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The word of marketing today is a word of unprecedented competition where company with goods and services to work extra- hand to survive such company must adopt sound marking mix in order to compete favourable. The basic aspect of marketing mix is the product development and product mix. The product mix or component is however not complete without packaging. Throughout the world, packaging plays a significant role in the protection presentation and promotion of consumer goods and durables; it helps in the storage, reduces damage and loss to good-in-transit and minimizes pilferagse.


Traditionally, packages have been viewed in a very utilitarian fashion, that is, as a way of protecting the physical goods as it moves through the distribution channel. However, packaging in developing nation would sound to be out of place when we still see market women and traders wrap their wares with banana leaves, used newspapers, and green leaves. These traditional methods of packaging not with standing, the need for packaging is growing fast and cannot be overemphasized. In recent times, marketers have been conscious of the fact that packaging is important in the decision to purchase a product. Emphasis have therefore been shifted from the traditional belief of manufacturers that package is meant for protecting a product only. It can now be seen that in most of the super- market, various colourful and indigenous packages are used especially when the products are competing for attention.


According to Onah  (1996) “ principle perspectives and practices” in  mass media and marketing communication edited by Dr. Ikechukwu Nwosu (1996), where a Survey was conducted in Nigeria, “ Usuable when Empty” dominated the elements of package appeal with 36.9% frequency of mention. When the respondents single girl who uses cosmetics, to enhance her beauty is packaging herself for greater acceptance by the wife- seeking bachelor”.


The aim of this research work therefore, is to examine the use of packaging as a promotional tool in the marketing of beauty care products. Also, it aims at finding out to what extent packaging influences behaviour and salient features that make it a potent respect of competition.



Despite the increasing popularity of packaging in the promotion of goods and services, one cannot but agree that there are areas or problems which need to be studied. Through some business organisations are now using packaging to promote their wares, yet many business orangisations in Nigeria concentrate their marketing effort on the traditional elements in the marketing mix. The performance of their marketing activities. The rate at which wares or products are being advertised, one may be forced to ask questions bothering on the use of packaging. In the application of marketing mix, many companies are faced with one problem or the other. It will not be out of place that they are confronted with packaging related problems. Such problems among others may be the following.


There is the need to know whether packaging is a good promotional tool: whether it affects consumer buying decision, whether it projects the image of a company and whether its usage is a good compliment or substitute for advertisement. Does the package of a product constitute one of the determinants of seller of that products



The main objective of this study is to critically assess the area of problems and seek to proper solutions. It is therefore necessary to find out the impact of a change in the package of a product. The studies will find out among others, whether packaging has a positive effect on the buying habit and decision of consumers. To determine whether the company  image is being projected through it’s packaging policy. To what extent producers are considering packaging in their product decisions.



In determining the use of packaging as a promotional tool in the marketing of beauty care products, some null hypothesis, otherwise known, as tentative statements have to be tested. It is only when such statements are tested by way of asking relevant questions that solutions could be offered, to likely problems in the study.

When these tentative statements are tested and found to be correct, then, they are accepted where they are found to be otherwise, such statements are rejected.


The following tentative statements will therefore be tested to find out their validity.

1.   H0:  A good package cannot serve as a substitute to advertising.

Hi   A good package can serve as substitute to advertising.

2.  H02:  An attractive package does not create impulse buying.

Hi:  An attractive package does create impulse buying.

3.   H03:  Packaging is not a silent salesperson.

Hi:  Packaging is a silent salesperson.

4.   Ho4; A good packaging policy cannot help improve a brand Image.

Hi: A good packaging policy can help improve a brand image.

5.   H05: A beautiful packaging design cannot attract consumes.

Hi:  A beautiful packaging design can attract consumers.



This research work is significance in the sense that the outcome will go a long way to solve the research problems. It will show the importance of packaging as promotional tool, to both consumers and companies. To the company, it will show the effect of packaging as a promotional tool in the marketing of their products.

To the consumers, it will show that package is part of the product brought by them.



The scope of this research work is narrowed to the use of packaging as an effective promotional tool in the marketing of beauty care products as it related to impulse buying, projecting company’s image and its effect as a silent salesperson. It will cover the marketing of beauty care products and effects of promotional efforts.



Marking is defined as human activity directed at satisfying needs and wants through exchange process (Kotler 1980:9).

Packaging is refers to as what is used to protect the product from damage shipping and handling and to lessen spoilage if the product is exposed to air or other elements.

Promotion: This includes advertising sales promotion, publicity, personal selling and direct marketing (Adirika 2007),

Product:  A  product is defined as a good service, or idea consisting of a bundle of tangible and intangible attributes that satisfies consumers and received in exchange for money or some other unit of value (Kolter 2005:276).

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