Full Project – The impact of entrepreneurship development on job creation in Nigeria

Full Project – The impact of entrepreneurship development on job creation in Nigeria

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In view of the recent rapid increase in our population, and high rate of unemployment one mean through which people can survive the economic hardship is for the government to give priority to entrepreneur through the establishment of entrepreneur, or business like. Soap making industry block making industry etc. There will be job for our youth roaming about the street.

The impact of entrepreneurship development are very important in order to provide enabling environment for its establishment to enterprise or business so that people can stand on their own rather than looking for government job.

There is no unique or universally accepted meaning or defined of small enterprise, the definition varies from one country to another depending on their level of development the following are criteria used in defining entrepreneur by different scholars.

  1. The sale volume
  2. The market size

iii.      The assets base

  1. The number of employees
  2. The initial capital i.e. seed capital.

The definition equally varies from industry to industry. Despite the fact the entrepreneurship industry have contributed very much to the economic advancement of the developed world, it is disheartening to note that the government has not really given it the necessary, attention it deserve.

Although the development of entrepreneur is see as a task to some countries or state who attaches less importance to department of their youth and provision of employment opportunity. for this reason, the project is carried out in order to highlight the relevance of entrepreneurship have played in the alleviation of poverty in the country or state.

It become imperative that business enterprise has to be optimally recognized. Commercial bank like union bank plc, unity bank of Nigeria plc and other have made some effort over the year to make loan available to customer of entrepreneurship industries but this has not solved the problem of entrepreneurship development or industries at the grass roots level. Because most of the beneficiaries, are majority from cities, to solve the problem.

Effort should be direct to poor people at rural area, because that is where must poor Nigerians live, the impact of entrepreneurship development in employment generation in Nigeria can not be successful if the down trodden people at the local area neglected. so the research worth is directed to how to improve the live of people through the establishment of more entrepreneurship industries to enhance the living standard of our people especially the rural dwellers.


Some of the problem that warrants this study include the following:

  1. Increase in Unemployment: There is high level of increase in unemployment in the country. Because there are a lot of graduate who cannot find jobs and they have a lot of potential in them.
  2. High Level of Poverty: Come with level of social economic and political problem where there is poverty there will be high level of unemployment.
  3. Low Standard of Living: The standard of living is also low because a lot of people are lack of job or unemployment and also there are a lot of poor people in the country.
  4. Inability to Identify Business Opportunities in Business Environment: Some people do not have the potential to identify business opportunities in the business environment.


The objectives of the study are as follows:

  1. To find out whether people are encouraged to go in to entrepreneurship by setting up their own business.
  2. To identity the potential in the prospective entrepreneur through education training and development.
  3. To examine if there is reduction in poverty to the bearest minimum by providing employment and job opportunities for the unemployment.
  4. To find out whether people are able to identify business opportunity in the business environment they find themselves.
  5. To examine where the standard of living of people is increase.



OJO (2003) see a research hypothesis as a definite statement or ideal or suggestion whose truth or practicability can be taste through a scientific method.



Ho:    Is a symbol used to represent a null hypothesis therefore a null hypothesis is a research statement which state that there is no relationship between two variable.

Hi:     Is a symbol use represent an alternative hypothesis, therefore an alternative hypothesis is a hypothesis which specifics any of the possible conditions not anticipated, in the null hypothesis.


Ho:    Entrepreneurship development has no impact on reducing unemployment.

Hi:     Entrepreneurship development has impact on reducing unemployment.


Ho:    There is no increase in poverty

Hi:     There is increase in poverty.


Ho:    The availability of infrastructural facilities affects the establishment of enterprise

Hi:     The availability of infrastructural facilities affects the establishment of business enterprise.


Ho:    The entrepreneurship development programs of the federal government have had no impact on the employment level.

Hi:     The entrepreneurship development programme of the federal government have had no impact on the employment level


The research will be carried out in such a way that it will benefit the graduate and unemployed ones.

  1. It help to communicate to the government to develop the graduate and also help to developing the skill of graduate in the society.
  2. The study is also increasing the standard of living and increases the gross domestic product Gross National product and generating income for the government.
  3. This research worth will be useful to follow student and future researchers who will write on this topic or make reference to it because it will serve as a form of work for them.
  4. This research purpose comes in to effective for the unemployed ones especially in Kogi State to know the benefit of entrepreneurship.
  5. Entrepreneurship programme National Directorate of employment (NDE) are to help the graduate and unemployed ones in society in employment generation.


This study is limited to the examination of the impact of entrepreneurship development in employment generation in National development it also cover the following meaning.

  1. Independence Ownership and Pride of Ownership: The owner can take decision promptly and without consulting given him confidence on his job. Assenet’ al (2002)
  2. Job Opportunities: Entrepreneurship provide job for the employee Assenet’ al (2002)
  3. Personal Contact: Employers are in personal touch with the owners of the business who often times know their personal problem Assenetal (2002)
  4. Creates New Product and Service: Entrepreneurship encourage new product to be innovate by people who have the skill but hate unemployed Assenet’al(2002).
  5. SCHOOLS ON WHEEL SCHEME: This scheme is target at youth in the rural areas, this involve taking fully quipped mobile vocational training facilities to the rural area. It is aimed at creating a pool of artisans who will become the corners stone of rural employment and development John A.S (2004).


The following are limited and constraints, which the researcher encountered in the course of carrying out this research work.

  1. Time Factor: Is one restrictive element experienced by the researcher since the study is conventionally limited.
  2. Financial Constraint: Is another element that restricted the study. This is because students who are non-in-income earners are worse link financial constrains, which the researcher is not exception.


  • ENTREPRENEUR: According to Nwokolo (2001) entrepreneur is a person who make profit by starting or running a business of his own especially when it involves taking financial risks.
  • ENTREPRENEURSHIP: According to Khanka (2002) Entrepreneurship is an attempt to create value through recognition of business opportunities the management of risk taking appropriate to be opportunity and through communication and management skill mobilize human and financial and material resources necessary to bring a project into fruitions.
  • INNOVATION: According to Trott (2012, P:15) innovation is the management of all the activities involves in the process idea generation, technology development, manufacturing and marketing of a new (or improved) product or manufacturing process or equipment.
  • DEVELOPMENT: Development entrepreneurship according to Simbo. A.B. (2000) is the re-organization and reorientation of the entire economic and social system in addition to improvement in income and output.
  • BUSINESS ENTERPRISE: According to Lawal (2002) business enterprise can be seen as an institution where any form of economic activity like production, distribution or marketing is legally carried out with a view of making profit e.g. book seller.
  • TRANING: According to Akoh (2006) is an skill for specific vocation or trade such as clerical duties, artisanc, technician and other operation positions.
  • GLOBALIZATION: According to Encyclopedia, is the process of international integration arising from the interchange of world views products, ideas and other aspect of culture.
  • CAPITAL: According to Business Dictionary, capital is a wealth in the form of money or assets, taken as a sign of the financial strength of an individual, organization, or nation and assumed to be available for development or investment. It is also a money invested in a business to generate an income.


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Full Project – The impact of entrepreneurship development on job creation in Nigeria