Full Project – Design and implementation of an end user computer game using Java

Full Project – Design and implementation of an end user computer game using Java

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As is widely reported across many media, computer and video games are increasingly popular. In 2002, the world market for ‘games and edutainment/ reference software’ realized 16.9 billion US dollars, with 3.3 million games consoles being sold in the UK alone (ELSPA 2003).People of all ages, but most visibly youths, who plays these games, often dedicating long periods of time in total concentration to the amazement and sometimes concern of watching adults. Computer games are today an important part of most youth’s leisure lives and increasingly an important part of our culture as a whole. We often, as adults, watch in amazement as children dedicate hours to acting as football coaches, designers of empires, controllers of robots, wizards and emperors. In the past, computer games have been dismissed as a distraction from more ‘worthy’ activities, such as homework or playing outside. Today, however, researchers, teachers and designers of learning resources are beginning to ask how this powerful new medium might be used to support youth’s learning. Rather than shutting the door of the school against the computer game, there is now increasing interest in asking whether computer games might be offering a powerful new resource to support learning in the information age. Computer games are very popular with many young, and young-at-heart, people. They can be played on a variety of devices. Handheld machines such as the Game Boy console and, increasingly, mobile phones allow the play to take place in different situations and when travelling. At the other end of the spectrum are sophisticated, but relatively static, dedicated games consoles with high specification graphics, such as the Sony PlayStation 2 or Nintendo’s GameCube. The design and production of computer and video games for entertainment and learning takes place within a very competitive industry.

Development of end user computer game is mainly required by students and learners to prepare themselves for different examinations directly through they computers. One of the major goal of this project is to facilitate students in learning, gaining and improving their knowledge skills. At the meantime, this program will provide fun so that the users can prepare for interviews, entrance tests or any other corresponding purposes in the field of computer science, and can’t get bored or frustrated due to dullness.

End user computer game is an innovative shift in the field of learning providing access for students of computer science to learn with fun. It offers students the opportunity of increasing their mental thinking through the answering of variety of questions.

The End User Game is a recorded audio visual program that can be stored on a disk or other available storage media which can be played through an electronic media using the mouse, joystick or the keyboard.

End user computer game focuses on catching the attention of the tertiary institution students to embrace the joy of learning. It tends to make studies readily available anytime/ leisure of the students in question.

Niger state polytechnic Zungeru, was established in 1991 and since the inception of this institution, the students were doing well in their academic life but due to vicissitudes of things and advancement of technology around the students, the learning process is getting despondent because students now give up their precious time and mind in operating mobile phones, browsing unnecessary website and the worst of all is playing games that never reimburse or contribute to their academic life in the course of their studies.

Therefore, the concept of this program is to bridge the gap between studies and leisure hours there by making learning more interesting and fun.


The attitude of tertiary institution students to learning has galvanized to many problems ranging from terminal examination failures.

It is essentially required to assist students for the learning and preparation of different tests conducted, which can provide candidates with both preparations of such tests in user friendly and interactive way.

These problems are so pronounced that most students now nosedive their test and examinations and relies on examination malpractice (EXPO) to subsidize their emotion and intellectual.

Some of the problems are listed below:

  • Inability of students to assimilate lectures (teaching) at unfavorable climatic conditions (sunny periods of the day)
  • Bored and stressful mode of teaching by some lectures.
  • Inability of students to comprehend at a longer duration of lecturing.
  • Poor method of disseminating information by some lecturers.
  • Non diagrammatic mode of teaching makes learning unattractive to students.



The major aim of this project work is to design and implement an end user computer game.

The objectives are as follows:

  • To create an end user computer game that will make learning more interesting and fun.
  • To create an interactive platform that will capture the minds of students with regards to their studies.
  • To enhance quantitative reasoning among students.
  • To improve vocabulary development amongst students.
  • To introduce portability in learning.
  • To enhance student skills in area of computers.

All these objectives are geared towards having a society where tertiary institution student graduates from their respective institutions with the result in “flying colors”. I believed this shall make their parents to be happy and in the long run help in the general development of our nations entirely.




The scope of this project work is to cover only the design of an end user computer game to facilitate learning among students in tertiary institutions. This program will examine and analyze the importance of this educational game over other games. However, this project work is limited to only end user computer game. It doesn’t include other related electronic activities such as pears two audio video games, Segar games only to mention but a few. This End User Computer Game is user friendly, easy to understand and will be used by students but only the staff in charge of the computer lab have the access to the admin portal where different questions from different courses will be added with four (4) options of answers which only one (1) option tends to be the correct answer. The questions are not based on one (1) particular course but questions are added by the admin and picked at random (Different courses) by the students but the program (Game) indicate the correct answer by a clap sound and a label “Correct” while for a wrong answer its indicate by a wow sound and a label “Wrong” and at the end of the game, scores will be display for the player.




The institution is more concern in impacting knowledge to students/wards in their care. Therefore, the significant of this project work to Niger State Polytechnic Staffs Institution cannot be over emphasized in the sense that it will enhance mental and vocabulary development of students in questions. Also, it shall foster more attraction attitude between students and their learning activities as leisure times can be judiciously utilized in more beneficiary manner of knowledge acquisition.


Vicissitudes: This means changes

Despondent: This means low

Reimburse: This means never pay or contribute

Implementing: This means Applying or executing

Voyage: This means journey or trip to a new destination

Leisure: Meaning free time, Holydays or break time

Distinct: Meaning individual

Nosedive: Meaning falling down or dropping

Grim: Meaning Unbearable or uncomfortable

Heightening: This means increasing, improving or enhancing

Apprentices: Meaning student or learners

Preceding: This means Past or previous

Facilitate: Meaning to make ease or aid



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Full Project – Design and implementation of an end user computer game using Java