multimedia (computer) in science classroom seems luxury. At the moment, this state of affair may not last for a vary long period of time the use of computer to facilitate learning of computer science within the formal learning and teaching situation will eventually enhance the acceptance of this versatile technology in the developing countries which are normally dominated by the indigenous technology.



In recognition of the significant role of ICT in the technology of the nation, the federal government through the federal ministry of education introduced multimedia student in unity schools in 2001 (Borishade, 2000). The ministry did not stop there also organized annual holiday multimedia program for secondary school students in collaboration with some oil companies with a view to making every Nigerian citizen literate. it provide some multimedia for the secondary school and process a syllabus for the secondary school multimedia (computer) education for junior and senior secondary school as electives after one decade of the introduction of the Program, very little result to have been achieved. No examination has been written on multimedia (computer) education in JSCE. No wonder Jegede (2002) observe that our society is too slow in the area of ICT in a serious impediment to its implementation.  only a few school in Toro L G A out of whole offer subject in either computer science or computer studies. Most of our computer science teachers in our school are able not Replect any respect of ICT in their teaching as they cannot give what they do not have.

Most of our secondary school do not have enough (computer) for any meaningful leaning to Take place even the available computer do not function some multimedia are not properly maintained due to lack of maintenance culture which is a serious problem in this country.


The purpose of the study include:

  1. to know the use of multimedia in teaching of computer science
  2. to investigate the science significant of ICT in teaching and learning of computer science in Toro district
  3. to examine the effect of instructional multimedia in the department of computer science for teaching and learning in Toro district
  1. In view of the need to be mindful of cost will cooperative learning techniques with multimedia help in promoting students achieve ?
  2. Will the multimedia (computer) facilitate student learning in developing countries
  3. What is the level of achievement of Nigerian student when learning is undertaking with the use of the multimedia
  4. Do lack of ICT except and multimedia (computer) as teaching aid affect teaching and learning computer ?


  1. There is no significant influence of limited simulation on the academic performance of the students
  2. There is a no significance of availability of multimedia on student academic performance
  • There is a significant influence of the use of multimedia on students effective learning of computer science.

The react of this study will enable the application of multimedia in the field of teaching and learning computer science carefully emphasize and heighten practical result to support stepwise knowledge building, consolidation and claim of proactive education and development. It has platform for designing both curriculum related activities and computer –based culture technologies in terms of helping students on how teachers swing within scientific theory and empherical evidence. This strategy will greatly teaching and learning and hence increase understanding of the use of audio visual aids which shows diagrammatic representation of processed. It will help students participate in the lesson.

It will also help students to accept the problem of large class size which typifies computer science class.


The use of scope of this research work is limited to using multi-media as necessary tool to teaching and learning computer science in some select secondary school in Toro district of Bauchi state.

It covers the problems encountered and the solution to such problems in the case study.


Multimedia : multimedia is a combination of different content forms such as text audio, images animations, video and interactive content.

TEACHING : A teacher is a person who help other to acquire knowledge , competence or values informally the role of teacher may be taken on any one

LEARNING :Learning is the processed of acquiring NEW or modify existing knowledge behavior skills values or preferences.

ICT :information and communication technology.

J.S.S.C.E : junior secondary school certificate examination.

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Full Project – The use of multimedia in teaching and learning of computer science