International attention has been focused on the Gulf of Guinea, a key marine region off Africa’s west coast, as a result of rising security concerns in the area. The region’s oil and gas wealth has made it a haven for piracy, illicit fishing, and trafficking of many types, all of which threaten the coastal nations’ economies and security.

Gulf of Guinea maritime security issues are complex. The most obvious expressions of such difficulties are acts of piracy and armed robbery at sea. Pirates in the area are notorious for their brutality and preoccupation with stealing oil shipments. The oil leaks caused by this not only impede trade but also have terrible consequences for the environment.

Another major problem plaguing the Gulf of Guinea is the practise of illicit, unreported, and unregulated (IUU) fishing. Fish stocks are depleted, marine ecosystems are destroyed, biodiversity is reduced, and the livelihood of legal fishermen is threatened by IUU fishing. It is estimated that illicit fishing costs West Africa roughly $2.3 billion each year.

The issue of marine security in the Gulf of Guinea calls for a holistic and cooperative response. In order to effectively fight these problems, regional collaboration across the Gulf states is essential. To further strengthen marine security, international cooperation, capacity building, and legal reforms are required. The importance of technological advancements in surveillance and monitoring in the battle against maritime crime cannot be overstated.




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