Full Project – Restoring customers confidence in the telecommunication industry

Full Project – Restoring customers confidence in the telecommunication industry

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Integrated marketing communication is a way of looking at the whole marketing process from the view point of the customer. It can also be seen as the concept under which a company carefully integrate and coordinate its many communications channels to deliver a clear, consistent and compelling message about the organizations and its products.

With the aid of technology, people communicate through the use of traditional media (like newspapers, magazines, Radio, Telephone, Television, Bill Boards etc) and modern media  (Like Computers fax machines, cellular phones , wireless appliance etc). Telecommunication can be  over  a distance through the use of cable, Telegraph , Telephone, Radio etc.

Mobile telecommunication  network (MTN) plc is a pioneer  in the telecommunication industry in Nigerian. MTN  provides recent and modern services  to certify there that customer . MTN  Plc  has to shape it services  to be able to meet the demand and needs of its customers  is part and parcel of communication.

MTN,  which unorganized  is a pioneer in the telecommunications industry in Nigeria does not wants to be caught  snappily  with regards  to providing recent and modern services to customers. It is that bid to satisfy the customer  that has been propelling  MTN  sometimes  overzealous  interest  in meeting thing.  (Customers demand). Therefore  MTN  has to shape  services to meet the demands and needs of customer.


MTN  Nigeria is part of the MTN  group Africa’s leading cellular  telecommunications company, on May 16,  2001, MTN become the first GSM  network to make a call following the globally landed  Nigerian GSM  auction conducted  by the Nigerian Communications  Commission   earlier in the year.

Thereafter the company launched full commercial operations beginning with Lagos Abuja and Port Harcout.

MTN paid  285m for one of  four GSM  licenses in Nigeria in January 2001 to date, in excess of US 1.8  billon has been invested building mobile telecommunications infrastructure in Nigeria.

Since launch in August 2001, MTN has steadily deployed its services across Nigeria.  It now provides services in 223 cities  and towns , more than  10,000  villages and communities and a growing number of  high ways across the country. Spanning the 36 states of the Nigeria and the federal capital territory, Abuja . Many of these villages and communities  are being connected to the world  of telecommunications for the first time ever.

The company’s   digital microwave  transmission backbone, the 3, 400  Kilometre  Vellobahn  was  commissioned by president Olusegun  Obasanjo in January 2003 and is reputed  to be the most extensive   digital microwave  transmission infrastructure  in all Africa. The vellobahn has significantly helped to enhance   call quality on MTN  networks.

The company subsists on the core brand values of leadership, relationship, integrity, innovation and can do, it prides itself on the ability to make the impossible possible, connecting people with friends, family and opportunities.

MTN Nigeria also recently expanded its network  capacity to include a new numbering range with the prefix 0806, making more the first GSM  network in Nigeria to have adopted  an additional numbering system, handing exhausted its initial subscriber numbering range 0803.

In its resolve to enhance quality customer service, MTN Nigeria has also introduced a self-help toll-free 181 customer care line through which subscribers can resolve their frequently asked questions free of charge.

MTN’s overriding  mission is to be a catalyst  for Nigeria’s  economic growth  and developmental potential not only through the provision of world class communications but also through  innovative and sustainable  corporate social  responsibility.


Business organization encounters a bit of problem despite all effort to improve  their business. But if their problems are not carefully dealt with, these can leads to greater difficulties in the survival and growth of the organization.

In restoring customer’s confidence in the telecommunication industry in Nigeria , one begins to consider the extent to which they meet their customers’ needs through prompt dispatch of billing methods and modes of payments for services; incentives packages  designed to improved the attitudes of service providing staff and rate of response to customer complaints and fault detections and corrections.


The targeted objectives of this study are outlined below:

  1. To identify the problems that has been responsible for customer’s loss of confidence in their services.
  2. To bring to limelight the extent of customer and service provided by MTN.
  • To create awareness that will generate more research interest in the area.
  1. To help in examining the various modes of telecommunication in Nigeria.
  2. To investigate the efficiency and effectiveness of various modes of telecommunication and to determine the level and nature of incentives to workers.


A hypothesis is an informed and reasonable guess about the probable solutions to  research problem.

The working hypothesis for this work is:

  1. Ho:   Restoring customer’s confidence is not possible in the            telecommunication industry in Nigeria.

Hi:       Restoring customer’s confidence is possible in the            telecommunication industry in Nigeria.

  1. Ho:  The late dispatch of bills is not the course of loss of           customers confidence in MTN

Hi:     The ate dispatch of bills is the course of loss of customers             confidence in MTN.

  1. Ho: The delay in payment of MTN workers salaries has no           significant  effect on their  level of services to customers.

Ho:     The delay in payment of MTN workers  salaries has  significant             effect on their  level of services to customers.


The study is not only significant but also relevant in view of the cloudy atmosphere that surrounded telecommunication industry in Nigeria these days. Telecommunication over the years has greatly influence on human activities and live generally. This calls for indepth  studies that will address  the situation  especially with a view to restoring  customers  confidence and also recommend the best  communication system for government  and other service providers to sanitize  the  telecommunication industry.


The study will highlight different avenue through which customers confidence could be restored  in the telecommunication industry with a particular reference to mobile telecommunication network Plc Lokoja.  The study will find out what and why problems confronting customers and provide possible solutions to overcome those problems.


Knowing the enormous task that accompanies a research work of this nature, various problems are inevitable on the course of this project.

Though some skilled worker would have filled the questionnaire correctly, they made errors and for the unskilled ones the questionnaire could only be correctly filled through agents who do not know the in and out of the organization.

Secondly, finance was a major hindrance to the researcher, this account for the few less of simple interview and questionnaire.  The researcher has to travel to Lokoja to collect necessary data needed for this   project. This involves   spending part of the researchers capital for the research to be carried out effectively without delay.

Also, the writing materials, typing and binding of the research work also cost a  lot of money.

Data distribution and collection were also a problem, most especially on the part of the staff of the organization (Mobile Telecommunication Network Plc Lokoja), which could not reveal  the entire  expected  report on customers of the organization.


The following terms were used in the context of the researcher work. The terms are equally defined to customer’s understandings in restoring their confidence:

TELEPHONE:  This enables businessmen and casual callers to get in touch with one another within and outsides the country.  It is improved with the installation of telephone exchange with subscribers   trunk dialing facilities.

TELEGRAM :  MTN  sends telegram  message  from one  person to another. A telegram  is an abridge messages sent out to express speed to reach its destination faster than the airmail letters charges are made according to the numbers of wards contained there in and it can be sent and delivered at any time of the day.

TELEX:   MTN sent printed   urgent message by the telex facilities in lieu of the message been received orally as in the case of the telephone, it is received in printed form.

CUSTOMER: This is the person(s) institution, and /or nation that enter into  transaction with another person(s), institution or corporation, their relationship is governed by certain economics, monetary, market or legal policies  as well as principles.

CONFIDENCE:  This is a relative term, which cannot be easily measured this is because it various from person to person, situation to situation and place, it simply connote the extent somebody or institution  can rely on another person or institution, it involves a reliability, honesty, consistency and truthfulness.

TELECOMMUNICATION: Telecommunication is the science and technology of the communication or messages over a distance, especially using  electric , electronic and electromagnetic impulses.

BILLING:  This is what is been charged to customers showing how much they have used their lines and what is been given to them for payment at the end of the month.


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Full Project – Restoring customers confidence in the telecommunication industry