Full Project – Design and implementation of campus help desk system

Full Project – Design and implementation of campus help desk system

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The Help desk/ complaint management is a solution that provides both technical and logistic information to students and solves technical/student problems by providing supports and information. To increase the productivity of people using information technology in a company, you need to provide an efficient and effective means to answer their questions and solve their problems. It sounds simple, but what lies at the heart of a Help desk/ complaint management operation is a sophisticated database that contains all the information necessary to handle calls and massage reporting, asset management and problem resolution.



Federal Polytechnic Nekede has over 10,000 students in different faculties including Regular, Evening, Distance Programme and more than 1,500 staff that use the IT facilities in various locations within the school to carry out academic, administrative, research work, etc and other personal activities.


The number of users accessing the IT facilities every day is enormous so is the support required from the IT and Network support staff. Therefore, developing a Help desk/ complaint management solution for these students will help to reduce the pressure on the support staff and to meet students and staff technical and other support information.




Increasingly often, students require a high quality, efficient support service 24 hours a day, regardless of their geographical location. The aim of a Help desk/ complaint management solution is to provide “anytime anywhere support” to Students.

This solution is a web-based that can be accessed from any part of the world by means of internet connected computer system. The following are the aim of this project:


To provide a web-based Help desk/ complaint management solution to support staff and students;

With advent of World Wide Web (WWW) using the Http protocol, students and staff of the institution can gain immediate access to technical and support information that will provide a solution to their IT problem.


To provide end users easy and quick access to information; its main objective is to provide a first line of supporting resolving service interruptions as quickly as possible. An access to the internet or the School LAN gives user access to the Support information without any form of restriction.


To provide any where any time access to support information; the presences of the internet really contributes to the anywhere any time access. It does not matter where the user is for as long as he/she has access to the internet the information required from the support personnel is readily available to the user 24 hours a day.


To reduce the burden place on the IT and Network support staff; all that the IT and Network support staff has to do is to produce and publish the known or common problems and there solutions in the Help desk/ complaint management making up the Frequently Ask Questions FAQs and the Knowledgebase available on the website.




IT service providers are faced with a lot of challenges, and these problems are caused by the users of their service. Among the problems is the issue of technical support service. In every IT service Co. there is need for carving out a separate department that will take care of customers technical challenges and provide rational support to the customers.


The conventional in person means of providing technical support to customers are costly and time consuming. Therefore, a solution like a Help desk/ complaint managementwill reduce the cost and time companies and corporations spend in providing these support.


It will cost the School IT department a huge amount of resources to provide in person support to large number of students and staff of the school.


Again, in person support cannot effectively and efficiently serve people outside the school environment hence, there is need for a web-based support service that will resolve these enormous problems.



The importance of this project on the side of the IT & Network personnel’s is that it reduce the stress faced by the IT & Network support providers who used to response to the end user in person for any technical issue the faced during school working hours it also reduces the number of IT personnel who provide supports thereby reducing the cost of paying extra IT Personnel who their services will no longer needed once the Help desk/ complaint management solution is commissioned, hence cutting cost for the institution.


Again the users will always have quick fix and support information rather than staying idle waiting for the arrival of support personnel to fix their problem. And this service is web-based such that the user can access the information any time any day without waiting for the next working day before solving the problems thereby increasing productivity.



This project work is focused on web-based Help desk/ complaint managementapplication to deliver technical support to end users. It involves delivering solution that will provide technical support required by the Network and IT facilities users. It will serve as a problem resolution interface between the IT User in the school and IT & Network support department.



During the development of this project work some challenges were overcame while others are yet to be subdued. Some of the limitations I faced include but not limited to the following.


Time: though this work is as good as completed but there are some areas that needed more redesign implementation to suit the latest web 2.0 technologies with regards to interactivity and responses of user interface. But due to the time limit of the project some of these features were missing out during implementation.


Cost: Another most difficult challenge I faced during this work was the cost of transportation to different places to gather materials and consulting individuals who assisted me in sourcing some of the materials I referenced. Again the cost of paying for internet access was very high so I only had limited access to the internet while exploring some forum and support centers to source the information I needed.





Software:  A program, which makes the computer to perform a specific task


Program: A sequence of instructions that directs the activities of the computer


Hardware: All the physical components of a computer

Translator: A program that takes as input a program written in one programming language and produces as output an equipment program in another language.


Compiler: A translator whose language is a high level language and object language is an assembly language or machine language of a certain computer.


Interpreter: A program that accepts as sources program written in that language as input translates and execute each line one at a time.


Parser: For a grammar G is a program takes as input a string S and produce as output a parse tree for s, is S is sentence of G.

Programmers People that write programs.


Website: A collection of web pages.


OS: Operating system is a program that operates behind the scene to manage the entire activities of the computer.


Keyboard: A computer hardware that serves as an input device to the computer.


CSS: Cascaded Style Sheet, is a text document that contains the programmable format for an application




Knowledgebase: a central repository of information that can be used both inside and outside an organization.


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Full Project – Design and implementation of campus help desk system