Full Project – Design and implementation of personnel auditing system

Full Project – Design and implementation of personnel auditing system

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1.0                              INTRODUCTION

Auditing has been performed at least since the fifteenth century. The exact origin of auditing of financial report is in dispute, but it called onto assure the absence of fraud in the records kept by steward of wealthy household estates in London.

In the United Kingdom then, is today public corporations were all public companies must abide by this law. The absence of statutory requirements  for audit to be submitted to stock  holder resulted in the nineteenth century audits that varied from audit of only balance sheet account to  full detailed examinations of all accounts of corporation and the report was addressed, and directed to these insiders (that is the management and board of directors) rather than share holders. Reports to share holders on the representative of the management were uncommon. Instead, the corporate we interested in being assured that fraud and clerical errors had not accursed. The first auditors read accounts aloud. Their objectives were to understand a company’s activities as implemented by it’s managers. And so explain the cumulative financial significance of those activities. That is the bottom line on management, ovally to the financial brokers. Auditors were an important element in the evolution of capitalization. Today, auditing includes metrologies for collecting and analyzing evidence on consistency and other attributes of business information, including financial reporting as well as for diagnosing operational problems, for assessing managerial efficiency and for identifying and preventing condition that could permit crime, incompetence to carelessness. These methodologies operate in part by examining the system records and other evidence.



In auditing the term “firm” is used to refer to the auditing firm. While personnel audit the term “government organization” is used to refer to the personnel auditing system. Personnel auditing is an exercise employed by the government or organization to cheek the “ghost worker” or the actual work force (staff strength) with the organization with these exercise in the system a replicable remarks can be made-up-for the entity being personally audited is likewise, conventionally referred to as the staff in the organization firm may be local, national or international.

The state school management board Imo state is fix into the definition of national auditing firm. A large proportion of corporate clients characterize it. Auditing firms tend to be private companies, for many of whom the auditing firm will also provide book keeping and accounting services for these firms. The firm is ranked with staff involved in personnel auditing and they are as follows

  • Partner
  • Manager
  • Senior
  • Assistant

The auditing senior and above are qualified.



Despite advance in technology, most personnel auditing firms or organization practice in sluggish, time some and incoherent  manual system which is unable to generate information that is concise to the auditors ad it enable them in reaching critical decision making and intelligent solutions to problems. This has attested for by the excessive erasing of figures mistakenly scribed on paper and finally arcading the papers. Fix can also be notice that greats time is spent on personal auditing works. The system given information to the users work in figure snaps by exploiting the electronic speed and high degree of personnel auditing accuracy of micro computer.



Personnel auditing involves the use of ledger, proof sheet, balance book etc.

One of the biggest difficulties faced by manual Personnel auditing system, is the problem of error traceable to human mistakes and short coming

  • Handling records beset with problems. The record are not kept well and retried as very difficult
  • Less of records in always common to manual auditing as there is no computerized way of storing the information contained in these records
  • Calculation can sometime by wrong in most cases this has through of many accounts an names which resulted to suspense account being opened and could not be closed unless as a change or credit to profit an less account. This research is prompted to the problem because it is the basis of the above problem that promoted the search auditing system that promoted the researcher to look into the subject of curbing and controlling Personnel auditing manually.


The aim/objective of this study is to be able to get a fast and accurate way of auditing personal records, know the number of persons staff under the post primary school management board (PPSMB), keep records of what is to be paid who at a particular time, control those errors made by human sure that problem accoutred in recording information is highly minimized. Another aim is to make sure that no record is lost and also to maintain accuracy.



Not until relatively recently, consideration of the effect of the computer was a separate task of computer personnel audits specialist whose integration in the audit was fragmented at best. Today, the emphasis in practice is on effective integration of the computer in the conduct and computation of audit reports in the system of the organization. The study on he computerization of auditing is important area in the society such activities generally done with the aid of a computer is done at faster rate. As the world moves to an era of paperless technology, the aiding profession, who is characterized with superfluous paper work is meant at moving in work place a borest minimum.


Auditing is considered a very vast area of accounting as so many kinds of firms can be audited. The research is limited to handling of the computerized auditing of insurance firms and again they do not make educational policies own their own but educational polices in the system is made by the ministry of education. This work is aimed at making the personnel auditing in the system to appreciate the use of computers in computation of financial records.



AUDITING: – This can be defined checking/cross, examining of whatever you are auditing find out if there is any kind of fraud

PERSONNEL: – This can be said to be staff/people explored by a company/organization.

PERSONNEL AUDITING: – It is defined and an activity or exercises carried out to examine the personnel records and a set financial statement and their underlying record.

FINANCIAL STATEMENTS: – The statement concerning money or it can be said be statement of accounts (money)

AUDITOR: – expert accountant who checks company’s accounts.

ANALYSIS: – This is an exercise carried out for close examination in details of something.


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Full Project – Design and implementation of personnel auditing system