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1.0            INTRODUCTION


Many people have myopic ideas about distribution they misconstrue it as a strategy, which applies only to manufacturing and marketing.

In these days of rapidly changing needs and business circumstances it is important that Yoyo worker/staff/management should thoroughly appreciate the importance of distributions and reliance to the services.

As satchet water industries relies on distribution for it survival and profitability, it is inevitable that it should develop and resilience to adopt the changing economic of its customers, which are becoming more sophisticated and complicated.

Provision of satchet water in Nigeria is faced by myriads of problems ranging from inadequate extension service, poor input distribution high cost of labour etc. however, the most serice but often the most neglected is the distribution and marketing.

To understand fully what distribution of satchat water service means to customer one has to forest understand the meaning of distribution in general, distribution is not only to loading, unloading and movement of finished goods form the producer to their final destinations. The present demands, its this areas of marketing cannot be easily understood unless one looks at the various activities involved in distribution.

Producers of goods and service made product available to their customer through various avenues called channels of distribution. This term owes its origin according to Zikmunal etal (P.312) to a French word for earn, thus suggesting a path through which something moves. Channels of distribution all, therefore the routes or paths through which goods and services pass as they move from their producers or manufactures to their buyers. They can be viewed, according to stern and his colleagues (stan etal: 1982, P.3) as sets of interdependent organizations involved in the process of making a product or service available for use or consumption

Though their is need to satisfy the customers need there is also a need to make profit for the existence of yoyo industry. The main objective of distribution is to provide goods and service available to customers distribution also involves the strength and weakness of the company.

Proper distribution implies providing the right services at the right time, at the right price at the at the right customers and in the right place.

1.2            STATEMENT OF PROBLEM.

This study is centred on the distribution of satchet water for this  business to survive. It must be prepared to uphold the distributions concept of the supremacy of the distributions concept of the supremacy of the customer. Upholding the supremacy of the consume involve identification and satisfaction of specified needs.

The needs and wanted of customers have got to be cleanly and subsequently satisfied by designing the services that at least approximates to the customer derives.

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