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This research work is a study on the impact of training and development programmes on the secretary’s productivity. The specific purpose of the study is to find out the available training schemes and how they affect the job performance of secretaries in the civil service system in Imo State using ministry of housing and education as a case study. The population comprises secretaries and bosses in the two ministries in Owerri, Imo State. The method of analysis used was simple percentage. In the study, it was revealed that in-service training, study leave and on-the-job training were the basic training schemes available in the civil service system. It further discovered that development programmes such as seminar/workshops, courses are mounted for secretaries in the civil service system. Based on the data collected, it was found out that secretaries are not adequately and properly trained in the civil service, rather they are trained yearly which does not really have a serious impact on them.














Background of The Study

Like any other organization, civil service system is set up to accomplish some definite goals. But unlike many other organizations that pursue monolithic goal which may be social economic, or political civil  service system pursue divergent goals which ranges from social to political and it has often been said that an organization’s most valuable resources are us employees. For any organization to live to achieve its goal, training and human resources development program has to be organized. This is one of the reasons the Federal Military Government of Nigeria through its own institute- the industrial Training fund (ITF) Decree No. 47 of 1971 which came into force on 8th December 1971, promotes and encourage employee training and development. Its, man objective is to promote and encourage acquisition of skills with a view to generating a pool of indigenous trained manpower, sufficient to meet the needs of the economy.

Training in the Nigeria Civil Service has been given considerable attention by the government immediately after independence most organizations were planning without data and so organizational plans were done on assumptions. Nowadays training in secretarial programme as well as information technology has become imperative.

A vast majority of secretaries in civil service are yet to be computer literate and thus lack the secretaries and other information technological skills necessary for the achievement of an increased productivity.

Proper and adequate training should be given to secretaries on how to operate modern equipment vis- of vis adoption of good human relation approach.

Thus, for secretaries to perform their functions efficiently there must be, well designed training and development programmes arranged in the organizations to enhance productivity. This organizational training may range from seminar , on the job training, off – the- job training schemes owned at exposing secretaries to the new techniques adopted in modern offices.

Training as one of the management tool (Warren, 1986) is used to develop the full effectiveness of an essential organizational resources. It is the fastest segment of personnel activities.  It is a course of diet and exercise for developing physical strength, endurance or dexterity. Many organizations have come to the full realization that training is a crucial method of developing the employee towards enhancing productivity. Some companies go as far as running training schools of their own, they arrange occasionally two to three days adhoc seminars or workshops mounted for staff enrichment which they in two pay the trainers the primary purpose of all training and employee development is to add to or renew the abilities of an organizations work force (Gilbert and Robert 1985) in another instance, Luke, Cheryl and Stigler (1992) believed that the  essence of training and employee development is on performance and productivity, both in skill, knowledge, attitude and minimization of wastage and scraps. With the technological age, office automation and academic advancement organizations have realized the importance of training of their staff.

The civil service system in Imo State is not left out. This training has in turn brought in new knowledge in office skills and automation which the traditional skills over worked in the mud.

In the civil service system the secretary plays a very vital role in the realization of the office goal, but it is disheartening that they are more a less considered to be trained with the new trends- the changer role of office equipment. Most of the development programmes are only available to the administrative cadres leaving the secretaries to carryout only perfunctory duties. Like other cadre of staff, secretaries need to be constantly exposed to training programmes need to cope with the technological modern offices.

Statement 0F The Problem

The constant problem of inadequate supply of qualitative and quantitative personnel in the system is a bane that has been with the nation since the inception of the civil service due to low remuneration associated with the system and levels of its clients who are drawn from the lower income status. These factors now made the system a last resort for unemployed youth while others use is as a springboard for better job.

To this effect it is a call for civil service to integrate and incorporate training and retraining of their personnel especially the secretary to meet up with the problem of present challenges of knowledge explosion and technological advancement facing the nation. Training as essential instrument for enhanced productivity are hardly organized for workers in the system and the secretaries who are the live wire of the civil service system face the same gate.

Thus in order to fit in well into the main stream of global scheme of things, Imo State Civil  Service should realize the of training and development programme on secretary’s productivity to help move the civil service forward.

Secretaries in the system are treated as non- entities whose future ends behind the typewriters. Their opinions are not at all sorted in decision making. They are treated as copy typist not realizing that they have potentials that need to be explored.

The problem of the study is to explore the type  of traning scheme available to secretaries in the civil service system, the extent to which secretaries are exposed to these development programmes, the effects of these programmes on the secretary’s productivity and how the management perceive the secretary’s role in the realization of the goal of the civil service system .

Purpose of The Study

The study is designed to achieve the following on objectives.

  1. Determine the type of training scheme available to secretaries in Imo State Civil Service in Imo State.
  2. Determine the extent to which the secretaries are exposed to development programme in Ministry of Education and Housing in Imo State.
  3. To determine the extent to which development influence secretary as productivity in the ministry of Education and Housing.
  4. To determine whether the secretary is perceived as important instrument towards the realization of the goals of the ministry of Education and Housing in Owerri.
  5. To determine the effect of the training and development performance on the secretary’s productivity.

Significance Of The Study

The significance of the study is to make the management realize the need to expose secretaries to training and development programmes in order to update their knowledge. A study of this nature would encourage management to extend their policy on training personnel to secretaries. This would consequently increase job satisfaction, morale and harmony and hence secretary’s productivity system.


Scope Of The Study

The research in the impact of training and development programme on the secretary’s productivity is focused essentially on establishing the type of training scheme available to secretaries in the civil service system and now development programmes affects their level of productivity.

Research Questions 

  • What training programme are available top secretaries in the civil service system.
  • How often one development mounted for secretaries in the ministry of Education and Housing.
  • Do these programme actually affect the productivity of the secretaries.
  • How does the management perceive the secretary in relation to the realization of the goals of the ministry
  • What is the fate of secretaries if they are handicapped in office automat

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