Full Project – The impact of leadership style on employees performance

Full Project – The impact of leadership style on employees performance

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Leadership is the psychological process of providing guidance for followings; it is the act of influencing people to striving willing for naturally competitable objectives. Leadership is generally regarded as the most important modifiers of organizational behavior; organizational success can be attribute to effective leadership style.

Conversely, the blame for all failures may be put at the doorstep of management and lack of effective leadership style. A random chief executive would paraphrase it to say “ get the right person and put him in the right job. All of your problems will be solved.

Although, some people treat the terms managers hip and leadership as synonyms, this work believed they should be distinguished. As a matter of fact there can be leaders of completely unorganized group, but there can be managers as conceived hence only where organized structured create roles. There are important analytical advantages in  separating leadership, it permits leadership to be singled out for study without the encumbrance of qualification relating to the more general issues of managership. The emphasis of leadership is an inter personal behaviour in a broader context. It is often associated with the willing and Buthsiastic behaviour of followers. Many people operate as leaders without their role being clearly established or defined. A leader often have sufficient influence to bring about long term change in people’s attitudes and to make changes more acceptable. The different between leadership and management can be viewed from the basis of difference in attitudes and relations with others.

The ability to lead effectively is one of the keys to being effective managers. Also it should become clear that understanding the other essentials of managing doing the entire managerial job has an important bearing on assuring that manager will be effective leader.

Manager must exercise all the elements or their role in order to combine, human and materials resource to achieve desire group objectives. The key to do this achieve desire group objectives. The key to do this is the acquisition of the characteristics of indigenous leaders. The existence of clear role a degree of discretion of authority to support managers of the leadership is followers towards productivity in other person words, it is the willingness of people to follow that makes a leader and to achieve organizational goal effectively that make him or her on effective leaders.

Moreover, people tend to follow those when they perceive providing a means of achieving their own desire wants and need. As consequence, we can see that leadership and motivation are closely interconnected. By understanding motivation, we can appreciate better what people want and why they act as they do also, leader may not only respond to those motivation but also arouse of damped them by means of the organizational climate they develop.

The major purpose of the study is to find out the the impact of leadership style on employees performance, a few years before Nigeria got her independence from Britain in 1960, small scale business were mainly carried on by different household engage in various types of production in the most traditional manner. Those activities comprised various types of manufacturing processing and services. These include weaving, shoe making., restaurant and transportation.

As time went on, small scale enterprises expanded to activities like furniture making, painting, block industry and others.

The federal government established the industrial development centre (IDC) at Owerri and Zaria before the civil war and after the Civil war at Uyo and Osegbo to handle the major problems of small scale enterprises. The major marketing deficiencies.




High productivity on the part of the worker could be sound to be directly proportional to the effectiveness of the leadership style.

This study is concerned with an appraisal of the leadership styles adopted by the leaders to boost the moral of the workers  for greater performance.

The statement of problem include:

  • There is lack of attention to ideal leadership style that will improve workers productivity
  • There is lack of motivated workers.
  • Does good leadership style enhance the moral of workers towards high productivity.
  • How does good leadership style lead to success effective leadership style boost moral of workers and increase productivity.

Failure to achieve organizational goals and objectives have been identified with leadership styles that are not effective.

The dimension that this research will cover will be based on the following question, which will help in creating and insight into the problem understanding.

  • To know what type of leadership style appropriate with the small scale business.
  • To find out the idea leadership style that will increase the output of worker productivity in small scale business.
  • If leadership style has any thing to do with the efficient running of the small scale business .
  • To know, if effective leadership style really motivate workers towards high productivity, and achieving objectives of small scale business.

The researchers have undertaken this research topic in their to find answers to the following question:

  • Does survival of small scale business largely depends on the effective leadership style ?
  • What type of leadership is suitable for small scale business?
  • Would the leaders be the causes of failure on the small scale business enterprises?
  • Does effective leadership style increases workers moral towards high productivity.



This research work is an indebt study of the impact of leadership style on the survival of small scale business with a cause study of some selected small scale business in Owerri.

Also, it study had the leadership style, influences workers performance towards the survival of the small scale business and what it tales or seen as alternative towards the success of the enterprises.

This study will cover the entire selected small scale business in Owerri and as such the results obtained can be used as such generalization about what is obtainable in the other areas.



The following limitations are inherent in the study:

  • The limitation inherent in the use of questionnaire in terms of objectivity, truthfulness, and sincerity from subjects are acknowledged, therefore, there is tendency for a degree of to occur in the evaluation of data
  • The inability of the research to include all the workers in the organizations, due to lack of fund and time at researcher disposal. There, the interviews and questionnaires are distributed to the senior and junior workers both male and female.




For the understanding of the content of study, the following important terms have been defined.

LEADER: Is on who influences the behaviour of other people towards the achievement of set objectives.

OBJECTIVES: This is the largest which has been set by organization in the course of operation to be achieved.

STYLE: This is approach adopted by leaders in dealing with their subordinate for accomplishing a set objective of the organization.

INFLUENCE: It is that behaviour of a manager or leader towards directing orders.

PRODUCTIVITY: The result out come at an organization effort.

POWER: It refers to the ability of an individual or group to get some individual or group to change behaviour in some manner.

ATTITUDE: Referred to as a manner of behaviour a way to feeling and thinking.



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Full Project – The impact of leadership style on employees performance