Full Project – The impact of information communication technology (ICT) on the achievement of organizational objectives

Full Project – The impact of information communication technology (ICT) on the achievement of organizational objectives


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The focus of this research study is on the challenges of information communication technology on the achievement of organizational objective. Information is an indispensable resource in every organization be it profit and non-profit oriented organization. We are actually in an information era, though organizations had passed through different era, we had in the past the agriculture era, the manufacturing and industrial era but now we are in the information era. Organizations activities get improved with time, accurate and pertinent information that help to make better decision in every organization.

Information communication technology consists of people, equipment and procedures to gather, sort, analyze, evaluate and distribute accurate, timely and pertinent information for management decision makers.

The chapter is broken down into sub-headings via- background of the study, statement of problem, objective / purpose of the study, research question, and research hypothesis, significance of the study, scope and limitations of the study, operational hypothesis, and definition of terms. Each sub-heading is discussed one after the other below.



Information communication technology is essential and significance for effective and efficient operation of any business venture be it traditional or otherwise. As finance is the life wire of any profitable business, so also is information essential to a manager for decision-making process.

For information to be effective there must be a good communication network, which will enable the information to flow in accordance with the intended direction. Good communication technology aids organization to achieve their desired objectives through the people employed in its service and communication is the only effective means through which member of the organization interacts.

It enables the people to know the expectation of management from them as they try to carry out their duty.

The plans, policies, procedures, strategies and goals of the organization are made known to the different levels of management operation and workers through effective communication and feedback is obtained through communication.

Communication can therefore be defined as the transfer of information, ideas, beliefs and instructions from one person to another through signs, symbols and writing. It can be defined in another vein as a means of transmitting information so that the person affected receives and understands it. This is to that, for communication be effective, there must be a feedback. Therefore, effective communications need to exist in an organization so that management can receive information that can help them in decision making.

The management function and other group activities are impossible without good information technology and as such, it is through communication that management gives directions to their subordinate. It is due to the absence or poor implementation of the above stated importance of communication land information that led the researcher to investigating the reasons for such poor to implementation and also gives device a means through which the situation will be ameliorated.

In order to improve a good information technology in communication, there should be allowance for horizontal, vertical and lateral communication in order to enable the workers to participate in decision making that will affect their well-being. Management should encourage both formal and information communication because both formal crucial for effective engineering of the organization affairs.

This study therefore examines the challenges of I.C.T on their achievement of organizational objectives with particular reference to Paterson Zochonis (PATERSON ZOCHONIS) Nigeria Plc, Aba.

The objective is to survey the various challenges faced by management and their subordinates in running the organizational activities with regard to conformation communication technology.



The researcher after due consideration of the research topic has decided to shortlist the impacts inherent in the study.

Effective information communication technology is the basic pre-requisite for the insurance of instruction and accomplishment of the organization goals. Besides, it has remained the biggest problem facing our business organization this recent day. Meanwhile, these problems are as a result of inefficient and archaic communication channels.

Some of the manager does not understand the importance of communication. Inadequate and distortion of information in PATERSON ZOCHONIS Nigeria Plc Aba has led to several ugly scenarios/consequences like; strike action demonstration, work to rule and misunderstanding including others lack of adequate equipment for communication is a result of misconception of ideas between management and their subordinate and which appear to be the highest factor militating against the effectiveness of communication in an organization.

In view of the above impacts, the researcher attempts to find out some of the immediate and remote causes of losses associated with poor and inefficient communication network system in general and PATERSON ZOCHONIS Aba in particular.



The purpose of this study is to examine the impacts of information communication technology breakdown in an organization and recommend probable ways of ameliorating the issue so that the impact of communication network in the organization will be felt in PATERSON ZOCHONIS Aba and organization.

In order to achieve effective communication in an organization and P.Z Plc, Aba in particular, the following opinions should be embodied/embedded by the management.

The management should design standard communication channel in which information can easily by transferred. Management should maintain a cordial superior subordinate relationship.

Management should seek the opinion of the workers in taking decision that affects them.

Management should issue clear and unambiguous instructions to subordinate for maximum compliance.

Therefore, the researcher is of the view that to facilitate communication of instructions, the employee responsible for the execution should be involved in decision making through upward communication and a suitable designed communication network.



  1. Is there any clearly defined channel of communication between management and worker in PATERSON ZOCHONIS?
  2. Does information communication technology have any impact towards achievement of organizational objectives?



Ho: there is no clearly defined channel of communication between management and workers of PATERSON ZOCHONIS.

H1: there is clearly defined channel of communication between management and workers in PATERSON ZOCHONIS.



This study is of immense and innumerable significance to the researcher, the case study of PATERSON ZOCHONIS Plc Aba and the society at large with reference to my successor in this field of study.

To the researcher, this study will help the researcher to be alert of some certain organizations challenges in terms of communication and devise a means of overcrowding them at ease when they are encountered in future and also it serves as a partial fulfillment for the qualification of an award of Higher National Diploma (HND).

To the case-study, this through infestation of P.z plc Aba has the aim of identifying the causes of performance in their communication system. Apart from this, the following will be examined to ascertain the true position of the statement.

– Analyze the communication network existing in Paterson Zochonis Plc Aba.

-Evaluating the challenges that hindered effective communication in the organization.

– To identify the communication channel already in use in Paterson Zochonis.

– To make recommendations on ways of rectifying the challenges of communications technology or system in Paterson Zochonis Nigeria Plc Aba in order to enhance their productivity.



The scope of this study will be limited to evaluate the position impact of ICT in Paterson Zochonis Nigeria plc Aba, factors that impede free flow of information in Paterson Zochonis Nigeria plc, solutions to such problems which will be adopted in organization effectiveness.


Due to the present economic stagnation in the country, the researcher was constrained in cause of carrying out this study by many factors especially the following;

Insufficient fund: finances are the major factors that limit the scope of the study more especially the fund to design enough questionnaires which led to the limited nature of the sample size.

Time factor: the researcher was failed with time shortage including much loaded activities in this short semester like; assignments, sports, departmental jobs, and fast approaching examination, all these contributed to the limited nature of the study below its expectations.

Non challant attitude of management staffs: The researcher was made to go to different offices in search of information tat could have been provided by one office, due to the above process, the information was delayed and sometimes the management are reluctant in allowing the researcher to source the information needed for the work.




INFORMATION-: Information is the knowledge one can gather from various sources such as education research.

COMMUNICATION-: Communication is the process through which information idea and belief are exchanged between individual and corporate bodies through a common system of symbols either orally or writing.

In this vein, communication is a process by which management issues instructions to sub-ordinate on how to execute their duties and obtain feedback by performance (B.O NWOSU 2002).

MANAGEMENT-: management according to MC Farland (1979) is the process by which mangers create, direct, maintain and operate purposive organization through co-ordinate, co-operative human efforts.

It is also a process by which mangers execute the function of planning organization directing and controlling the organizational activities through the co-coordinating of the require human and material resources for the achievement of the organizational objectives.

ORGANIZATION: an organization according to Trewatha and Newport (1982:188) is social structure designed to co-ordinate the activities of labour and hierarchy of authority for the achievement of common purpose of goal.


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Full Project – The impact of information communication technology (ICT) on the achievement of organizational objectives