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  • Background to the Study

Ilorin West Local Government is one of the most populous local governments in Kwara State with stipulated population of over one hundred thousand inhabitants who are predominantly Muslims.

Headquarter is situated at Oja Oba very close to Emirs palace at the Central Area of Ilorin Emirate.

The introduction of Islamic education before the advent of western education creates a lot of set back to secondary education in Ilorin West Local Government Area. Also parents inculcate Quranic education into their children right from childhood in which its cope sharply disagreed with that of western education as a whole and no only secondary education alone.

The pre-independence era and a decade after few parents send their ward to primary school only the few of them allow their children to go to secondary schools existing by then and other school were owned by Christian missionaries. They disallowed them to go to missionaries schools to prevent their children from being covered to Christianity from early 80s till date the attitude is gradually changing from negative to positive as those who did not allow heir ward to go school before independence are now allowing them to go after realizing the importance of western education.



Secondary school is still the most populous education system in Nigeria. It is patterned on the English secondary school system. As extension of the primary school system. Its original aim was to train catholists for the church and clerks for government and commercial house the aim of education during the colonial era was summed up by Lord Macauley in his minute on education as “the foundation of English education in India which can be applied to other colonies. According to Marcauley the goal was to train at least a class of a person with India blood but English in opinions. This research work is interested in examining the attitudes of parents towards secondary school education in Ilorin West Local Government Area of Kwara State. Government Area of Kwara State.



This research work is aimed at achieving the following objectives:

  • to examine the attitudes of parents toward secondary school education in Ilorin West Local Government Area of Kwara State;
  • to uncover the reason why some parents in Ilorin do not send their children beyond primary schools;
  • to examine the relationship between job opportunities and the readiness to acquire additional certificate.
  • To suggest possible solutions to likely problems which relate to the poor attitude of parents towards secondary school education in Ilorin.



This study will highlight the attitude of parent towards secondary school education and in doing so the following questions will be looked into attitudes of parents towards secondary school education Ilorin West Local government Area of Kwara State.

  1. The attitude of people both literate and illiterate towards secondary school education in Ilorin West Local Government Area of Kwara State.
  2. The attitude of old and young people towards secondary school education in Ilorin West Local Government Area of Kwara State.

For the limitation of study is the limited to selected secondary school in Ilorin West Local Government Area.


In order to arrive at a concrete result of this research work below are hypothesis postulated.

  1. There is no significant different in he attitude of both old and young people towards education.
  2. There is sharp difference attitude between female and male toward education in Ilorin West Local Government.
  3. There is significant different in the attitude of literate and illiterate toward education in Ilorin West Local Government.
  4. There is no significant different in attitude of both civil and non civil servants toward education achievements of people in Ilorin West Local Government.

The youth of a country are wealth of the country in order to male judicious use of our youth as leaders of tomorrow, there is the need to train them in according relevant skill to live a purpose full life and contribute to community developments. As such the work is purpose to determine parent education in addition this work is seeking to provide opportunity that award a secondary school production.

A truant is unable to take full benefit of the educational activities inside the school system this constitute a problem for him and the nation in terms of eventual economic can man power loss.

On the part of the parent a child that drop out of school as a result of truancy is unlikely to live up to the expectation of the parents to this effect he purpose for which the child is sent to school is defeated. It also implied financial loss waste of time and energy on the part of the parent. In the same vein the dream of parents in seeing their children educated is shattered and this will eventually affect the parent.

Equally the research is set out to identify the factors in the community if any that do not encourage parent to educate their children up to secondary school level.



Ilorin West Local Government is one of the local government that was created out of the former – Ilorin West Local Government in 1991 with head quarter at Oja Oba.

Since the research work is basically a case study emphasis shall be laid on the people with in the local government area. The area where the population has been found to be homogeneous it includes place like Oloje, Pakata, Adeta, Kuntu, Ita Ogunbo e.t.c. the main occupation of the people are weaving and trading.


Education is an important tool in the transformation of individuals and group of persons as well as a nation as a whole from one stage to another.

According to the nation policy on education 1981 one of the objectives of primary education is to.

  1. Provide an increasing number of primary school pupils with opportunity for higher education irrespective of sex social religions and ethnic background.
  2. Diversity its curriculum to cater for the difference in talent opportunities and roles possessed by or open to pupil after their primary education.
  3. Raise the generation of people who can think for themselves, respect the dignity of labour.
  4. Appreciate those values specified under our broad national aim and live as good citizen.
  5. Inspire its student with a desire for achievement and self improvement both at school and later in life.

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