Full Project – The impact of effective communication on the implementation of organizational plans and strategies

Full Project – The impact of effective communication on the implementation of organizational plans and strategies

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Communication is not a one way flow of information. Talking to someone does not imply effective communication. This only occurs when the receiver actually receive the message that the sender intended to send. Message rejection, misunderstanding are the opposite of effective communication.

It is obvious that the impact of effective communication is very important for an organization performance. In this course, effective communication create the impact of motivation to workers to perform proficiently for the growth of the organization.

On the other hand, effective communication helps an organization to thrive by its message across in a focused and cost effective way.

When management of an organization has effective communication, it will create impact on organization performance, it also create impact on the understanding of the employee which enhance the complete awareness of information which influence the job performance and at the same time yield level of productivity.

The researcher is therefore concerned with how to make communication effective in an organization so as to enable the organization to have a good performance.

Communication makes possible the transmission of meaning and the sharing of experience, feelings, intentions and wisdom among a people. It is an essential attribute of human existence as well as a necessary condition for the operation of human societies in their characteristic form.

The aim of communication in our modern word is to achieve a clear understanding between all employee so that a complete awareness of information and job responsibilities which enable each member of staff to be fully productive when he or she is effectively motivated.

Communication is clearly the principal tools used to make decision, to provide information input such decision, and to solve problems regarding plans and strategies its people and resources.

Goals and objective are established by thinking about them, then committing them to paper, whatever the specific goals may be the fact is that someone has to communicate it’s to them to enable everyone work toward a common purpose.


In large organizations, breakdown in communication occur because of the number of status levels, the hierarchy specialization and greater possibility of sending messages to the wrong destination, and the volume of information that has to flow through the network, all these will ultimately affects to a great extend in the achievement of organization goals and objectives due to the poor implementation of plans and strategies.

Whenever there is breakdown of communication in an organization, the ability of the manager to be able to quickly identify the point at which there is a breakdown is another angle to be looked into before remedy is  made.


The general objective of this research work is an appraisal of the impact of effective communication on the implementation of organizational plans and strategies.

Other objectives are:

  1. To examine the positive impact of communication on this implementation of organizational plans and strategies.
  2. To ascertain whether complete awareness of information influences an increase job performance and productivity.
  3. To ascertain whether communication is a principal tools  in making decisions, planning and in solving problems in an organization.


Hypothesis I

Ho:    Effective communication have no positive impact on the implementation of organizational plans and strategies.

Hi:     Effective communication have positive impact on the implementation of organizational plans and strategies.



Hypothesis II

Ho:    There is no significant barrier to communication.

Hi:     There is significant barrier to communication.

Hypothesis III

Ho:    Complete awareness of information cannot influence an increase job performance and productivity.

Hi:     Complete awareness of information can influence an increase job performance and productivity.


The study shall be very significant to the management of Unilever Nigeria Plc, Kogi State in particular and the entire Unilever Nigeria Plc as it will reveal the problem militating against communication effectiveness in organization.

The study will help the Unilever Nigeria, Plc in Kogi State and Nation Wide to put in place the necessary communication goals that could help the organization achieve communication effectiveness and good management that could lead to goals attainment.


The scope of this research is to determine the effectiveness of communication as it applied to an ideal organization and how it helps in the implementation of an organizational plans and strategies.




This research work is limited by the following factors:

  1. TIME:  This study is been designed to be completed within a specific time frame; it will be difficult to fully explore and explain giving the wide scope of the subject matter.
  2. FINANCE: For any meaningful research to be carried out, adequate research hypothesis is another challenges  the researcher will have to spend much to provide an objective answer to the research hypothesis..


  1. MANAGEMENT: Management is the process by which managers create, maintain, and operate purposive organization through co-ordinate co-operation human effort.
  2. ORGANIZATION: This is an elaborate set of interconnected communication channel designed to import out and analyze communication channel from the environment and export processed messages back to the environment.
  3. COMMUNICATION: This is the interaction between two parties using verbal or non-verbal symbol to encode and decode information to achieve set personnel or organizational goals.
  4. EFFECTIVE: Having an effect able to bring the result intended it is the achievement of the desired objectives.
  5. OBJECTIVE: Is what an organization wants to achieve within a specified period of time such short term goals one year and long term goals two years.
  6. POLICY: Is the statement designed to guide the thinking, decision and actions of managers and their subordinates in implementing a firm’s strategy.
  7. EFFECTIVENESS: The extent to which the result is achieved or realized.
  8. JOB ANALYSIS: These consist of determining the exact content of each of the position in an undertaking to identify its component parts.
  9. EFFICIENT: Is the way of production which the result that wanted in an organization is achieved also is the ability of workers to do the right thing at the right time.
  10. PLAN: It involved predicting and preparing for future events. It also involves the development of strategy and procedure require for the effective realization of set objective.


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Full Project – The impact of effective communication on the implementation of organizational plans and strategies