Full Project – Automated billing system for boutique operations

Full Project – Automated billing system for boutique operations

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Since the invention of information and communication technology (ICT) devices brought problems mankind has been trying to reduce if not eliminate. These problems exist in various sectors of human endeavor. These sectors include health, aviation   and academic sectors. These limit proper accountability, improvement of facilities and proper planning. Moreover, the manual process is time consuming and cumbersome.

The term “system” means a combination of related parts organize into a complex whole. It is also scheme of idea or principle in which something is organized. It has two important meaning in almost any discussion of system. Firstly, is the motion of system as an entity or thing which has a particular part? Secondly, is the motion of system as plan, method, device or procedure for accomplishing specific task, it is also simply a rationed and logical approach for accomplishing a specific purpose. The information processing system has a functional sub-system such as the hardware and software system, operating system and database system. It also has application and subsystems such as order entry, billing, payroll and personnel. Financial information system Refers as set of procedures, process, facilities and methods designed to provide financial information required by management for effective and efficient operation of the organization. This information required involves the collection, analysis and reporting of past and present and project information outside the system. It is important to note that good billing system will help the financial controller to plan, direct, control, organize and understand the effectiveness as well as departmental objectives, [Anwuo, A. C. ( 1997)]. A good billing system is the life wire of any establishment and it comprises the pricing of material, payment for the work done or service rendered. Also, it differs from company to company depending on the type and nature of the work done and the amount of billing of that company under discussion, (Okene, E.S 1999.)

Recently, there has been removable growth in the business organization. Due to the over increasing number of customers, brought about the need to review the mode of operation and problem encountered during the transactions and the use of highly sufficient system in terms of speed and accuracy.

Considering the fact that it is natural for human being to always be in need even in the midst of plenty, human responded to such urges in order to derive a way of such urges in a faster way providing not very distant mini-markets at the count of probably a street or two or even a count of 2-3 houses. Thinking on how to modernize the market and bring it to a level that can actually fit into the street and can still provide the function of a large market. This brought about the word “BOUTIQUE” which implies a very large organization were customers can choose from difference varieties of fashionable clothing and other stuffs.

From the above introduction, human noticed that there is need for an automated billing system for easy boutique operation

Hence, the need to automated billing system for boutique operation. AUTOMATED means replacing manual method of carrying out operation with the artificial intelligent machine called COMPUTER system for the effective, accurate and efficient operation. BILLING means the act of preparing and sending bills of purchase to billing system as a system used in processing sales information in the boutique.



The  manual method of sales and record is a very boring and stressful error prone mode of operation; this is because humans are highly inefficient. As time grows, the productivity decreases and as such is error prone in his or her various operations, it could cause the boutique to start folding up. The problems of boutique operation are stated below.

  1. TIME CONSUMING: The time consumed using manual method of billing is quite long, imagine how customers, the shop keepers will attend to per day, and the number of time he/she opens the shop stock book per day.
  2. INEFFICIENCY:   For the fact  that human beings are prone to mistakes, there  may be inefficiently in recording of data and writing of receipts to the customers and it will be too stressful to the shop keepers because it is prone to high labour density. Unlike the use of computers which makes the transaction very easy and fast.
  3. INACCURACY:   It is natural for human being to always make mistakes in whatever they do. Therefore the result of their transaction (i.e. calculations for the goods brought, counting of goods available, calculating for sold goods and calculating for daily sales routine) might not be accurate and inaccuracy may negatively affect the boutique management, causing the downfall of the firm
  4.   INSECURITY: The manual method of boutique system is not a well secured system, because receipt can either get lost or be destroyed by water, fire and at times rough handling which will limit making references to such receipt, stock books could also get destroyed at any time because they are not properly kept. Unlike when it is computerized.



The aim of this study is to develop a billing system for a boutique. which is capable of keeping tracks and records on customers report of performance hence, increasing efficiency of the system which will provide adequate security measure to restrict unauthorized persons from interfering the record and billings.

The project is designed to look into some problems in the current system of operation in the boutique and objectives of this project are highlighted below;

(a) Complete listings of the products and their information on the cart display.

(b) Automatic billing  and when the products are dropped in the cart.

(c) Update inventory in the central system upon each purchase of a product.

(d) Product finding system.

(e) Eliminating the queue system in billing.



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Full Project – Automated billing system for boutique operations