Full Project – The impact of communication process on the efficiency of a business organization

Full Project – The impact of communication process on the efficiency of a business organization

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1.1   Background of the Study

Communication is seen today as a device through which information is used to boost productivity in an organization. The efficiency of an organization is directly related to the standard of its communication system, the competitive nature of business has made it mandatory for all forms of communication which Nnamseh  (2018) described as “the life blood of business organization which is to be improved upon in order to enhance a better control and coordination of work. Communication is an indispensable organizational developmental tool. It permeates every facets of organization. It is a crucial instrument of social interactions and a medium through which all relationships are established and maintained. Communication is the transmission of common understanding through the use of symbols. The term communication is derived from the Latin word (Communis), which means “to share” (Ezezue, 2018). Sharing denotatively implies “partaking” “co-operating” hence it is a social activity, but unless a common understanding results from the transmission of symbols (verbal or non-verbal), there is no communication.

Effective managerial communication is strategic for organizational goal achievement. Managers who are striving to become better communicators must accomplish two separate tasks first, they must improve their message – the information they wish to transmit. Second, they must improve their own. Understanding of what people are trying to communicate to them; they must strive not only to be understood but also to understand others. While an organization has its physical setting, purpose and objectives, organization members have their individual objectives also. All these interplay in organizational setting, creating what we refer to as organizational climates.

However, ineffective communication in an organization may result in uncertainty, apprehension and dissatisfaction, these results to, poor productivity. It is therefore necessary that managers communicate with employees effectively. The extent to which a manager accomplishes corporate goals depends on his ability to communicate effectively (Herich, 2018). The fact remains that many executives still do not understand what communication is and its role in the success of an enterprise (Nnamseh, 2018).

Effective communication enhances organizational relationship and minimizes strikes and lockouts. Organizational purposes and goals are sometimes defeated when communication is not effective. Wastes and costly mistakes have been made due to gaps in communication. From the above scenario, the need arises for a critical assessment of the role of communication in strategic management of organizations.

Communication is an indispensable function in organizational performance. Getting the message across effectively and having it understood is a prerequisite to progress. There is no point in moving forward if the basic message is lost, or there are barriers in the process. This quickly reminds us of the biblical story of the construction of the Tower of Babel, the execution of which was a total failure because the builders could not communicate among themselves. Business organizations exist for the purpose of achieving predetermined goals and objectives. Actualization of these objectives ultimately requires a manager working with and through people.

In this context, communication plays a vital role in the attainment of these goals. Its failure could then be traceable to poor application of communication. Incidentally, some managers do not often realize that communication is the vehicle that drives all the managerial functions. Success or failure of managerial functions depends to a great extent on the role of communication in the organization.

1.2    Statement of Research Problem

Many industrial disputes originate due to failure in communication. Hence it is important to stress that in communication, emotions, environment, psychological and technical characteristics of the medium is relevance to enhance the organizational performance. In the view of Okoye (2019), psychologically transmission goes beyond reception of information but understanding and feedback. Most organizational conflict has been traced to breakage in communication as supported by (Lee, 2013; Scott, 2017).

According to Chudi –Oji (2019), in spite of the laudable roles of effective communication in improving organizational performances, it is regrettable that some faculties pay lip service to the maintenance of effective communication systems. Change is a gradual and continuous process, giving room for inputs and adjustments. The new innovations, e-classroom, ICT awareness and appraisal methods are good in itself but the medium and level of communication is problematic.

Furthermore, the constant delay in accessing information by staff seems to limit their academic performance, which could create maladministration in coordinating of organizational activities. Therefore, performance of employees in relation with their duties and responsibility seems to question their communication techniques in terms of performance in a business organization.

Exposure of staff to the innovations in the company in terms of communication channels have experienced shortcoming which if not adequately addressed may lead to poor performance of the business organization in the stream of affairs among other organizations in the country. These problems mentioned above, move the researchers to embark on the topic, the impact communication process on the efficiency of a business organization.

1.3    Objective of the Study

The main objective of this research work is to examine the impact of communication process on the efficiency of a business organization. The specific objectives are:

  1. To examine whether communication has positive impact on the efficiency of a business organization.
  2. To examine the significant relationship between communication and efficiency of business organization
  3. To examine whether communication can contribute to the maximum profit of a business organization.

1.4    Research hypotheses

Hypothesis 1

Ho:    Communication has no positive impact   on the efficiency of a business organization.

Hi:     Communication has positive impact   on the efficiency of a business organization.


Hypothesis II

Ho:    There is no significant relationship between effective communication and efficiency of a business organization.

Hi:     There is significant relationship between effective communication and efficiency of a business organization

Hypothesis III

Ho:    Effective communication has not contributed to achievement of maximum profit of a business organization.

Hi:     Effective communication has contributed to achievement of maximum profit of a business organization.

1.5    Significance of the study

The following shall be the benefit of the research at the end of the study.

  1. It will help to boost the morale of the employee thereby contributing immensely to the achievement of the organizational goals and objective.
  2. It will help to sustain the societal culture and value.
  • It will also help to improve the organizational efficiency and It study will assist future student research.
  1. It will also help to reduce the level of conflict between the management and the employees thereby creating suitable environment for a sustainable growth.

1.6   Scope of the study

This study will cover the analysis of the impact of communication on the efficiency of a business organization with particular reference to  Dangote Cement Company.


1.7    Limitation and Constraints

The following are some of limitation and constraint that will be encountered in the process of carrying out this research work.

  • Time Pressure: There is limited time period within which we are required to compile this project. It is not possible to touch all areas because telecommunication cannot be covered within limited time given due to its wide scope.
  • Financial Constraints: We are faced with high cost of transportation and research findings will require me to be shifting between organization and material required for the completion and this project are also incurring.
  • Academic Pressure: Due to academic pressure and frequent test, attendance and assignment in the school is at disadvantage to complete this project as limited time.

1.8   Definition of the Key Terms

  1. Communication Process: This can be defined as the process of disseminating information and understanding from one person to another through a medium with a feedback medium.

2         Corporation: Is a body that governs the organization and provide services to the organization.

3           Effectiveness: This is the ability to do the right thing or get task accomplished. It involves choosing the most appropriate objectives and appropriate techniques of achieving them.

  1. Efficiency: Is a mathematical concept that measures the optimum utilization of resource by comparing the rate of resource input with that of output.
  2. Goal: This denotes what an organization hopes to achieve or accomplish in a future period of time.

6       Job Analysis:  Job analysis can be defined as the study and collection of information relating to the operation and responsibility of specific job.

  1. Management: This can be defined as the act of working through others with a view of achieving a pre-determined objective or corporate objective.
  2. Organization: An organization is a complex social group establish primarily with goals and objectives in view to achieve. It is a group of two or more distinct and independent person who work together in coordinated manner to attain a common mission objective, goal or purpose.
  3. Objectives: This state what an organization will achieve or accomplish in a specific period of time within a short time.
  4. The Flow Process Chart: This can be defined as a picture of a procedure. It shows in diagrammatic form of the entire necessary step to achieve a given object.

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Full Project – The impact of communication process on the efficiency of a business organization