Full Project – Design and Implementation of a Network Based Security Information System

Full Project – Design and Implementation of a Network Based Security Information System

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The use of mini and microcomputers became properly established in 1970’s however, as data processing in workplaces grew and rise to new needs, computer were connected together to form a distributed system network in order to meet the increasing need of communication and resources sharing between various departments. As of January 2008, the internet connected an estimated 541.7 million computers in more than 250 countries on every continent, even Antarctica (source: internet software consortium’s internet domain survey; www.isc.org.index.pl). The internet is not a single network but a worldwide collection of loosely connected networks that are accessible by individual computer hosts in a variety of ways, to anyone with a computer and a network connection. Thus, individuals and organizations can reach any point on the internet without regard to national or geographic boundaries or time of day. However, a long with the convenience and easy access to information come risks. Among them are the risks that valuable information will be lost, stolen, changed or misused. If information is recorded electronically and is available on networked computers, it is more vulnerable than if the same information is printed on paper and locked in a file cabinet. Intruders do not need to enter an office or home, they maybe/not even be in the some country. They can steel or tamper with information without touching a piece of paper or a photocopier; they can also create new electronic files, run their own programs, and hide evidence of their unauthorized activity.


Computer network is a collection of devices that can store and manipulate electronic data, interconnected in such a way that their users can store, retrieve and share information with each other. The connected devices may be mainframe computers, microcomputers, terminals, printers, various data storage devices and a host of other equipment.

Therefore, the main objective of network system is geared towards sharing resources.



Shell petroleum development company (SPDC) is the largest fossil fuel company in Nigeria, which operates over 6,000 kilometers (3,700mi) of pipelines and flow lines, 87 flow station, 8 natural gas plants and more than 1,000 producing wells, SPDC’s role in the shell Nigeria family is typically confined to the physical production and extraction of petroleum, shell petroleum development company Port Harcourt was established in 1977. By that time, Mr. Abiye began his career with SPDC as a consultant trainee well site petroleum engineer.



Network systems in company’s (shell petroleum development company) has given room to unauthorized users to get access to their information. There by, introducing viruses, hacking of information, electronic fraud, as well as detecting and deleting company’s vital document. However, absolute security is not achievable in practice. Nevertheless an improved method of security measures now provides certain degree of security of information since some of the data shared between users are confidential in nature or should be available to relatively few to be stored and transmitted information unit in other to check illicit monitoring and illegal access.



This work is aimed towards generating security for the safeguard of information is shell petroleum Development Company to ensure information security and access right. Data custodians shall enforce information security standards, ensure the integrity of information within areas of responsibility and comply with all statutory requirements.

To achieve these, basic security concepts is needful; three basic security concepts important to information on the internet are confidentiality, integrity, and availability concept relating to the people who use that information are authentication, authorization and non-repudiation.  when information is read or copied by someone not authorized to do so, the result is known as loss of confidentiality. For some type of information confidentiality is very important attribute. Example research data, medical and insurance records, new product specifications and corporate investment strategies, in some locations, there may be a legal obligation to protect the privacy of individuals.


Information can be corrupted when it is available on an insecure network when information is modified in unexpected ways the result is known as loss of integrity. This means that unauthorized changes are made to information, whether by human error or intentional tampering. Integrity is particularly important for critical safety and funds transfers, air traffic control and financial accounting.


Information can be erased or become inaccessible, resulting in loss of availability. This means that people who are authorized to get information cannot get what they need. Availability is often the most important attributes in services oriented businesses that depend on information (for example; airline schedules and online inventory systems).


However, the purpose of study is to ensure proper protection of information in a shell petroleum development company, to restrict unauthorized access of the company’s and individual’s information in a network system.



This project work will produce a computer program which will be used to secure information. It is remarkably easy to gain unauthorized access to information in an insecure networked environment, and it is hard to catch the intruders, even if users have nothing stored on their computer that they consider important that computer can be a “weak link” allowing unauthorized access to the organization’s system and information, seemingly innocuous information can expose a computer system to compromise information that intruders find useful includes which hardware and software are being used, system configuration, type of network connections, phone numbers security related information can enable unauthorized individuals to access important files and programs, thus compromising the security of the system, important information can access control files, keys and encryption algorithms. “No one on the internet is immune”.


Therefore, this package is for the security of information in shell petroleum Development Company, as well as financial companies, insurance company’s consultants, government contractors and every other organization.


This work will be of good use to all the works in shell petroleum Development Company for efficient and safeguarding information with the use of password in network system. However, it significance can only envisaged better when it has been fully implemented and maintained to be running in the shell petroleum development company.



This project is specified to find out how the use of information security in a network system can help in safeguarding information in shell petroleum Development Company. In this project work, we shall study computer network and information security in a network environment, this work considers the use of password as a method of securing information in network. One primary interest is the hierarchy of password in the network information security.



This research has covered only the shell petroleum development company in Port-Harcourt due to some constraints limiting the researcher from extending the scope of study.

A financial constraint is one of the limitations encountered during the cause of the study. The researcher being student found it difficult to provide transport fare to the area of study for the collection of data.


Second are time constraints, the researcher being student, the time for the study clashed with the academic work thereby not meeting the staffs when supposed for a perfect work to be done.


Third is complexity of information. However, these constraints delimit the researcher from collecting more data to assumed effectiveness of the work.


COMPUTER: An electronic device which is capable of receiving  information (data) and performing a sequence of logical operation in accordance with a predetermined variable set of procedural instructions (program) to produce a result in the form of information or signals.


SYSTEM: A computer whole, a set of things work together as a mechanism or interconnecting network.


PROGRAM: A series of coded software instruction to control the operation of a computer.


SOFTWARE: Programs and other operating information used by a computer.


DATA: A raw facts making the basis of reasoning; it is unprocessed information.


INFORMATION: A processed data that is conveyed or presented by a particular sequence of symbols, impulses etc.


CUSTODIANS: Persons who are responsible for protecting or guiding something (record keeper).

AUTHENTICATION: Prove or show to be authentic (genuine)


AUTHORIZATION: To give official per mission for or approval to access information.


CONFIDENTIALITY: Information intended to be kept secret i.e. entrusted with private information.


AVAILABILITY: Information able to be used or obtained.


INTEGRITY: Consistency or lack of corruption in electronic data, the quality of information principles.


IMMUNE: Every organization is affected to the infection of insecure information.


PASSWORD: A secret word or phrase used to gain admission or access to something (information).


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Full Project – Design and Implementation of a Network Based Security Information System