Full Project – Performance appraisal as a measure of increasing productivity in electricity distribution company

Full Project – Performance appraisal as a measure of increasing productivity in electricity distribution company

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Chapter One


The chapter goes compensation of the background of the research it contains briefly the problems which the research is planning to investigate, it is also aimed at presenting broad prospect of the research problem till the reader or audience the area of concern to the research which needed to be addressed and the study is expected to archive and how narrow the scope of the study will be in the end of the chapter will also enable the reader to know the significance of the research.

  • Background of The Study

This major concern of performance appraisal is basically with a view of the individual performance during a set period to identify his area of weakness and strength to establish target for him to archive with the overall corporate objectives of the organization the growing recognition that business results are largely attribute to employee performance is leading many executive to create ways of significantly improving that performance (Jingris, 2007).

Job value or is size is measured by compiling the incidence of level or factors in a job such knowledge and skills required level of responsibility level of decision making and impact on the end result with the incidence of the same factor in either job. The main purpose of performance evaluation is to provide a rational basis for the determination and management of internal relatively between jobs and for the design pay structure.

Performance appraised is defined as a measuring and assignment of value on the performance of an employee (it usually takes place periodically, annually or semi-annually) the aim is offer developed to increase employee skills knowledge and attitude and modifying these element is order for the employee performance to be optimize.

Performance appraisal is carried out in the work performance of the subordinate is examined and discussed with the view of identifying the weakness and strength as well as opportunities for improvement and development.

Globally performance appraisal is one of the tools of evaluation of employee performance in any organization manages have been using different techniques to evaluate their employees, the importance of performance appraisal have been abused by managers thus they used it as a yard streak of oppressing their staff or employee.

Performance appraisals likely to be reviewing the past performance goal setting for the future performance and employee development.

The output of every organization depends on how much the employee is appraised.

Productivity can therefore be defined as quality or volume of the major product or services than an organization provide. In short, productivity is the main objective of any competitive business to days business world performance for the employee will enhance the productivity of the employee is compensated in a manner that will help them to be promoted and increased salary or merit and this productivity comes out of the production managers of every business organization are charged with the responsibility to motivate their employee to achieve organizational goals.

  • Statement of The Problem

In Nigeria, most of the performance appraised exercise or programmed conducted are not well designed and focused management of the organization tends to view it as a punitive measure this makes it lose its objective and focus, performance appraisal no longer seek to actualize it objectives of correcting deviation hence increase productivity and eject all hindrance hat tend to hinder productivity, but it is being used as a tool for subordinate oppression victimization and exploiting victimization and exploitation, most organization in the competitive market fail since their workers perform below standard for they are not encouraged to work hard, manager and employee performance appraisal to organization the societal value system has subdued it objective and its attendants outcome.

This makes most of the performance appraised more subjective than objective due to this reason it encounter numerous problems which are:

  1. Lack of equity in performance appraised process
  2. Employee appraisal is used as a yard stick of depression
  3. Lack of training progress in conducting appraisal.
    • Objectives of The Study

The main objective of this study is to examine the impact of performance appraisal in increasing the impact of performance appraisal in increasing productivity and other specific objectives as follows;

  1. To look into performance appraisal and productivity in Kaduna Electricity Distribution Company (KEDCO) BirninKebbi
  2. To find out the various technique used for performance appraisal
  3. To examine the implication of performance appraisal
  4. To investigate and analyze the various environmental variable affecting performance appraisal for the programmes.



  • Research Question

In line of above mentioned objectives the following questions have been developed for the study.

  1. How performance appraised is done in Kuduna electric distribution company (KEDCO)
  2. What are the various techniques been used in Kaduna electric distribution company (KEDCO)
  3. What are the implications of performance appraisal
  4. What are the environmental variable affecting performance appraisal programmers
    • Significance Of The Study

This research work will not only be beneficial to the personal of the chosen organization and the whole organization at large but also to every individual. It will also help managers in the organization in setting goals and target from employee to achieve through proper supervisor control by line manager.

Aid in identifying and improving the training and development needs from workers.

Assist in motivating employees who contribute effectively to the attainment of organization goals and objectives help manager to know how to appraise the performance of their workers.

The study also serve as part of the requirement for the award of National Diploma in Business Administration

  • Scope and Imitation of Study

The area of coverage in this research work is focused on performance appraisal as a measure of increasing productivity in Kuduna electric distribution company (KEDCO) BirninKebbi, Kebbi state the research has related study only to the area that are related to the topic and such area performance appraisal techniques for appraisal benefit of performance.


Comprehensive report would have been record if the research did not encounter the following problem’s

  1. Limited Time’s

This time assigned for this work is too short compare to the widness of the study

  1. Insufficient Funds

Shortage of funds during the process of this research work limited it to this level.


  1. Lack of Materials

The researchers encounter problems in relating to this report because they could not lay hands on any past project or materials relating to the topics under investigation.

  • Definition Of Terms
  1. Comprehension:- This is the reward or payment made to the provider of labor
  2. Development:- This is building upon knowledge skills or abilities acquired
  3. Effectiveness:- This is concerned with the art of getting the right thing done in the right way at the right time and for the right purpose.
  4. Efficiency:- Way of producing product of the least cost to enhance organizational main objectives
  5. Job evaluation:- This is the systematic method of appraising the work at each job in relation to each other jobs in the organization.
  6. Employee:- This is the personnel working in a particular organization
  7. Motivation:- This means influence the cause employee to work more in achieving organization objectives.
  8. Equity:- This means fairness and justice
  9. Training:- This means acquiring skills on doing a particular job.



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Full Project – Performance appraisal as a measure of increasing productivity in electricity distribution company