Full Project – Effect of consumer behaviour on industrial goods

Full Project – Effect of consumer behaviour on industrial goods

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The term consumer behavior is very popular in the business circle especially in Western world. Everybody is a consumer, directly or indirectly we are involves in consumption of goods and services to satisfy our various needs at a particular time.

Consumer behaviour study the individuals, groups, organization and the process used to select, secure, use and dispose of products, services, experiences or ideas to satisfy the need of the consumers. The study of consumer behaviour help firms and organization to improve the marketing strategies by understanding issues such as select between different alternatives and how the consumer is influenced by his or her environment e.g. culture, family, signs. The behaviour of consumer is influenced by while shopping or marketing other marketing decision limitations in consumer knowledge or information processing abilities influence decision and making outcome. How marketers can adapt in improvement of other strategies to more effectively reach the consumers.

Although it is not necessary to memorize this definition, but it brings up some useful point. Behaviour occurs either for the individual or in the context of group e.g (friends influence what kind of clothes a person wears) or an organization (people on the job make decision as to which products the firm should use) consumer behaviour involves the use and disposal of product as well as the study of how they are purchased. Product use is because this may influence how a product is best positioned or how we influence, how we can encourage increased.

Since many environment problems result from disposal (e.g motor oil being sent to sewage system to save the recycling fee, or garbage pilling up of landfills) this is also an area of interests. It also involves services and ideas as well as tangible product.

The main purpose of consumer behaviours: the most obvious is for marketing strategy i.e for making better marketing companies for example by understanding that consumers are more receptive for food advertizing when they are hungry. Another purpose is public policy. In the 1980s Accutena, a near miracle cure for once was introduced. Unfortunately, Accutane resulted in severe birth defects in taken the pregnant women. Although physicians were instructed to worn their female patients of this, number’ still became pregnant while taking the drugs. To get consumer attention, the Federal Drug requiring that every graphic pictures of deformed babies should be shown on the medicine containers.

Final benefit, studying consumer behaviour should make us a better consumers. Common sense suggests, for example, if you buy a 64 liquid or bottle of detergent, you should pay less per once than if you bought two 32 mere bottles. In other word, in this case knowing this fsct will sensitize you to the need to check that unit cost labels to determine if you are really getting a bargain.

Several units in market can still be analyzed. However, we will also need to analyze own firm strength and weaknesses and those of competing firms. Suppose, for example that we make a product aimed at older consumer, a growing segment or competing firm is likely to consider repositioning toward market.


An industry may be able to make more profitable transaction of caster as satisfied, he or she is likely to purchase the product again and say good things about them to others. The consumer vary as to their age taste, education income, mobility income, attitude cultural and psychological influence, it became, appropriate to differentiate between consumers in order to be able to satisfy the need of the target with appropriate marketing efforts.

Since the beginning of the 1980s the world economic recession has led Nigerian industries from the position of surplus foreign reserved measures has been taken on which is the background integrative of both our industrial and consumers that is, making not their purchases from our locally produced ones.

The implication of background integration has input to the industries in to market consumer patronage. This has caused a revolution in business industries outlook. It is important therefore, for industries good to develop marketing effort which can bring out quality industrial good into competitive standard with foreign trade.

This research work is designed therefore to find out consumer reaction toward the change of foreign industrial goods to Nigeria industrial goods.

  1. The attitude of industrial goods consumer toward the locally produced goods has been that of classifying it as inferior to those produced in other countries.
  2. This much more pronounced in the consumption of industrial goods, and has been the concern of producing of goods alike.
  • The problem therefore, is to investigate the reason behind the consumer negative evaluation of industrial made goods.
  1. Clear and reduction of conflict among businessmen and customer during business transaction.
  2. The problem again is to encourage business or industrials good product about consumer behaviour.

This research work wish to achieve this purpose in the cause of this study:

  1. To ascertain consumer research to industrial made goods.
  2. To ascertain if there are really consumer dissatisfaction in industrial made goods.
  • If there is no ascertain in cause of dissatisfaction and offer suggestion or improvement.
  1. To lay more emphasis on congutive consistency as the driver of human behaviour become more exciting and interesting area of marketing.
  2. To find out consumer reaction toward changing from foreign goods to our local industrial goods.

Hypothesis is defined as a guess or a statement of conjuncture showing the relationship between two or more variables in a population under certain condition.


  1. Null hypothesis (Ho)
  2. Alternative hypothesis (H1)

The research state hypothesis in the cause of the investigation. The hypothesis is meant to understand consumer behaviour.


Ho:   Application of personal selling is not the most effective promotion tool to stimulate demand for product in a dynamic for economy.

H1:    Application of personal selling is not the most effective promotion tool to stimulate demand for product in a dynamic for economy.


Ho:    Channel level is the most effective distribution channel to make products available.

H1:    Channel level is not the most effective distribution channel to make products available for consumer.


Ho:    Quick identification of consumers complains is a vital ingredient to business owners to lay more emphasis on behavior of customers.

H1:    Quick identification of customers complains is not a vital ingredient to business owners to lay more emphasis on behaviour of customers.


Ho:   Knowing the buyer attitude booster sales.

H1:    Knowing the buyer attitude does not booster sales.


Ho:    Advertizing is a vital tool to persuade the buyer or consumer.

H1:    Advertizing is not a vital tool to persuade the buyer or consumer.

  1. This topic would be a great important to the management companies in Nigeria particularly, industries owners.
  2. This project is a product or research specialist as well as non-specialist in business world.
  • The research work will benefit both the business owners, student and entrepreneur most especially for academics.
  1. This project work is designed to teach business owners the best means to study the consumer behavior with a view to influence in their behaviour positively.
  2. This project work will be available tool to other neighbouring schools that offer marketing as a course.

This research work shall cover the following area which include: the consumer behaviour of the buyer, the effect of nature of consumer behaviour, who is a consumer, what is consumer behavior, the concept of utility, need to study consumer behavior, role of advertizing in consumer behavior, the merits of consumer behavior to trade and effect of consumer behavior in some selected business will be expanciate.


This aspect the above investigation centred on problem encountered by the researcher in carrying out the research.

The present economic situation, which is making the life very difficult, did not allow the researcher to have enough financial resources for the research.

Another constraint is lack of Encyclopedia and journal on marketing in school library, which could treat the topic for this study. Data collected from respondent through research questionnaire gave the researcher very tough time, because the respondents were not stable.


In this research work, there are some terms which are central and embedded in this study, meanwhile attention will be focused on the following:

  • BEHAVIOUR: one’s attitude and manner or the way we act or function in a particular situation.
  • MARKETING: is the process of planning and executing the concept, pricing, promotion and services to create exchanges that satisfy individual and organization objective.
  • ADVERTIZING: advertizing means the creation of awareness about goods, services.
  • BUSINESS: business involves about the activities of buying and selling or supplying things for money, commerce or trade.
  • INDUSTRY: the production of goods from raw material.
  • CONSUMER BEHAVIOUR: is how a particular consumer goes about making matter in the purchasing, consumption of goods and services.



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Full Project – Effect of consumer behaviour on industrial goods