Full Project – The impact of leadership style on organizational performance

Full Project – The impact of leadership style on organizational performance

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  • Introduction

The research work is titled “the impact of leadership style on organizational performance” (A case study of Kogi State Polytechnic, Lokoja). The success or failure of any organization, be it private company environmental or schools organization depend on how will it is managed.

This, mean that, there must be capable people at the top to coordinate the effort of subordinates towards the attainment of the individual or the organizational goals.

The coordination of effort is based on an effective system of communication which has to flow freely within and between all section of the people of the top, which are addressed by different names like, manager, directors, executive sole administration to mention few yet their functions remain basically the same, that is management of available human and material resource towards the attainment of specific goal, the organization image may therefore, depends on how effective it is managed and administered it therefore, that capable persons in all administrative position are impatient in the effective operation of a centre because they vary in all aspect, be it training or be judged by the image, if project of being well administered.

The above can be said of public sector like Kogi State Polytechnic Lokoja. There is a need for an authority structure defined according to roles and objective of such organization. It is this, authority structure that guide direct, coordinate and indeed pilot the affairs of the organization by implication then the success and failure of the organization to a large extend depends on this structure.

”The style of supervision is more important in achieving better results than any more general sectors such as job interest, loyalty towards company or organization” the authority structure that is (leadership style) is the subject of investigation in this research work.

  • Background to the Study

An organization is normally established with a set of objective in view which both management and employees must strive to achieve. However, the anus is on the organizational leadership to coordinate all the function to ensure that those objectives are achieved, one of the most important roles to be played in a group is that of leadership.

According to MicFarland (1979) leadership is a dynamic process working in a group whereby on individual over a particular period of time and in a particular organization context, influenced the other group tasks or goals.

Leadership stems from need of organizational members for guidance and directions in doing their work, it is vital to the survival and effectiveness of organization, which as a result reasonable sum of money to find and train leaders, change in the technical economic, social and political characteristic bringing about confirming need for the innovation creativity and imagination of leaders.

In other word leader are born, not made, one is either born a leader or not such trait are observable in the following areas. Physical characteristic which include activity, age, appearance, height and weight, psychological characteristic include adjustment, aggressiveness and alertness etc.

Leadership emerge because every society is organized the moment to set up an organization, leader must emerge because every organization has psychological needs there is a need to have a few people to lead others the few people are usually those with special qualities such as education and wealth, some of those qualities are initiative technical competence, good judgment or relational decision making and self confidence.

  • Statement of the Problems

Leader is a subject that has long existed scholar and lays person alike the term community image of powerful dynamic person who command victorious armies, direct cooperate empire from top gleaming skyscraper or shape the course of nations.

Much of our description to history is the story of our military political, religion and social leadership. The exploit of brave and clever leadership are essence of many legends and myths.

The wide spread fascination with leadership may be because it is such a mysterious process as well as one that touches every one’s life why do certain leader (Gandu, Muhammed, Mao IseTungi CEASER, charlmagne Alexander the great (build great empires) why were certain leader (Helston Churchimce) Inchora, Gandii, despite their apparent power and record of successful and accomplishment)?

How did certain rather undistinguished person of success (Adolph Hilter Cladius Ceaser) rise to positions of great power? Why do some leaders have legal followers who are willing to sacrifices their followers conspire to murder them? This and many other problems will be unfolded in this project write up.

  • Purpose of the Study

In a write up of such magnitude it will be of great important that some aim and objectives are outlined to serve as a guide to enable the researcher source information which will enhance the smooth conduct of the study.

The aims and objectives of this study are as follow:

  1. To identify the types of leadership style adopted by Kogi State Polytechnic Lokoja.
  2. To critically examined any problem that may be inherent in the types of leadership style adopted.
  3. To find out whether these problems (If any) are constituted in the decision makers or due to the implementation process.
  4. To test the effect (if any of leadership style on the performance of the organization).
  • Significance of the Study

As earlier mentioned that leadership is a subject that has long existed scholars and lays persons alike, and being a management functions should not be undermined. The success of many organizations depend on how committed it work force is to their duty.

The researcher will try to identify some leadership inherent in organization and some suggestion would be official. This project write up will be of value to business administrators, human resources managers and member of the management team of business organization, student in the field of business organization, will also benefit from the finding of this study as it will further enrich the body of knowledge with the field.

  • Research Hypotheses

A research hypothesis is a tentative statement of possible outcome or expected results which serve as a guide in carrying out the project write up for the purpose of this research. Some hypothesis will be formulated based on this hypothesis a questionnaire will be gathered analyzed and tested in other chapter.

The hypothesis of this project is as follow:

  1. Hypothesis One

HO: Leadership styles do not have any effect on employee’s performance.

HI: Leadership styles have effect on employees’ performance in an organization

  1. Hypothesis Two

HO: Leadership style is not the only option that can enhance employee’s performance in an organization.

HI: Leadership style is the only option that enhances employee’s performance in an organization.



  • Scope of the Study


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Full Project – The impact of leadership style on organizational performance