Full Project – Design and implementation of an online event management system

Full Project – Design and implementation of an online event management system

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An event is a “celebration or display of some theme to which the public is invited for a limited time only, annually or less frequently” (Getz, 1997). There are many types of events including cultural celebrations, arts and entertainment, business and trade, sport competitions, educational and scientific seminars/conferences, and political events (Presbury et al, 2005). Events are important contributors to a destination’s economic, social and cultural fabric. They play a part in creating, a favorable image of the destination as additional attractions, and image-makers (Getz (1997).

The strategic preparation, as well as the planning and coordination of the execution of an event require professional handling in order to guarantee the optimal interplay between all participants. Due to the two characteristics – time limitation (clearly defined as start and finish points) and singularity (often one-time initiative), events possess project character.  As a result of these considerations, ‘Event Management’ comprises the coordination of all of the tasks and activities necessary for the execution of an event regarding its strategy, planning, implementation and control.

Event management system is used to manage all the activities related to events. In any event, many service providers work simultaneously and it is very hard to manage these providers. It is also important for event organizer that he has all the contacts details of these service providers so that he can contact them any time to plan an event at given time. To get success in the event management business, user should have strong network contacts of service provider. These contacts are essentially providers of specific services who can be mobilized quickly to participate in any given event.

To make an event successful, event manager needs different service providers like Sound systems services, Lighting providers, Canteen services, Stage construction and so on. In present system event company have to do all management work manually. They keep all payment information on papers. There is no system to check the past expenses on any event. To do this they have to check payment register and this task is very time consuming and tiresome.

Another important entity in the events business is sponsors. Sponsors are either companies or specific departments within companies who have specific event budgets, which may be solicited for to host certain kinds of events. For example, as part of a Rock Festival event, 3 to 4 sponsors may be involved to cover specific areas of expenditure. A particular readymade Jeans brand company may sponsor ticket printing and sales, another company may sponsor lighting and so on. An event management system is well networked with sponsors. By bringing appropriate sponsors to events, event gets funded adequately and decisions are also taken in a speedy manner.

After initial interactions happen with a client, the first thing to do is to create an estimate for the event for which an online event management system is responsible. Based on the requirements for the event, the various services needed are listed down and based on the rates of a specific service provider, the rates are quoted. Different services would have different specifications and units for quoting rate. For example, in the case of Sound Systems, the exact type and power of sound systems need to be specified and rates would be on a per-day basis. Catering would be on number of people with rate quoted per person.


Currently Event Management system is  manual  and  only  accessible  to  staff.  The  client has  to  travel  to  the  company  offices  in  order  to  schedule,  book  and  organize  an  event such  as  Birthday  Party,  Marriage,  Reception,  Ring  Ceremony.  Clients  pay  cash to  book for  an  event which is inconveniencing when customers are many at the company.  It  takes lots  of time  of customer  because  they  have  to  search  such  event  organizer  and  contact them individually so  an  online event management system is  needed which will enable the customer make booking, schedule events online at any preferred time.


The importance of an online event management system cannot be overemphasized. At this juncture, we are looking into the importance or benefits that are embedded in employing an online event management system.

Online event management system intends to speed up review of past events that are being managed.

Users also save time and cost by being able to communicate with event managers independently from their location.

Event managers also save cost and reduces stress by being able to independently manage the contact of all users, service providers as well as sponsors with ease. This results in online event management system being more on average than manual event management system.


1.4.1    AIM

The aim of this study is to design and implement an online event management system.


The objectives of this study hereby include the following:

  1. To develop a system that efficiently store, maintain and retrieve users’ data and can be used for further analysis.
  2. To develop a system which provides latest notification to its user.
  3. To develop a system whose data is centralized in a way such that it is available to all the event managers.
  4. To develop a system that makes the management of historical data easy.
  5. To develop a system in which users can register for any happening event from anywhere.

1.5       SCOPE OF STUDY

This research is limited only to the design and implementation of an event management system which manages event such as wedding, birthday, etc.


To achieve the objectives of this study a thorough survey of literature will be done to facilitate the understanding of online event management system. This gives an in-depth understanding on the application to be developed and also inform us on how to conduct the system investigation.

All necessary information however will be effectively and properly documented. The documented information hence will be analyzed and the information from the analysis will be used for the proposed system design.

The proposed system will also be developed component by component as this will help in the modification of any part of the designed system using PHP, HTML, JAVASCRIPT and JQUERY.


EMS: Event Management System.

GPS: Global Positioning System.

DFD: Data Flow Diagram.

ERD: Entity Relationship Diagram.

Web-based application: An application that runs on the internet.

MySQL: My Structured Query Language. A query language used to interrogate the system.

Sponsor: A person or organization that pays the cost of an activity or event in return for the right to advertise during the activity or event.

Event manager: Someone who is in charge of an event.


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Full Project – Design and implementation of an online event management system