Free Essay – How I Spent my Mid-Term Holiday

Free Essay – How I Spent my Mid-Term Holiday

What I Did During My Mid-Term Break

The midterm break is a great time to relax from the hectic academic schedule and do something that will help you feel refreshed mentally and physically.

For days, I had been anticipating this break as an opportunity to reconnect with loved ones while also engaging in some restorative pursuits. I went home for the first few days of the vacation to be with my loved ones. We took day trips to some of our favorite spots in the city. We hiked to a neighboring hill for a bird’s-eye view of the metropolis. My mood was elevated, and I had a sense of renewal, when I spent time with my loved ones. I had hoped to use this time to hone my culinary chops while relaxing and rejuvenating.

I experimented with different recipes with the aid of my mum, who is a fantastic cook. I tried my hand at a wide variety of cuisines, from Italian pasta to Chinese dumplings, all in the name of perfecting my culinary skills. By the conclusion of the vacation, I felt confident enough to add many new dishes to my repertoire of expertise. I also intended to read some backlog I’d accumulated.

Unfortunately, my busy academic schedule leaves me little opportunity to indulge in my passion for reading books for pleasure. During the break between semesters, I caught up on some of my favorite novels and found some new authors to love. When I read, I could forget about my problems and focus entirely on the plot and characters. Over the break, I also made time for regular workouts.

I joined up for several online fitness courses and tried out some new exercise routines. Not only did it keep me physically active, but it also helped me relax and feel better about myself. Last but not least,

I indulged my artistic side. I wish I had more time to devote to my artistic pursuits, since I truly enjoy doing so. In my free time, I did a lot of drawing and painting. I even took an online course to improve my skills as an artist and apply what I’ve learnt in the future.


In summary, I was quite relieved to get a few weeks off in the middle of the semester. I made the most of my vacation by spending time with loved ones, exploring new culinary possibilities, and engaging in my favorite pastimes. Now that the break is over, I’m raring to get back to school with all of my usual vigor and excitement.