Full Project – Design and implementation of automated contract bidding system

Full Project – Design and implementation of automated contract bidding system

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According to Donald A (2019) Contract bidding is one of the main activities carried out by contractors in an institution and the terms of the contract designed by the Management, in order to gain more competitive advantage from the contractors the development of the proposed system is a step forward to the management.

Contract bidding is when two or more organizations, parties which are well-known, identified and fully registered in agreement (Writing file) to fulfill all terms and condition often competition of setting a price one is willing to pay for something either contract.

Continuous quest for a man to improve his well-being through reaction to problems and challenges posed by his environment, tools upon tools have been designed by intellectual human being to help him conquer these problems and challenges of contract bidding.

The entry of Technology (Computer system) into the scene could not have been for any other reason except to improve efficiency and procrastination time, provision of more reliable and accurate output (Result). There is no doubt that technology in modern society had led to accuracy, availability and Management of this Web Information System, this also led to the idea of developing a web based contract bidding information system for Abdu Gusau Polytechnic, Talata Mafara. Man has moved from primitive stone ages to industrial age and of recent to information technology age.

The web based information system is the fundamental and the bedrock for information technology (IT) age, the project is aimed at solving problems related to contract bidding information system in Abdu Gusau polytechnic, Talata Mafara in which this is developed to keep information of the highest bidder (Awardees) based on contract, the system is design with the interface to accept data and allow user to view, delete, modify information and produce the highest bidder as the result, it has it front end developed using PHP,HTML and the back end developed using MYSQL. According to history, the advancement in computer and information technology has brought about more new applications and approaches in contract bidding system to manual papers type. Manual contract bidding system is method keeping the records on paper. This has been a method employed in organizations since before the advent of computer and the subsequent development in technology application. Manual contract bidding system poses several challenges that are not healthy for business. The proposal automated contract bidding system would be an easy way of data manipulation the role of computer can never be over emphasized in keeping track of data. Automated contract bidding system will not only save companies lots of money but also yields efficiency and ease of transaction and time utilization. By this, contract bidding system are automatically distributed to manage bidding of contract, ease transaction and inventories under controlled user access.


From the research and observation it is obvious that manual filling of information system in Abdu Gusau Polytechnic, Talata Mafara has many problems associated with it which includes:

The manual contract bidding system lack standard and good record keeping structure.

  1. Lack of comprehensive database for recording the records
  2. Time wasted when processing information of contract Because all information needed must be reliable
  3. Manually written of contract may be subjected to physical damage,


The   aim of this project is to design a web base contract bidding system.

The followings are the objectives of this project

  1. To quicken the search for a particular contract information.
  2. To improve record keeping.
  3. To improve the proffer handling of contract.
  4. To maintain contract management information system for forecasting and decision making.


The project is concerned with the designed and development of a web based contract bidding system in Abdu Gusau Polytechnic, Talata Mafara.

It covers all the information needed to only the design and development of a web Based information system to enable contract bidding only.


The significance of this research work is to demonstrate how the needs of Abdu Gusau polytechnic, Talata Mafara could be met efficiently and effectively through the application.

To make report and contract audition easy and accountable

Annual report writing will be easy since the system have a way of searching all the contract produced with name and identification number of the contract



CONTRACT: it refer to an agreement between or more parties to perform a specific task, job and work often temporary of fixed duration and usually governed by written agreement.

CONTRACT BIDDING: is when two or more organization, parties which are well known, indentified and fully registered in agreement (written file) to fulfill all terms and condition often competition of setting a price one is willing pay for something very important either contract.

BIDDING: Is the offering of particular price for something especially at an auction (attempt) one is willing to achieve.

INFORMATION: Is facts provided or learned about something either contract.

SYSTEM: is set of interrelated elements, components or set of things working together as a whole (mechanism) to achieve same objectives.

SYSTEM: Are group of interrelated components or element that is integrated with common purpose of achieving a particular objective by accepting input and producing an output in an organized transformation process.

MANUAL SYSTEM: Are pen and paper method controlled or manipulated by a human operator (not automatically like computer) but only powered and governed by human being.

MANAGEMENT: is an integral part of an organization or controlling organization and coordination of activities governing the business in -order to achieve.

CONTRACTOR: Is an independent person whose aim is to work for another person according to his or her processes.

ORGANIZATION: Is an organized group of people with the same aim and objective to achieve a particular goal.

AGENT: Is a person who has received the power to act on behalf of a building.

WEB BASED SYSTEM: Is an application that can be accessed over network.


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Full Project – Design and implementation of automated contract bidding system