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The importance of this work is to investigate motivation as a management tool for increasing the productivity of worker in an organization. This research is divided into five chapters. Chapter one deal with statement of the problem, purpose of study, statement of hypothesis, scope of the study limitation of study, motivation and management decision making, management respective in increasing productivity of worker and summer of literature review. However chapter three deals with research metrology and design. Population of study and research instrument chapter four concerns with data presentation and analysis and test of hypothesis. Whereas the last chapter five deal with summary of finding, conclusion and recommendation. Bibliography and sample questionnaires include. In conclusion, management should appreciate the partnership role of their worker and also management should recognize the work of internal audit.





Generally, organization comprise if two groups of people, the employees i.e. the people who forms the greater part workman group and the management of the organization i.e. Managing Directors who involves in the decision making in the organization.  Man in his natural form in 1934 always tries to gravitate towards his comfort zone unless some kind of force is applied to him.  It is this force or situation that causes him desire to move out of his comfort zone in order to avert a negative consequence.  This force of situation now becomes the motive for his working towards this set target (motivating factor).

According to Poku (1967:226) our lives are worked by our need, our desire and our preferences, so the way we live and what we achieve (within the limit of our ability of one particular circumstances) are the product of these feeling, therefore, people join organisation to satisfy these needs and desired.

Motivation can be defined as the need, or fear that prompt an individual act.  (Webster Encyclopaedic dictionary of the English Language 1991) motivation is the process that moves a person towards a goal.  Wole Adewunmi also defines motivation as the inner stimulus that induces one to behave the way he does it is that thing that makes you do what you dove inner drive, it has to do with that inner state that energies, activates or moves and therefore directs behaviour towards goal. Individuals form the employees in any sector, their behaviour and reaction towards various kinds of motivation must be borne in mind our effort is to find out the effect of those factors on higher productivity.  This higher productivity is the ultimate desire of every profit making organisation especially in public sector in general.  The enugu state housing development corporation  also has its root in the above phenomena. Man works basically on the two following reasons:
a.     His primary motive is to obtain the resources to meet his physiological needs and support his family.
b.     The secondary motive concern mans social needs which has wide ramification.
He was to feel that he belongs, that he is accepted by his fellows, this is clearly associated with a desire for companionship.  According to burling Hame in his seventeenth century book, he stated and I quote, “work is the resources of mans’ most basic satisfaction it is his social catalyst.  The ultimate goal of man is to fulfil himself as a unique individual according to his own innate potential and within the limit of reality. There are several incentives that could motivate people to work to their optimal level and when these variables are not there, their productivity will generally be affected.  These therefore could lead to:
a.     Low level of production
b.     Poor quality of service
c.     High rate of absenteeism and labour turnover.
d.     Bad time keeping and general tax discipline
On the other hand, if there are well package incentives such as: Recognition of self-achievement, advertisement, promotion, good remuneration, and conducive working environment this will lead to greater productivity and less labour turnover.  This study is therefore chosen to look at various theories of motivation as a management tool for increasing the production of workers, their influence on workers and extent they have gone in ensuring higher productivity in thehousing corporation .
In a work place individual employees have different aim and aspiration for instance some worker would prefer to work very hard and yet be satisfied at least for working just to contribute to the job. Other might have aims of showing appearance ion the office or place of work and would not like to be usefully engaged but like to collect their salary as is when due s still some would prefer working for short periods hence their aim would be to reduce the time they spend in the workplace to a minimum Level since they were not interested with what they are doing. Therefore, the determination roles of manage goals in an organization and their actives are not always taken for granted.
However, due to the co-ordination of human an material resources in an organization in both sectors of their economy are able to establish a company. Management going to increase the productivity of worker are not just a process by which people (manger) crests direct, maintains and operated an organization rather it is through systematic co-operative human effort and control measure it also involves making suggestion for improved performance and prevention of future short coming if any.  We now want to asses how effectiveness manager are and relation to productive and constructive services that offer to management therefore the question we want to ask is how the manager maintains the high performances to increase the management tools answer to the above question will go along way in clarifying and explaining what the manager does or is all about and how effective the management decision policy .the overall purpose Is to assist management in achieving the most effective administration of the operations of the operation of organization that will attract the incentive of increasing the productivity of worker in public sector
The main aim ‘of this research is to specialize and discuss some factors which determine the effectiveness of Enugu state. Housing Development Corporation and its general impact to both government and management decision policy in an organization. This study is carried out to examine the motivation tools employed by the management to improve productivity of workers in Enugu state housing development corporation (ESHOC). Motivation is crucial to human being and survival of any enterprise. Management by virtual of their position as decision makers in the corporation view a massive influence in the operation of the organization and this determine what direction the firm should go.  Therefore the researcher does not limits itself to only investigation into the motivational tools the management uses to motivate its human reseach but how management achieve their motivation by following the required method of a good motivation. Some requirements are:
(a) Security is vital element
(b) A good system must be comprehensive in providing for the satisfaction of all need.
(c) Subordinate must Included to work and produce more
(d)   Provision must be made for financial opportunities particularly those given more person freedom. Another important finding of the study is that when employees are highly motivated they have a high tolerance for dissatisfaction arising from the maintains factors.
Certainly the importance of this project is for the benefit of the Enugu states housing development corporations toward motivating as a management tool for increasing the productivity of worker to the staff of the establishments. It is also to expose the knowledge to the student who will be engage in the study of this course in times to come. The writers research will be of aid to write in solving the problem and highlight the prospect of motivational factor are job centered research will be. ,that is they relate directly to the job itself, the individuals performance ,the job responsibilities and growth and recognition obtained from it. Finally the benefits are all corporate bodies, institutions of high leaning and public servant.
Internal audit unit Enugu state development corporation is effective in the performance its function in helping the organization to increase the productivity of worker
·        Internal audit unit in Enugu state housing development corporation is not effective in performance its function.
·        Improper utility of the housing project by management has helped the organization in achieving its goals
·        Proper utilization of the housing project by management has helped the organization in achieving its goals
·        Staff show and maintain a prefect performance of their duty as management increase motivation tool
·        Staff have not show and maintain a perfect performance of their duty as the management increase their motivation tool
This study is invited to the of now the motivation is well increase production of Enugu state development corporation (ESHD) and  effect and efficient it the company. This investigation however not be taken as and exhaustive piece
Constant are common to research project that limited the nature and scope of this research they include. Management point of view, they do by viewing the project topic with suspicious. This was later conquered with the explanation that the whole out come of the research is for academic purposes. To what extent will it help the management in understanding what really motivation as a management tool for increasing the productivity of worker is, as well appreciating its contribution to management decision process. Again has financial contribution:
These have to do with cost associated with the gathering of the facts. That is the cost of trips to various location as well as the risk associated with such long trip on busy road. Another constrain was the generic committeemen of the researcher which include attending lecture and writing term paper in some course offered by the researchers.
Time: Time given for the study is rather for short and small as the researcher being a student should read and take lectured in other courses during the period of the study. Accommodation the researcher had neither a relation nor a friend resident at the are he is carrying out his research work.
This are some unique and difficult work used in this project. However, they are carefully explained for essay comprehension of their meaning.
(1) MOTIVATION: This simply means ensuring appreciate behaviors of workers in an organization by providing an environment in which people can satisfy their human need through their work and working environments.
(2) TRAINING OR SEMINAR: The importance of staff development in any organization cannot be over emphasized. For an accurate, account, ability and skill acquired by any staff depends on the mode of training given to him which will be applied to the teaching of the relevance duty and to motivate other staff.
(3) WAGES OR SALARY: – Employees consider wages/salary as the most important way of motivating worker. These wages/salary are paid according to their grade level and steps and also provide for an effective and efficient source of motivation for employees after adding other allowance or increase of their salary generally by government.
(4) LEAN ALLOWANCE: – This allowance is paid once annually whether you are on leave or not provided you are a public servant and in exception those that is retired from service.
(5) FREE MEDICAL TREATMENT: This treatment only allocate to public servant by given them medical report from signed by direct to go to any government hospital for treatment.
(6) SALARY IN ADVANCE: – This is another way of helping a staff who need help. The office will grant a salary in advance for him or her to solve his/her problem and specify how he/she is given to pay back from his/her salary.
(7) STUDY LEAVE WITHOUT PAY :- Management also allow such study to exist in the organization which help staff to acquire additional certificate when he/her is still working but will not be receiving any salary till he/her finish the study and present the certificate which  will attract arrears the salary.
(8)   CAR LOAN:-This kind of loan have its own category of staff that can allocate to it. It belong to grade& level.10 and above officer who can be paying back installment according to the way specify.
(9)   STUDY LEAVE WITH PAY: -This is also one of the instrument used to motivate  staff by allowing them to acquire more  additional certificate. With the above mentioned subject matter, staff are allowed to go school while there are in service in service and collect their salary and other  allowance attached to it.
(10)  PROMOTION: -This very essential to all public servants.it involve increment of once state and the high in promotion demands a lot of responsibilities and it involve a lots of arrears of fund. Promotion are of different types:-
(a)    Conversation
(b)    Advancement
(c)    Internal transfer
(d)    Transfer of service.
(11) OVER TIME:- Management take control of over time which are paid to some people who are serving the top government officer .These people don’t office except the time  their boss directed them to leave the office. From that time spend after work will be calculate for the based on their grade level and steps.

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