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Many business firms are struggling hard to know who buys and consumes their products, where they are located, how they buy, when, from whom else they buy and why, equally, why people do not buy a particular product from certain persons, organizations, and stores inspite of all the marketing strategies applied by such firms to attract these consumers.  The center point of all the daily activities of all business organization as an individual, organization or institution who purchase and makes use of the product (goods and service) offered for sale in the business firm.  In this definition, we can understand that a consumer is one who consumers or uses the product (goods and services) offered for sale in the business firm.  In this definition, we can understand that a consumer is one who consumers or uses the product of a firm.  He may or may not be the actual buyer of the firms production who then is the consumer of that product.

The consumer has been recognized and the reasons why, how and when as well as where they buy or not buy from, the future buying decision, are now fully integrated into the daily business function of every enterprise,  this is in much recognition of the marketing concept and consumers sovereignty in recent time by many firms who comes to realise that the consumers needs are satisfied.  the consumer is now at the centre point of every business attention, as the period of fast and hard selling is giving way to the much recognition of the consumer as the king or one who does no wrong and one whose existence and need satisfaction is the major reason why many business organisations are in business in the first instance.

It is important also to note that when a manufacturer provides a product he does so in anticipation of profit.  In marketing profits are usually made through the satisfaction of the needs and wants of the ultimate consumers.  However, it is not enough to know what a buyer wants.  An inquiry should also be made to find out why the buyer wants a particular product.  In view of these facts on the obligation of the manufacturers, wholesalers and also the retailers to lean as a much as is economically feasible about the major factors that influence consumers buying behaviour.  This is an important factor in planning of all marketing activities, which among others include establishing of advertisement and selling appeals in such a manner that consumers desires, taste and  preferences can be met satisfactorily by marketing efforts.

Brand choice which implies selecting one brand over a set of possible alternatives is an area of consumer behaviour which has received considerable attention by manufacturers and markets alike.  Infact the concept of brand choice seems to be important according to parker 1979 vol 4p.4.  It can result in the difference.  According to Walter G.C (1974 pg 180), he argued that the consumer is simultaneously influenced by physiological and psychological factors have to do with the individual feelings, biases and emotions”.  He also said that some more important factors influencing a persons preference are subjective satisfaction consumer needs, fast experience, product availability and product or brand price.

Moreover, Maranyama and Manku (1975) vol. 39 p.5) said that a consumer appears to make his purchases decision among the brands in his “Evoked set”.  Thus a seller must organize his effort in such a way that his particular brand is positioned with these selection in the buyers cognitive field.

Cambell (1973, p. 243) has also defined evoked set as “The act of alternative brands of product which the buyer actually consider when making specific brand preference”.  In other words, awareness of whom customers are and how they behave or likely to behave is very essential for effective marketing and success depends upon correctly predicting consumers brand preferences.

Morden A.R.S (1991) point of view, the influence of product attribute people purchases beahviour is determined by a whole series of behavioural factors which are used to explain why buyers need and or want certain products.  The marketers must understand why people want or need a product so he can group or (segment) different people according to those reasons for purchase.

Also attributes such as price, package, design and level of awareness also influence brand preference of products.  People may also seek for the benefit that product provides rather then products themselves.  Consumers may also consider the available alternative from the vantage point of the usage context with which they experience the specific application they are considering.

In Nigeria today, the range of toothpaste products ahs continued to increase steadily. Some of the brands we have in the market today are:

i.                   Close up

ii.                 MacLean

iii.              Aqua fresh

iv.              Holdent

v.                 Snow-white

vi.              Daily need

vii.            Colgate

viii.         Dedigent


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