Full Project – Design and implementation of information system for crime incidence

Full Project – Design and implementation of information system for crime incidence

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As early as the eighteen century, native authority police services had existed in Nigeria. They mostly served as messengers to the traditional rulers, chiefs, Obas, and emirs in their various courts. But when the British came they accorded some form of recognition to some of the police force which was being used by native rulers to enforce local laws and native court judgment. But today by the provision of the Nigeria (constitution) order-in-council 1960.the Nigeria police force was established as unfired federal service force exercise authority in every part of the Nigeria. Due to the provision of the force, The Nigeria police force is charged with the responsibility of protecting life and property, maintaining law and order.


The effects and tragedies of crime are enormous and the situation becomes more striking in the economically productive age group. The ineffective use of information system has adversely affected the investigation of criminal cases; various problems are encountered in the manual system of operations. These problems are:

  1. Generating a case filing number for each of the cases has been cumbersome because it is not easy to trace the file number of the last recorded case and this has led to duplication cases file number.
  2. Accuracy about dates of filing various components of the cases are not readily available making referencing them very cumbersome.
  • Delay in accessing information in paper files, paper files are sometimes damaged by water, pest or fire outbreak and can easily be altered by an unauthorized user.
  1. Missing criminal record files which might have been cause by theft or wrongly placed or kept by the officer in charge.
  2. Manual searching for information about crime cases handled by the crime investigation department has been very tedious because the cases files are not arranged in a logical manner.

Aiding human activities, thereby displacing more accurate and error free information which is very reliable and important thereby helping to meet up the complexity of manual/paper method of life in general. The aims and objectives of the propose study is to help provide a well organize and programmable data access and processing database for crime and suspect in the Nigeria police force. Below are some the aims and objectives of the computer system into force;

  1. To ensure a prompt and accurate information
  2. To change from manual compilation of file to computerized system.
  3. Make easy, the investigation of criminal cases
  4. Make police organization appreciate the use of computer in combating crimes
  5. To design a software that can Help in speedy retrieval of information





Most a time, research work is often have some sort of scope or boundary point where the particular research work is being restricted which is often referred to as case study. The case study is restrict to the record keeping department which is a part and section of the Nigeria police force (NPF) the record keeping department is where the project work is limited to and covers the Nigeria police force Zamfara state. Therefore in this medium the study would put in consideration the development of a computer system that can processes the record of crime and suspect which includes: Register and police case serial number, date and time reported at the station, station diary entry serial number, special report serial number, description of offences chapter and section of the laws, date, time and place of occurrence, name, religion address and nationality of bail, if accused is at large, date police investigation completed, date case referred to magistrate, register of the court exhibit serial number , essential value of property stole #1k. Record of police action will enhance quick decision to be made and also evaluate the effect of each decision based crime committed.


As the information age gradually, it result to be a rapid improvement in the invent of computer technology in the police force the significance indicate the benefits to derive such as the area of computer database which is back-end and well maintained database for keeping the record of data needed by the police force to fulfill their basic function. The benefit also highlight the processing of data manually in the past century which will later be convert to automatic with help of computer technology in the Nigeria police force.


Below are some of the key term uses presenting this research work;

  1. P.F (Nigeria Police Force): this is the unfired federal government security exercise which main function is to protecting life, property and detects crime.
  2. B.M.S (Database Management System): this is the complex computer package which is design to create, modify, store and manage database.
  3. G (Inspector General): this is the number one in the Nigeria police force and is charge with the function of supervising controlling and co-ordinate the function of the D.I.G, special cell, the C.I.D, and the operation in all section and unit under his portfolio.
  4. I.D (Criminal Investigation Department): these are on uniform police department or section which main function is to detect the criminals.
  5. P.O (Division Police Officer): this are the divisional police officer which are in charge of the division especially in local government.
  6. P (Commission of Police): this is usually a political appointment and is in charge or head of the police commission in state.


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Full Project – Design and implementation of information system for crime incidence