Full Project – Computerization of medical records and diagnosis

Full Project – Computerization of medical records and diagnosis

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The use of computer in medical administration is an improvement for achieving a wider range of tasks.

Like any tool, the computer is merely an idle device until it is in the hands of a user and is been applied to some purpose.

However, considering the priceless value of human health and life, the use of computer system has become an everyday application.

This is useful in creating interpersonal, interactive mode, the characterized pathologist-patient relationship, with the primary aim of using an automated system to perform the cultural examination of specimen and issuing the results after treating the patient and maintaining patients’ medical records. In a world of modern technology, every organization now keeps pace with modern developments. They may not want to change but they find out that they have to. The pressure from competitors forces them to.

Changes such as those described above are happening rapidly. For many years, the gap between the users and computer manufacturers has lasted so long and based on that, the users do not understand the computer. Though many attempts have been made to bridge the gap by training users in computing techniques.

As a matter of fact, computerization of medical records and diagnosis is yet to be carried out properly in our society. This is as a result of not comprehending its full potentials in our world of science and technology. According to Dr Faurbiam of the national computing centre ltd., Manchester,  UK, he said;” Departments in technology has played an important role in placing computer intelligence in the hands of individual users, however, individually tailored system should be constructed, supported and managed with a higher degree of professionalism” .



The study of this project is undertaken at the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation- Waterlines Clinics, Port Harcourt

The main objective for embarking in this project as the computerization of medical records and diagnosis is to provide the many increasing number of patients who undergo diagnosis and treatment a better result. Finally, when they collect the result of their diagnosis, the stress on the physician is reduced to the barest minimum.



In our society, the problems associated with the medical profession are seen as delicate.

The existing method of operation (manual) in the medical centre is impeded by the following problems;

  1. There is non-availability of organized system and written procedures (standard) for new employees to follow.
  2. There are difficulties in training or replacement of staff
  • There are problems of keeping records
  1. There is much time wastage n both clinical and office management.
  2. The problem of keeping drug inventories to ensure control and out of stock syndromes.
  3. This manual mode of operation makes the work to be cumbersome, disorganized, and difficult to retrieve data or information.



All over the world, accuracy is expected in diagnosis result and medical records keeping. However, the objectives of this study include;

  1. studying the existing medical management system
  2. to fully automate the operation of the medical centre
  3. to achieve good computing skills for the management and
  4. to expose the doctors, nurse and other staffs to the importance of practical experience in large database system



This introduction of the computerization of medical records and diagnosis in health centres, clinics and hospitals in general like computer aided physical examination and record keeping was born out of the possible significance.

Primarily, it will help to give immediate and useful decision or results.

The developed computerized medical records and diagnosis system can produce effective and efficient results when programmed. It reduces and frees the doctor from routine testing procedures, conserve his time and enable him to give attention to patient records, diagnosis and treatment.


1.5             SCOPE OF STUDY

The scope of this study will be to build or design a workable, easy to use and reliable software for the medical centre.

The scope also extends to the medical staffs identification of patients, collecting of specimen, details of examination by history, testing operation and confirming of suspected diseases for accurate diagnosis and treatment of such diseases by the medical doctor.

More so, this study is going to automate the section responsible for medical records. Also, medical records handling, maintenance of drug inventory, quality of stock etc. and then, the module responsible with the purchase of items, issue of items and maintenance of stock.



Such constraints which were encountered in the study of this problem that tried limiting the success and progress o this study include:

  1. Insufficient materials: there were no enough materials related to computerized medical system.
  2. Time constraint: lack of time affected this study and this was a great limitation
  3. Large expenses: the cost of sourcing for information from relevant journal, books and materials are exorbitant.
  4. Reluctance: most times, the hospital staffs were reluctant in helping out the little way they can.



An institution providing medical treatment and nursing ease for sick and injured people (oxford dictionary of contemporary English, third edition 2001). In hospitals, specialized medical treatment and advice are given to patients as well as diagnosis with complex problems.


This is a collection of records that stores, modifies and extract information from a database (Mrs. c.c. opera & oguike, 2006). A database is used to avoid unnecessary duplication of data. It recognizes that data can be used for many purpose but only needs to be input or stored once.


A doctor who has become an expert in studying and interpreting the effects of diseases upon the organs of the body.

  • DATA:

These are raw facts and figures which are yet to be processed.


A sequence of instruction given to the computer in order to solve a particular problem.

  • INPUT:

These are data needed for an application to carry out its findings.


This is a design of an object towards an effortless manner and with high speed without human intervention. It can also be defined as the act or practice of using machine that need little or no human control, especially in place of work (www.search.com)


A sample of an organic substance taken to be tested to represent a ‘whole’ for a finite purpose.


The individual who is to be diagnosed by the doctor.



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Full Project – Computerization of medical records and diagnosis