Full Project – Medical expert system for diagnosis and prescription

Full Project – Medical expert system for diagnosis and prescription

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With the recent development and proliferation of information technology, it is obvious that computer is indispensable tool in every aspect of human activities.

The use of computer simplified the way businesses are done, it touches and

changes our daily lives in a profound way. Therefore, computer in medical is guided by a sense of purpose rationally aimed at automatically computerized system and commitment is more likely to have a successful outcome in terms of diagnostic and drugs prescription role of a doctor in the hospital than a situation whose future is left to guess work and chance.

The essence of this research is to establish a system that will represent scare

human expertise, which is a system that will do diagnosis and drug prescription because some Nigeria hospital fails after a given number of successful operations.


Computer technology is found in diagnosis and drug prescription ways, ranging from routine to the highly sophisticated works. Just as the versatile computer serves various purpose in  business and industry, it performs many functions in the health care field. Medical researcher stressed computer technology in several areas and have recorded some developments in areas like medical statistics, diagnosis and drug prescription, data capitalization, simulation and medical care and astronomic increase in patients’ treatment in various hospitals made proper view of the current method of medical service for a scientific and efficient approach in dealing with patients problems more especially in case of emergency. This has been to some extent since the introduction of computer to the field. To eradicate poor health maintenance, the introduction of medical expert for diagnosis and drug prescription has other fundamental group. This research has other details of medical expert system for diagnosis and drug prescription for patients.


The use of medical expert system for diagnosis and prescription and taking medical records necessary as the computer saves the doctors and nurses valuable time. In health, computer serves as a supplement to patients that need more efficient and mechanized system.


The speed at which a patient arrives at the hospital cannot be overcome by ordinary manual system. Moreover, the diagnosis and treatment to the patient need more efficient and mechanized system.

In some advanced countries, computers used in hospitals to monitor past surgical and critical patients in intensive care unit.

The patient is connected to computer monitored sensing device which can detect any sharp rise or fall  in temperature pulse rate as a means of fasting the diagnosis system and treatment of diseases in medical care.


Computer is used in medical research on cancer, heart disease, stroke, drug addiction, muscular string, and innumerable other medical problems.

The computer in medicine will be a substitute for good intelligence judgment, common sense, but it is a capital assistant to conscientious doctors and nurses with many patients and little times.


In the medical profession, the problems associated with doctors can be evidently seen as it affects various areas of human and social endeavors,

Therefore, this research found computer as a microcosm to develop and recamp human life in our hospitals. Clearly stated, after a careful study of the old medical service, the following are seen as some of the problems affecting the hospital.

TIME: The time of the of old system federal medical centers services is slow and they are affecting the hospital.

COST: The researcher gathered that there are high cost of personnel maintenance in the hospital to the government; some of these personnel are not serious with their work while others repeat a particular task.

ERRORS: There is always a problem of errors are manual in nature as an outcome of the old system, also, human activities are subjected to errors, and medical doctors are no exception, patients are carefully mis-manipulated and  correct diagnosis and prescription are not performed as a result of this loss of life.

DAILY WORK REQUIRED: There is an inability of the institution to cope with the daily work lead as complicated nature of operation is involved. There is no guarantee of storage and retrieval of medical information and analysis of patients’ treatment.

ABSENTEEISM: The researcher described the habitual absence from place of duty as one of the facts affecting the medical treatment of patients in the hospital. The doctors, nurses and other medical and non-medical personnel feel less concerned and take being absent as granted in their duty post.

INEFFECTIVE STATISTICAL DATA: The old system of processing and storing of information do not appreciate the use of statistical information to solve medical cases mostly in prescription and its application is generally in accessible.


Applying computer services will facilitate medical diagnosis and drug prescription. Therefore to eradicate these problems this research is primarily aimed at investigating, analyzing and designing an expert system for diagnosis and drug prescription which will have the capability of:

  1. Interacting (interfacing) with the doctor and patient as a means of speeding up the sorting, processing of the input which will generally assist medical doctors in the treatment and prescription of drugs.
  2. Providing accurate diagnosis to patients in the hospital.
  3. Bringing to an end the rodent attacks of patients document and introduce totally the use of CD-ROM (Compact Disk Read Only Memory) system of storing information and documents which is in accessible by rodents.
  4. Bring up an efficient database for the advancement of medical research and analysis to take over the conventional paper system etc.



The study has its significance as to demonstrate that the speed, accuracy and efficiency of computer can be used as a tool in modern health care practice will be a great advancement compare to the old system of processing the study is also important that it will illustrate the diagnostic and prescriptive role of area of high intellectual requirement as regard to accuracy, effectiveness and documentation.


The scope of the system or study is to develop medical expert system or software for diagnosis and drug prescription in the hospital management where the doctor, using computerized diagnosis software to examine the patient current state by asking the patient some questions which will serve as an input to the system to prescribe drug for patient. It will help the doctor to prepare drug for future and develop the type of drug future need for a hospital. This will assist with the risk and uncertainty of the future in which it is expecting to influence.


The limitation of the system or study is the difficulties encountered in getting necessary information and relevant facts about the existing system from inquisitive and critical management, staff, and patients in the hospital.

Also, the cost of storing for information from relevant journals, materials and doctors also is exorbitant; it also involved lack of computer literate/ scientists, the board of medical directors, choice and qualification of medical directors.



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Full Project – Medical expert system for diagnosis and prescription