Full Project – Design and implementation of cyber cafe timer software

Full Project – Design and implementation of cyber cafe timer software

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This chapter provides the general introduction of the research work by examining background to the study, stating the problems that will be solved as a result of this research work. Furthermore, the research’s’ aims objectives will be stated, its significance to stakeholders and the area the research work covers as well as its limitations.   


There is no doubt that the emergence of the internet has affected the way things are done. Research has been improved upon and even the business world had and is still having its own share of the benefits of the internet. This internet boom has led to the boom of cyber café and in internet access the home, schools and offices.

To the average mind, how much profit you make from the business does not matter much, but industrial players know that their aims are to maximize profit while at the same time offering convenient and attractive services to their clients, for instance, the average person just want to spend time browsing the internet at the detriment of the service provider or even office work or school work; problem that has been of major concern to employee of labor and school administration and other service providers alike to place limits on their computer system with the internet access.

There is issue of inappropriate timing as it affects pricing, for instance, if a user pay for 20 minutes and end up using only 14 minutes, who should be responsible for the balance? Thus there is need for a structure to be in place that will come to the rescue of cases of conflicts particularly in cyber cafes, there is need for proper timing of customers for the time spent using the internet access time provided to them. Many solutions for timing internet access has been developed such as time watcher, cyber clock, internet café’s timer administration, cyber guage, café cup, pc timer, net timer software, diginix e.t.c. however, the available solutions are having one or more shortcomings. It could be said that each one of the solutions available has its own plus, the plus of the several options can be observed and put together to form a solution that serves the shortcomings of the various options, the project is designed to provide a timer software so as to gather the strong points and put them together into a single application.


           This research work has identified problems which include the following: –

  1. Issues relating to under utilization or overutilization of time by client.
  2. Problems of reliability and efficiency of network systems always experienced by clients.
  • Problems of management staff not having accurate timely information of services utilized by clients.


The aims and objectives of this research work are stated below as follows:-

  1. To ensure that user does not exceed the stipulated time allotted to him/her.
  2. To support network timer system.
  3. To prevent unauthorized access to the system.
  4. To ensure that client software display time left in the task bar.
  5. To avoid multiple log-in from same account.


The significance or importance of this research work or study is to device a complete timer software package that will enable café management to have a proper billing system for their clients or customers and will also provide a comprehensive log on its database for reference purpose. Furthermore, it will provide good record system for government agencies as regarding proper taxation and also serve as guide for further researches.


This research work covers the design of cyber café timer software that monitors care operations such as creating user accounts, deleting user accounts, editing accounts, clearing log, generating reports and exiting the software at server end. While at the client end, authorized users can pause time, resume time and log off the timer software.

The research work is limited to consultation with cyber café operators, text books, internet café (google) and existing internet timer software.

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Full Project – Design and implementation of cyber cafe timer software